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Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil
Big Mess
Danny Elfman
You Won't Get What You Want
Radical Romantics
Fever Ray
Oh What The Future Holds
Fit for an Autopsy
Video Collection
Lady Gaga
Handel: The Great Oratorios
George Frideric HandelThis 41CD set presents the 16 oratorios that form George Frideric Handels greatest legacy in renowned period-instrument performances, all presented at an exceptional level.

These are the masterpieces that inspired the succeeding generation, most notably Haydn, Mozart and Mendelssohn.

The recordings selected for this collection represent some of the greatest Handel interpretations ever set down, featuring icons of the historically-informed performance movement such as Christopher Hogwood, Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Trevor Pinnock, Harry Christophers and Marc Minkowski.

Within the lift-off box with its gold-foil detailing, each work is housed in its own individual gate-fold wallet.

The accompanying 3-language booklet presents detailed track lists, session photographs and a new article by Lindsay Kemp exploring the composers musical genius beyond Messiah.

41CD lift-off box with Gold foil
Each work housed in an individual gate-fold wallet
100-page three-language booklet featuring track lists, artist photos and a new article by Lindsay Kemp

CD3-4 ACIS & GALATEA, HWV 49 (First version)
CD5-6 ESTHER, HWV 50 (First version)
CD11-13 SAUL, HWV 53
CD 16-17 MESSIAH, HWV 56
CD 18-20 SAMSON, HWV 57
CD 21-23: SEMELE, HWV 58
CD 33-35 SOLOMON, HWV 67
CD 39-41 JEPHTHA, HWV 70
From Mars to Sirius
Terra Incognita
Truth Will Out
The End, So Far
The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 3
The Traveling Wilburys
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Soundtrack)
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series)
Commitment to Complications
Youth Code
Strange Days
The DoorsDigitally remastered pressing of The Doors sophomore album from 1967, which begins where their debut left off....aggressive, creative and unique. The Doors' mixture of Rock, Blues and Jazz combined with vocalist Jim Morrison's poetic lyrics and powerful vocals created a musical Molotov cocktail that could make your senses a good way! 10 tracks including 'Love Me Two Times', 'People Are Strange' and the epic 'When The Music's Over'. Warner.
Yellow Submarine
The BeatlesThe Beatles' classic 1968 animated feature film, Yellow Submarine, has been digitally restored for DVD and Blu-ray release. The film's songtrack album CD is also being re-issued.

Currently out of print, the film has been restored in 4K digital resolution for the first time by Paul Rutan Jr. and his team of specialists at Triage Motion Picture Services and Eque Inc. Due to the delicate nature of the hand-drawn original artwork, no automated software was used in the digital clean-up of the film's restored photochemical elements. This was all done by hand, frame by frame.

Bonus features for the Yellow Submarine DVD and Blu-ray include a short making-of documentary titled Mod Odyssey" (TRT: 7:30), the film's original theatrical trailer, audio commentary by producer John Coates and art director Heinz Edelmann, several brief interview clips with others involved with the film, storyboard sequences, 29 original pencil drawings and 30 behind-the-scenes photos. Both Digipak packages will include reproductions of animation cels from the film, collectible stickers, and a 16-page booklet with a new essay by Yellow Submarine aficionado John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios).

Directed by George Dunning, and written by Lee Minoff, Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn and Erich Segal, Yellow Submarine began its voyage to the screen when Brodax, who had previously produced nearly 40 episodes of ABC's animated Beatles TV series, approached The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein with a unique vision for a full-length animated feature.

Yellow Submarine, based upon a song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, is a fantastic tale brimming with peace, love, and hope, propelled by Beatles songs, including Eleanor Rigby," When I'm Sixty-Four," Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds," All You Need Is Love," and It's All Too Much." When the film debuted in 1968, it was instantly recognized as a landmark achievement, revolutionizing a genre by integrating the freestyle approach of the era with innovative animation techniques.

Blu-Ray Packaging:

Digi Blu-Ray to include 16 page booklet, reproductions of film cells of each of the four Beatles characters + stickers.

Blu-Ray Tracklisting

Feature film [TRT: 89:00]

Fully restored in 4K and presented in the original aspect ratio of 1:66-1

Audio options:

English 5.1 DTS

German 5.1 DTS

Italian 5.1 DTS

English Dolby Stereo

Original Mono

Audio Commentary Heinz Edelmann (Art Director) and John Coates (Producer)

Subtitle languages (feature only):

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Japanese

Extra features:

Mod Odyssey documentary [TRT: 7:30]

Original theatrical trailer [TRT: 3:30]

Storyboard sequences:

- Sea of Monsters (split screen footage) [TRT: 4:20]

- Battle of the Monsters [118 images]

- Pepperland [64 images]


- Paul Angelis (voice of Ringo and Chief Blue Meanie) [TRT: 1:39]

- John Clive (voice of John) [TRT: 2:03]

- David Livesey (key animator) [TRT: 1:11]

- Millicent McMillan (Heinz Edelmann's assistant) [TRT: 1:12]

- Jack Stokes (animation director) [TRT: 3:42]

- Erich Segal (co-writer) [TRT: 1:38]

Original pencil drawings [29 images]

Behind-the-scenes photos [30 images]
Led Zeppelin I
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin I Led Zeppelin I Five Different Configurations

See below for all different configurations of Led Zeppelin I.
Led Zeppelin I - Original CD Led Zeppelin I - Original CD

The original album, newly remastered, in a gatefold sleeve with an 8 page booklet. Led Zeppelin I - Deluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl (Triple Vinyl) Led Zeppelin I - Deluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl (Triple Vinyl)

Original remastered LP, plus 2 LPs of companion audio on 180 gram vinyl in a tri-fold sleeve. Featuring a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, France. Led Zeppelin - Deluxe CD Edition (2 CD) Led Zeppelin I - Deluxe CD Edition (2 CD)

Deluxe 2 CD package with the original artwork, plus the newly created negative artwork for the companion audio. The original album is newly remastered; the 2nd CD featuring a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, France. 16 page booklet. Led Zeppelin I - Original Vinyl (1 LP) Led Zeppelin I - Original Vinyl (1 LP)

Original album on 180 gram vinyl, newly remastered in single sleeve replicating the original album. Led Zeppelin I - Super Deluxe Edition Box (CD & LP) Led Zeppelin I - Super Deluxe Edition Box (CD & LP)

Led Zeppelin’s debut album, newly remastered, and including an additional CD and double LP featuring a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, France. Super Deluxe Edition Box Set Includes: CD1: Original album newly remastered in vinyl replica sleeve CD2: Companion audio featuring a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, France in a new sleeve Vinyl 1: Original album newly remastered in single sleeve replicating the original album on 180 gram vinyl Vinyl 2/3: Companion audio on two LPs (180 gram vinyl) in a new sleeve featuring negative artwork based on the original album artwork, and featuring a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, France HD Download card with the original album @ 96/24 and the live concert from Paris @ 48/24 LP sized, individually numbered, high quality print of the original album cover Album-size hardback book (72 pages) Replica of original Atlantic press kit" More Options More options

See all available versions of Led Zeppelin I, II, and III
Led Zeppelin II
Led ZeppelinJohn Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant came together in 1968 as Led Zeppelin. Over the next decade, the band would become one of the most influential, innovative and successful groups in modern music, selling more than 300 million albums worldwide. Their songs are some of the most celebrated in rock n roll history that, to this day, resonate with fans young and old around the globe. Still, no matter how many times you may have listened to their music, you ve never heard Led Zeppelin like this before.

With the 2014 release of deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, & Led Zeppelin III, the band will launch an extensive reissue program of all nine of its studio albums in chronological order, each remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin will also open its vaults to share dozens of unheard studio and live recordings, with each album featuring a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album.

"The material on the companion discs presents a portal to the time of the recording of Led Zeppelin, " says Page. "It is a selection of work in progress with rough mixes, backing tracks, alternate versions, and new material recorded at the time."

The band wrote and recorded nearly all of Led Zeppelin II while touring relentlessly to support its debut album. Incredibly, the album was released just seven months after Led Zeppelin in October of 1969. Led Zeppelin II features some of the band s most beloved tracks including "Ramble On" and "Heartbreaker" as well as "Whole Lotta Love, " considered by many to be one of the greatest rock n roll songs of all time. The album is certified diamond by the RIAA with sales of over 12 million copies.

The Led Zeppelin II companion audio gives fans the first peek into the band s recording sessions, with alternate mixes of five songs from the album, backing tracks to "Thank You" and "Living Loving Maid (She s Just A Woman), " and the previously unreleased track "La La."

Led Zeppelin continues to be honored for its pivotal role in music history. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and a year later was awarded with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm. Founding members Jones, Page and Plant along with Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham took the stage at London s O2 Arena in 2007 to headline a tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, a dear friend and Atlantic Records founder. The band was honored for its lifetime contribution to American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. In January of 2014, the band won their first ever Grammy award as Celebration Day, which captured their live performance at the Ertegun tribute concert, was named Best Rock Album.
Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath1970 debut album from the masters of metal featuring plenty of the gothic colorings and blues-heavy riffs that put Sabbath on the map: Black Sabbath; The Wizard; Wicked World; Wasp; Behind the Wall of Sleep; Bassically; N.I.B , and more!
Black SabbathCertified at 4 million units by the RIAA. (1/95)
Led Zeppelin III
Led ZeppelinJohn Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant came together in 1968 as Led Zeppelin. Over the next decade, the band would become one of the most influential, innovative and successful groups in modern music, selling more than 300 million albums worldwide. Their songs are some of the most celebrated in rock n roll history that, to this day, resonate with fans young and old around the globe. Still, no matter how many times you may have listened to their music, you ve never heard Led Zeppelin like this before.

With the 2014 release of deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, & Led Zeppelin III, the band will launch an extensive reissue program of all nine of its studio albums in chronological order, each remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Led Zeppelin will also open its vaults to share dozens of unheard studio and live recordings, with each album featuring a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album.

"The material on the companion discs presents a portal to the time of the recording of Led Zeppelin, " says Page. "It is a selection of work in progress with rough mixes, backing tracks, alternate versions, and new material recorded at the time."

Following the whirlwind success of their first two albums and near constant touring, Page and Plant took to the now famous Bron-Yr-Aur cottage in Wales in 1970 to start the early composition of Led Zeppelin III. They later convened with Bonham and Jones for rehearsals before entering London s Olympic Studios to begin recording in May 1970. Fueled by classic tracks such as "Immigrant Song" and "Since I ve Been Loving You, " the album soared to the top of charts worldwide upon its release in October of 1970 and has since been certified 6x platinum.

The nine tracks featured on Led Zeppelin III s companion audio continue to offer a window into the band s recording process with seven studio outtakes of songs from the album as well as three previously unheard compositions: "Jennings Farm Blues" (an instrumental forerunner of "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp"), "Bathroom Sound" (an instrumental version of "Out On The Tiles"), and their take on the blues classics "Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind. "

Led Zeppelin continues to be honored for its pivotal role in music history. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and a year later was awarded with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm. Founding members Jones, Page and Plant along with Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham took the stage at London s O2 Arena in 2007 to headline a tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, a dear friend and Atlantic Records founder. The band was honored for its lifetime contribution to American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. In January of 2014, the band won their first ever Grammy award as Celebration Day, which captured their live performance at the Ertegun tribute concert, was named Best Rock Album.
Master of Reality
Black SabbathCertified Multi-Platinum (2 times) by the RIAA. (7/01)
Clockwork Orange
Clockwork OrangeStanley Kubrick's demanding perfectionism in all aspects of the filmmaking process has led to some of the most memorable soundtracks of the modern era. Kubrick's taste for the classics led to his scrapping Alex North's original score for 2001: A Space Odyssey in lieu of the "temporary" tracks he had used for editing, turning Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra into an unlikely 20th-century pop icon. For his 1971 adaptation of Anthony Burgess's cautionary future-shocker, Kubrick once again turned to the classics. Malcolm McDowell's protagonist Droog Alex's taste for Beethoven is given a nice tweaking by Moog pioneer Walter (now Wendy) Carlos's synthesized take on the glorious Ninth Symphony. Some have complained that the now-primitive electronics involved give it a dated feel. Disturbingly—and effectively—other-worldly is more like it. Kubrick also imbues repertory standards by Rossini and Elgar with dark, frequently hilarious irony, and makes Gene Kelly's sunny reading of "Singin' In The Rain" the underscore to an all-too-accurate prediction of societal nightmares to come. —Jerry McCulley
Led Zeppelin IV
Led ZeppelinIn 1968, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant formed Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential, innovative and successful groups in modern music, having sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. The band rose from the ashes of The Yardbirds, when Page brought in Plant, Bonham and Jones to tour as The New Yardbirds. In 1969, Led Zeppelin released its self-titled debut. It marked the beginning of a 12-year reign, during which the group was widely considered to be the biggest and most innovative rock band in the world. The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign got off to an remarkable start in June 2014 as deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. The albums achieved similar international success with debuts near the top of the charts in more than a dozen territories, including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. For the second round, the band prepared the reissues of Led Zeppelin IV (the third best-selling album in U.S. history) and Houses Of The Holy. As with the previous deluxe editions, both albums have been newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album. The second round of reissues begins with one of the most artistically influential and commercially successful albums in the history of music, Led Zeppelin IV. Released in November 1971, the album—which is officially untitled—defined the sound of rock music for a generation with ubiquitous anthems such as "Stairway To Heaven, " "Rock And Roll, " "Black Dog, " and "When The Levee Breaks. " The album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999, has been certified 23x platinum by the RIAA. The Led Zeppelin IV deluxe editions include unreleased versions of every song heard on the original album including alternate mixes of "Misty Mountain Hop" and "Four Sticks, " mixes of "The Battle Of Evermore" and "Going To California" heavy with guitar and mandolin, and the fabled, alternate version "Stairway To Heaven, " mixed at the Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles which lets fans hear one of the most revered songs of all time as they have never heard it before. Led Zeppelin continues to be honored for its pivotal role in music history. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and a year later was awarded with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm. Founding members Jones, Page and Plant – along with Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham – took the stage at London’s O2 Arena in 2007 to headline a tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, a dear friend and Atlantic Records’ founder. The band was honored for its lifetime contribution to American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. In January of 2014, the band won their first ever Grammy award as Celebration Day, which captured their live performance at the Ertegun tribute concert, was named Best Rock Album.
Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
Simon & GarfunkelAll of their best-known, best-loved hits, plus choice album cuts and three live performances. A Billboard bestseller when it was first released in 1972, this is still the best single-disc Simon and Garfunkel collection available.
Houses of the Holy
Led ZeppelinIn 1968, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant formed Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential, innovative and successful groups in modern music, having sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. The band rose from the ashes of The Yardbirds, when Page brought in Plant, Bonham and Jones to tour as The New Yardbirds. In 1969, Led Zeppelin released its self-titled debut. It marked the beginning of a 12-year reign, during which the group was widely considered to be the biggest and most innovative rock band in the world. The Led Zeppelin reissue campaign got off to an remarkable start in June 2014 as deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. The albums achieved similar international success with debuts near the top of the charts in more than a dozen territories, including Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. For the second round, the band prepared the reissues of Led Zeppelin IV (the third best-selling album in U.S. history) and Houses Of The Holy. As with the previous deluxe editions, both albums have been newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album. In 1973, Led Zeppelin topped the charts again with Houses Of The Holy, which features legendary tracks such as "The Song Remains The Same" and "No Quarter" while also showcasing the continuing evolution of the band’s signature sound with the reggae-tinged "D’yer Mak’er" and the funk jam "The Crunge." The album has been certified diamond by the RIAA for sales of over 11 million copies. The seven unreleased tracks on the companion audio disc include rough and working mixes for "The Ocean" and "Dancing Days" that reveal a deeper look inside the recording sessions of these classic songs. Other standout recordings include the guitar mix backing track for "Over The Hills And Far Away" and a version of "The Rain Song" without piano. Led Zeppelin continues to be honored for its pivotal role in music history. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and a year later was awarded with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm. Founding members Jones, Page and Plant – along with Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham – took the stage at London’s O2 Arena in 2007 to headline a tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, a dear friend and Atlantic Records’ founder. The band was honored for its lifetime contribution to American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. In January of 2014, the band won their first ever Grammy award as Celebration Day, which captured their live performance at the Ertegun tribute concert, was named Best Rock Album.
Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink FloydDARK SIDE OF THE MOON was a benchmark record. It turned the musical world on its ear with a hitherto unseen combination of sounds, and changed things considerably for Pink Floyd. For this project, Pink Floyd resurrected older and unfinished numbers, some of which came from the multitude of soundtracks the band members had previously worked on. The film ZABRISKIE POINT, a study of American materialism from a foreigner's perspective, provided \Us and Them" (originally titled ""The Violence Sequence""). Waters rewrote ""Breathe"" after its appearance on his and avant-garde composer Ron Geesin's score for THE BODY"
Physical Graffiti
Led ZeppelinCertified 16x platinum in the U.S., the commercial success of Physical Graffiti was equaled by its critical reception. Generally regarded as one of the greatest double albums of all time, the original 15 tracks represent a creative tour de force that explores the band’s dynamic musical range, from the driving rock of “Custard Pie” and acoustic arrangement of “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” to the Eastern raga of “Kashmir” and funky groove of “Trampled Under Foot.”

Deluxe 3 CD package with the original artwork, plus the newly created negative artwork for the companion audio. The original album is newly remastered on 2 CDs; the 3rd CD features previously unreleased studio outtakes. Die-cut square Slipcase to hold 3 wallets, booklet and U-card. 16 page booklet.
Wish You Were Here
Pink FloydBe sure to check out our other deals on, Rare and Hard to find jazz and rock cds !!! *********please note that this box set has been throughly inspected for quality before shipping THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON BOX SETS!!!**************
The Who, Ken RussellThis classic rock opera is brought energetically to life by an outstanding cast including many stars of the rock music industry. Told through the remarkable music of The Who, this is the story of Tommy, who, when just a boy of six, witnessed the murder of his father by his mother (Ann-Margret) and her lover (Oliver Reed). They command him, “You didn’t hear it, you didn’t see it, and you won’t say anything to anyone…” As a result, the traumatized boy retreats into the shadows of his mind and becomes deaf, dumb, and blind. Growing into manhood, Tommy (Roger Daltrey) is subjected to several bizarre cure attempts by The Acid Queen (Tina Turner), the Preacher (Eric Clapton), and the Specialist (Jack Nicholson). In spite of his handicap, Tommy defeats the Pinball Wizard (Elton John) and becomes the champ, attaining a devoted following. When he is finally cured, he is hailed by his fans as a “Messiah.”
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DCReleased in Australia in 1976-but not in the U.S. 'til '81! A tawdry rock classic: the title track plus Big Balls; Problem Child; Squealer , and more.
Led ZeppelinPresence, In Through The Out Door, and Coda have been remastered for 2015 by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by companion audio comprised of previously unreleased music related to the original release.

Originally released in 1976, Presence was recorded during a whirlwind 18-day session at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. The album which peaked at #1 in both the U.S. and UK and was certified triple platinum crackles with energy on Zeppelin classics like Nobody s Fault But Mine and Achilles Last Stand and delivers powerful jolts of the group at its visceral best.

The companion audio disc that accompanies Presence has five unreleased reference mixes from the sessions, which reveal works in progress. Along with alternate incarnations of For Your Life Achilles Last Stand and Royal Orleans, there is also the previously unheard instrumental curiously titled 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod).

Presence is available in the following formats:

Single CD Remastered original album. Presence will be packaged in a gatefold card wallet.
Deluxe Edition (2CD) Remastered album, plus a second disc of unreleased companion audio.
Single LP Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP s first pressing in exacting detail.
Deluxe Edition Vinyl Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 180-gram vinyl.
Digital Download Remastered album and companion audio will both be available.

The Super Deluxe Boxed Set includes Remastered album on CD in vinyl replica sleeve, Companion audio on CD in card wallet, Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve replicating first pressing, Companion audio on 180-gram vinyl, High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit, Hard bound, 72+ page book filled with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia & High quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered.
An American Prayer
The DoorsThe last of the Doors' catalog to make it to CD, this album of spoken word performances and music comes complete with three new tracks: Babylon Fading , a never-before-heard performance; Bird of Prey , which features nearly a minute of Jim singing a cappella , and newl -recorded backing to The Ghost Song performed by Ray, Robbie and John.
Aerosmith - Greatest Hits
Aerosmith1. Dream On 2. Same Old Song And Dance 3. Sweet Emotion 4. Walk This Way 5. Last Child 6. Back In The Saddle 7. Draw The Line 8. Kings And Queens 9. Come Together 10. Remember (Walking In The Sand)
London Calling
The ClashTheir sprawling 1980 masterpiece, including the title anthem plus Train in Vain; Clampdown; I'm Not Down; The Guns of Brixton; Death or Glory; Wrong 'Em Boyo; Spanish Bombs; Brand New Cadillac , and 11 more.
In Through the Out Door
Led ZeppelinPresence, In Through The Out Door, and Coda have been remastered for 2015 by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by companion audio comprised of previously unreleased music related to the original release.

In Through The Out Door topped the U.S. and UK album charts and has since been certified six-times platinum. Sadly, it would be the last album that Led Zeppelin recorded prior to drummer John Bonham s passing the following year. Among the seven album tracks are Fool In The Rain and All My Love, two songs that remain rock radio staples to this day.

The album s companion audio disc features an unreleased rough mix of every track from the original album, including early versions with working titles such as The Hook ( All My Love ), The Epic ( Carouselambra ), and Blot ( I m Gonna Crawl ).

In Through The Out Door is available in the following formats:
Single CD Remastered original album. All CD and LP versions of In Through The Out Door will be wrapped in a brown paper page replicating its initial release.
Deluxe Edition (2CD) Remastered album, plus a second disc of unreleased companion audio.
Single LP Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP s first pressing in exacting detail. All vinyl versions of In Through The Out Door will also include the water-sensitive insert that replicates the inner sleeve from the album s initial release.
Deluxe Edition Vinyl Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 180-gram vinyl.
Digital Download Remastered album and companion audio will both be available.

The Super Deluxe Boxed Set includes Remastered album on CD in vinyl replica sleeve, Companion audio on CD in card wallet, Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve replicating first pressing, Companion audio on 180-gram vinyl, High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit, Hard bound, 72+ page book filled with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia & High quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered.
Recent Songs
Leonard Cohen
The Wall
Pink FloydTrack Listings Disc: 1 1. In The Flesh? - Pink Floyd 2. The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd 3. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 1 - Pink Floyd 4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd 5. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 - Pink Floyd 6. Mother - Pink Floyd 7. Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd 8. Empty Spaces - Pink Floyd 9. Young Lust 10. One Of My Turns Disc: 2 1. Hey You 2. Is There Anybody Out There? 3. Nobody Home 4. Vera 5. Bring the Boys Back Home 6. Comfortably Numb 7. The Show Must Go On 8. In The Flesh - Pink Floyd 9. Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd 10. Waiting For The Worms - Pink Floyd
Frank Rodam, The Who
Back in Black
AC/DCDualdisc reissue of classic 1980 album.
Back in Black
AC/DCBrand New! Factory Sealed CD! 10 Tracks including classics (1) Hells Bells, (2) Back in Black, (3) Rock in Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, plus 7 more! We ship quickly!
Suck (CA Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel
Remain in Light
Talking Heads
Speak & Spell
Depeche Mode14,1x12,6x1,4cm. CD. Il est toujours bon de voir d'où vient un groupe pour pouvoir évaluer le chemin qu'il a parcouru. Speak and Spell est véritablement l'oeuvre de Vincent Clarke, qui devait créer, par la suite, cette grosse machine de pop-dance insouciante que fut Erasure. Cela se sent sur les accrocheurs et rythmés "New Life", "Boys Say Go", "Photographic" et le single le plus connu "Just Can't Get Enough". Lorsque Martin Gore a pris en main la composition des chansons, Depeche Mode s'est tourné vers une direction bien différente avec la pop-gothique qui devait devenir leur signature. Cet album est essentiel, non seulement parce que c'est le premier de Depeche Mode, mais aussi parce qu'il constitue une des meilleures représentations de la musique synthétique minimaliste du début des années quatre-vingt. -Beth Bessmer
Symphony No.5
Gustav MahlerMahler said the symphony must be like the world; it must embrace everything! and his Fifth Symphony, from its opening funeral march to the exuberance of the finale, certainly does just that. The use of its haunting Adagietto in Viscontis film Death in Venice, brought Mahlers music to the attention of a much wider public, 60 years after his death.
Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden
Led ZeppelinPresence, In Through The Out Door, and Coda have been remastered for 2015 by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by companion audio comprised of previously unreleased music related to the original release.

The appropriately titled Coda was Led Zeppelin s final album of studio recordings. Released in 1982, it was comprised of eight unreleased tracks recorded between 1970 and 1978. It peaked at #6 on the album charts and has been certified platinum in the U.S.

The reissue campaign ends with a double-barrel blast of Led. Coda will be the only Led Zeppelin deluxe edition to include two companion discs, featuring 15 tracks recorded between 1968 and 1974. The oldest song in the collection is also perhaps the most interesting. The frenetic blues jam Sugar Mama was recorded in 1968 at Olympic Studios during sessions for the band s eponymous debut. The song was completed but never officially released until now. Baby Come On Home from the same session is also included in the set. Also included is the previously unreleased St. Tristan s Sword, a rollicking instrumental recorded during the Led Zeppelin III sessions in 1970.

Coda is available in the following formats:

Single CD Remastered original album. Coda will be packaged in a gatefold card wallet.
Deluxe Edition (3CD) Remastered album, plus two discs of unreleased companion audio.
Single LP Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP s first pressing in exacting detail.
Deluxe Edition Vinyl Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 2 180-gram vinyl LPs.
Digital Download Remastered album and companion audio will both be available.
Super Deluxe Boxed Set This collection includes Remastered album on CD in vinyl replica sleeve, Companion audio on CD in card wallet, Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl in a sleeve replicating first pressing, Companion audio on 180-gram vinyl, High-def audio download card of all content at 96kHz/24 bit, Hard bound, 72+ page book filled with rare and previously unseen photos and memorabilia, High quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered.
Rebel Yell
Billy IdolMore! More! More! An absolute "must-have" of the '80s, this 1983 album reached #6 and stayed on the charts for over a year and a half! Eyes Without a Face; Flesh for Fantasy; Rebel Yell; Catch My Fall , and the rest are here with bonus session takes.
Huey Lewis & The NewsHis #1 1983 smash with the huge hits I Want a New Drug; Heart and Soul; The Heart of Rock 'n' Roll; If This Is It , and Walking on a Thin Line . And then there's the bonus material: live versions of the first two hits listed above and session takes of the last three-all circa 1984-1985! 14 tracks total.
Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden
Kill Em All
Metallica1983 debut album by legendary metal band Metallica.
CoilReissue of Notorious 1985 Album from Ex-psychic TV Members (Unavailable for Over a Year).
People Are People
Depeche ModePeople Are People by Depeche Mode

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Stop Making Sense
Talking HeadsThe GREATEST CONCERT MOVIE OF ALL TIME... Rolling Stone Magazine
Talking Heads WILDLY ENTERTAINING concert SPECTACULAR is among the GREATEST music films EVER MADE... Entertainment Weekly
The movie rates with Woodstock as the GREATEST ROCK CONCERT FILM one that can be watched as frequently as an aerobics tape. - USA Today
Palm Pictures is proud to present the Blu-ray premiere of the groundbreaking Talking Heads concert film STOP MAKING SENSE directed by Academy Award ® Winner Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs). Entertainment Weekly described, the DVD s generous extras go a long way toward explaining the film s visual appeal: David Byrne and director Jonathan Demme contribute a smart audio commentary. The film has been remastered from the original 35mm source, allowing the brilliance of the visuals to take full advantage of Blu-ray technology.
Ride the Lightning
MetallicaCertified at 4 million units by the RIAA. (11/97)
Purple Rain
Prince, Albert Magnoli
Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap
Love at First Sting
Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2
Billy JoelBilly Joel ~ Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2
Greatest Hits
The CarsFrom their star-making self-titled debut (1978) through the 1985 #7 hit Tonight She Comes that came out on this anthology, here are 13 new-wave masterpieces by the Cars! Also here: Just What I Needed; My Best Friend's Girl; Good Times Roll; Let's Go; Shake It Up; Since You're Gone; Drive; Magic; I'm Not the One , and more.
Panic / Tainted Love
CoilTracklist : 1 Aqua Regis 2:25 2 Panic Guitar - John Balance Double Bass - Bill McGee* Engineer [Remix] - Martyn Phillips Effects [Rhythm] - Peter Christopherson Sampler, Programmed By - Clint Ruin 7:38 3 Tainted Love Percussion - John Balance Featuring [String Derangement] - Filth Spektor Keyboards - Peter Christopherson 5:53
Brothers in Arms
Dire StraitsThe best-selling albums from the greaatest artists on Warner Bros. have never sounded better than on their new Warner Remasters editions. State-of-the-art digitally remastered, each album sounds dramatically superior to its original CD release. In addition, the packaging returns each album to its original artwork and graphics. Certified at 9 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)
Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
Love and Rockets
Licensed To Ill
Beastie BoysUniversal Music Catalogue are re-pressing and re-issuing a series of classic albums from Def Jam, the most groundbreaking and inspired hip hop and urban music label of a generation. Drawing on its hugely impressive catalogue, created in the 21 years since
True Stories
David Byrne, Talking Heads
Horse Rotorvator
CoilReissue of 1987 Release. 12-track CD. Marc Almond Sings Backing Vocals on Two Songs.
Black Celebration
Depeche Mode
Invisible Touch
GenesisThe new live album from Jay Gordon and The Penetrators shows how great this power trio is in front of an audience at the Screaming Chicken, an old roadhouse in San Bernardino. The group covers eight standards from the rock and blues worlds including Willie Dixon's Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, White Rabbit, Grand Funk's Heartbreaker, Honky Tonk Women, Runaway, Rock Me, That Was Yesterday and Marshall Tucker's Can't You See.
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
MegadethRemastered reissue of platinum release includes four bonus tracks, 'Wake Up Dead' (Randy Burns Mix - prev. unreleased) 'The Conjuring' (Randy Burns Mix - prev. unreleased), 'Peace Sells' (Randy Burns Mix - prev. unreleased), & 'Good Morning/Black Friday' (Randy Burns Mix - prev. unreleased).
Master of Puppets
MetallicaNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 11-JAN-1989
MinistryThis was Al Jourgensen's first full-length venture into the darker possibilities of electronic music. Harsh synthesizers, brutal drums and cynical lyrics defied the easy classification of "techno-dance" when this album was released in the mid'80s. The programming is proficient and creative, taking the limited sound technology of the time into new areas. "Just Like You" and "All Day" make early use of processed vocals and cryptic spoken-word fragments. In "We Believe" and "Over The Shoulder" Jourgensen renders ominously driving bass lines and metallic percussion to project pessimistic visions of a cold, technocratic society. The album's second half is dominated by a long drum & noise piece: an interesting experiment that would lead to intriguing sound collages on subsequent albums. —Mark McCleerey
The Ultimate Otis Redding
Otis ReddingNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 07/07/1987
Paul SimonIn a remarkable career spanning six decades, singer-songwriter Paul Simon has amassed 9 Grammy awards and has been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. The first occasion recognized has brilliant work as one half of Simon & Garfunkel. Simon's second induction, in 2001, heralded his equally massive contributions as a solo artist and composer. The songwriter's solo catalog is one of the most diverse, literate, adventurous, and musically rich in all of popular music. Today regarded as one of the greatest composers of the rock n' roll era, Simon is an American treasure, now celebrated by these five expanded and remastered classic albums.
Peter Gabriel
Reign in Blood
SlayerOut of print in the U.S.! For nearly 25 years, Slayer have remained the most important and influential Speed Metal band in history. Reign In Blood is their 1986 mind-numbing opus featuring 12 tracks including 'Angle Of Death', 'Necrophobic', 'Altar Of Sacrifice' and more. Warner.
They Might Be Giants
They Might Be GiantsThe self-titled debut from alternative music's favorite dork-rockers launched a career based on absurd lyrics planted in wildly diverse musical garden. Songs like "Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head" and the New-Wavish tributary "Youth Culture Killed My Dog," are sung with an Andy Kaufman-like sensibility that leaves one questioning their sincerity. In contrast, the tune "Don't Let's Start" is relatively sweet and earnest. Musically, TMBG stray from the country honker "Number Three" to the glam-rocker "(She Was a) Hotel Detective," adapting accordion, fuzz-boxed guitar, and electric piano to suit their purposes. Perhaps the most subversive mockery of all is how TMBG write extremely catchy melodies that "serious" musicians would love to claim as their own. "His shoes are laced with irony" goes a line from "Hide Away Folk Family." That pretty much ties it up. —Beth Massa
Greetings From Timbuk 3
Timbuk 3
Permanent Vacation
AerosmithCD and booklet NM
Give ME Convenience or Give ME Death
Dead KennedysDead Kennedys ~ Give Me Convenience Or Give Me
Music for the Masses
Depeche Mode
Appetite for Destruction
Guns N' Roses
The Lost Boys
The Lost BoysIncludes Good Times; Laying Down the Law INXS and Jimmy Barnes; Lost in the Shadows (The Lost Boys) Lou Gramm; a cover of Elton John's Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me by Roger Daltrey; a cover of the Doors' People Are Strange by Echo & the Bunnymen; Cry Little Sister (Theme from The Lost Boys) Gerard McMann; Power Play Eddie & the Tide; I Still Believe Tim Cappello; Beauty Has Her Way Mummy Calls, and To the Shock of Miss Louise Thomas Newman.
12" Singles
MinistryStill their best work by far, this CD contains their ground-breaking material from Waxtrax!. Tracks included here are Everyday Is Halloween (2 mixes), All Day (2 mixes) and more.
Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Joshua Tree
U22007 digitally remastered edition coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the release of The Joshua Tree, the album which saw U2 become `Rock's Hottest Ticket.' U2's biggest selling album to date, entered the US album charts at #7 and reached #1 three weeks later. It was U2's first album to reach #1 in the United States. In 1999, The Joshua Tree was awarded the RIAA's highest certification, Diamond, with 10 million units sold. The album and sleeve cover also placed #1 in Rolling Stone magazine's annual Music Awards chosen by readers. Critics at Rolling Stone made it #2 album of the year. U2 also won Album Of The Year and Best Rock Performance By A Group Or Duo at the Grammy Awards for The Joshua Tree.
Danny ElfmanNo description available.
Genre: Soundtracks & Scores
Release Date: 0000-00-00
Media Type: Compact Disk
DanzigOut of print in the U.S.! First Danzig album from the former Misfits/Samhain vocalist, originally released in 1988. Often cited as the best album of Glenn Danzig's career, Vol. One features classics like 'Twist Of Cain', 'Not Of This World', 'She Rides' and 'Mother'. Warner.
G N' R Lies
Guns N' Roses
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron Maiden
Nothing's Shocking
Jane's AddictionCertified platinum by the RIAA (1/98).
Joy Division
I'm Your Man
Leonard CohenEven the production, laden with synthesized strings and cooing female choruses, is wry on I'm Your Man, a definitive Leonard Cohen album. Though still touched with the tragic ("Take This Waltz," based on a Garcia Lorca poem), the album often achieves its high points by combining Cohen's world-weariness with black-humored evocations of social and romantic ills and artistic quandaries. "I was born like this, I had no choice," the gravelly Cohen intimates at disc's end. "I was born with the gift of a golden voice." —Rickey Wright
...And Justice For All
Metallica1988 breakthrough album by legendary metal band Metallica.
Land of Rape and Honey
Ministry11 Track Import Album
Straight Outta Compton
N.W.A.2002 reissue of 1988 gangsta rap classic includes four bonus tracks, 'Express Yourself' (Extended Mix), 'Bonus Beats', 'Straight Outta Compton' (Extended Mix) & 'AB——12 AB——'. EMI.
It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
Public Enemy
Sir Mix-A-Lot
They Might Be Giants
Volume One
The Traveling WilburysTraveling Wilburys Vol 1 German CD album
Critical Beatdown
Ultramagnetic MC'sPart B-Boys and part Bad Boys, the Ultramagnetic MC's took a series of mind-blowing singles, including "Ease Back" and "Funky," wrapped them around at least as many new tracks, and released Critical Beatdown, one of the greatest new-school albums. Combining seriously dog-eared samples (James Brown's "Funky Drummer" appears out of tradition, more than necessity, on "Give the Drummer Some," and the Meters' "Look-Ka Py Py" provides the backbone for "Ease Back") with very clipped rhyme patterns from the Kool Moe Dee/Big Daddy Kane school of linguistics, Ultra's style lives on in everyone from 2Pac to Company Flow. Production is tight, and the two-headed leadership of Ced-Gee and lunatic genius Kool Keith (just try to decode his astral cipher on "Ain't It Good to You") makes this album shoulders above other new-school heads. —Todd Levin
AerosmithAerosmith ~ Pump
Paul's Boutique
Beastie BoysBeastie Boys Photos      

More from Beastie Boys

The Sounds of Science
Check Your Head
IIll Communication
Hello Nasty
Awesome, I Shot That
DVD Video Anthology - Criterion Collection
Heart Shaped World
Chris IsaakCd > Popular Music > Rock Cd > Popular Music > Rock & Pop
Love's Secret Domain
Leningrad Cowboys
Leningrad Cowboys, Aki KaurismakiIn the late eighties and early nineties, Aki Kaurismäki (The Match Factory Girl), the master of the deadpan, fashioned a waggish fish-out-of-water tale about a U.S. tour by “the worst rock-and-roll band in the world.” Leningrad Cowboys Go America’s posse of fur-coated, outrageously pompadoured hipsters struck such a chord with international audiences that the fictional band became a genuine attraction, touring the world. Later, Kaurismäki created a sequel, Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses, and filmed a gigantic stadium show the band put on in Helsinki for the rollicking documentary Total Balalaika Show. With this Eclipse series, we present these crackpot musical and comic odysseys, along with five Leningrad Cowboys music videos directed by Kaurismäki.

Set Includes: Leningrad Cowboys Go America

A struggling Siberian rock band leaves the lonely tundra to tour the United States because, as they are told, “they put up with anything there.” Aki Kaurismäki’s winningly aloof farce follows the men as they bravely make their way across the New World, carrying a coffin full of beer and sporting hairdos like unicorn horns. Leningrad Cowboys Go America was such a sensation that the band gained a real-life cult following.


79 Minutes



1.85:1 Aspect Ratio

Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses:

Living in Mexico with a top-ten hit under their belts, the Leningrad Cowboys have fallen on hard times. When they move north to rejoin their manager (Kaurismäki mainstay Matti Pellonpää) for a gig in Coney Island, he seems to have turned into a delusional self-proclaimed prophet who wishes to lead them back to the promised land of Siberia. Like the first installment, Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses is a road movie, but this time the humorous hardships come from the rocky terrain of the new Europe. 1994

94 Minutes



1.85:1 Aspect Ratio

Total Balalaika Show:

Kaurismäki’s documentary of the Leningrad Cowboys’ massive Helsinki Square concert, on Finland’s largest stage, is a loving tribute to the rock band he made famous. Seventy thousand people from Finland and Russia turned out for this megaspectacle, with musical selections, from Sibelius to Bob Dylan, that crossed genre and national divides. And the band was joined onstage by the 150-member Russian Red Army Choir; Variety called it “the most incongruous—and inspired—cross-cultural pairing since Nureyev danced with Miss Piggy.”

Also Featuring the following Leningrad Cowboys music videos: Rocky VI, Thru the Wire, L.A. Woman, These Boots, and Those Were the Days
Dream a Little Dream
Dream a Little Dream
The Real Thing
Faith No More
13 Songs
Music of Bali
Gamelan Semar PegulinganSome of the most beautiful and entrancing sounds on earth are produced by this Gamelan ensemble in a new recording by Wayne Vitale, co-produced by Gerald Gold. Entrancing, hypnotic, thrilling Gamelan! Selected as one of CD Review Magazine's 50 Definitive World Music Recordings!
Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
MinistryCertified gold by the RIAA. (12/95)
Dr. Feelgood
Mötley CrüeMotley Crue ~ Dr. Feelgood
Kooler Than Jesus
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel ~ Passion: Music For The Last Tem
Suck on This
Louder Than Love
Soundgarden1989 breakthrough album from Seattle's Soundgarden.
Down in It
Nine Inch NailsCD single features 3 mixes by Adrian Sherwood & Keith LeBlanc - 1. 'Skin' 2. 'Shred' & 3. 'Singe'. TVT Records.
Pretty Hate Machine (Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails ~ Pretty Hate Machine
Pretty Hate Machine (UK)
Nine Inch Nails
Halo I-IV (Reissue)
Nine Inch Nails
Pretty Hate Machine (CA)
Nine Inch NailsOriginal US LP from 1989. (Condition: EX/EX)
Pretty Hate Machine (Reissue)
Nine Inch Nails
The Razors Edge
Alice in ChainsNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 08/28/1990
Eaten Back to Life
Cannibal CorpseDigitally remastered edition including bonus multimedia material. 1990 debut album from the American Death Metal band. The album was banned in Germany and other countries because of the violent cover and the extreme nature of the lyrics. Glen Benton of Deicide and Francis H. Howard of Opprobrium (then known as Incubus) perform back-up vocals on "Mangled" and "A Skull Full of Maggots".
Concrete BlondeConcrete Blonde ~ Bloodletting
Danzig II: Lucifuge
Metaphysical Graffiti
The Dead Milkmen
Depeche ModeCertified triple platinum by the RIAA (5/96).
Strap It On
HelmetStrap It On by Helmet

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
Ritual De Lo Habitual
Jane's AddictionCertified at 2 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)
White Rabbit & Other Hits
Jefferson AirplaneJefferson Airplane ~ White Rabbit & Other Hits
Hey ho!
Lords of Acid
Immaculate Collection
MadonnaOut of print in the U.S.! Import pressing of this 1990 compilation, the first collection from the Pop/Dance superstar. Features 17 of her biggest hits up to 1990 including 'Holiday', 'Borderline', 'Material Girl', 'Into The Groove' and many others. Warner.
The $9.98 CD: Garage Days Re-Revisited
MetallicaCompatible with: . Sharp PG-C45S Projector. Sharp PG-C45X Projector. Sharp XG-C50X Projector
In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up
Ministry1 x CD Album
US 1990 1 The Missing 3:35 2 Deity 3:38 3 So What 11:30 4 Burning Inside 6:23 5 Thieves 5:09 6 Stigmata 9:30
Confessions of a Knife
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
You Get What You Deserve (DE Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Cowboys From Hell
PanteraCertified platinum by the RIAA. (7/97)
Frizzle Fry
Pump Up the Volume
Pump Up the VolumePump Up The Volume ~ Soundtrack
Beers, Steers and Queers
Revolting Cocks
Rush2 Disc set - 30 tracks
Vision Thing
Sisters Of MercyVision Thing by Sisters Of Mercy

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.
They Might Be Giants
Head Like a Hole
Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails1989 TVT release in a slimline jewelcase, a single for thishit from 'Pretty Hate Machine'. Features four non-albumtracks: three mixes of 'Sin' (Long, Dub & Short), plus acover of Queen's 'Get Down Make Love'.
Sin (UK)
Nine Inch Nails4-track UK CD in a black cardboard case. HALO 4. Tracks: Sin (Short) ... Sin (Long) ... Get Down Make Love ... Sin (Dub).
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
Janis JoplinJanis Joplin ~ Janis Joplin - Greatest Hits
Cypress Hill
Cypress HillCypress Hill ~ Cypress Hill
Coming Down
Daniel Ash
In Concert
The DoorsThe definitive live collection from Jimbo and crew, featuring the complete contents of the Absolutely Live and Alive, She Cried LPs, plus four more tracks including an unreleased take of The End from their '68 Hollywood Bowl appearance. 31 tracks ranging from the classics to blues jams to the legendary Celebration of the Lizard .
Greatest Hits
Use Your Illusion I
Guns N' Roses1991 release from the L.A. hard rockers, one of two albums released at the same time. Features 'Live And Let Die', 'Don't Cry', 'November Rain' and more.
Use Your Illusion II
Guns N' Roses
Lords of AcidAnyone conscious during the early '90s is probably already familiar with anti-anthems like "Rough Sex," "Let's Get High," and "I Must Increase My Bust," Lords of Acid singles that combined the rough sounds of '80s Belgian new beat with England's emerging rave scene and added enough nasty thoughts to make Larry Flynt blush scarlet. But for those who were left out, here's a synopsis: Lust is sleaze techno at its best. The lyrics and music extol the virtues of decadence and excess to the apocalyptic soundtrack of pop rave music. This album is best experienced if you forget about the intellectual pretensions of proper techno and the field-of-daisies optimism of garage, since there's nothing but pure, unadulterated, unabashedly adolescent id in this house. —Matthew Corwine
Take Control
Lords of Acid
Rough Sex
Lords Of Acid
MetallicaLongtime fans may call this one a sellout but that is hardly the case. Instead, the group has increased the bottom end of their sound and keeps the riff-per-song limit down to about two. This may keep Metallica from alienating staunch metal-haters, but it is the quality of the songs - hits such as Enter Sandman and the ballad Nothing Else Matters, but also Holier Than Thou - that has made this their most successful (and best) album to date. Certified at 12 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)
Jesus Built My Hot Rod
MinistryMinistry Jesus Built My Hotrod US CD single
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
Come as You Are
NirvanaCDM Maxi Track 1: LP version / Track 2: Endless Nameless / Track 3: School, Live / Track 4: Drain You
NirvanaLimited repress of this long deleted Japanese EP originally released in 1992. Six tracks, 'Turnaround', 'Aneurysm', 'D-7', 'Son Of A Gun', 'Even In His Youth', & 'Molly's Lips'. Standard jewelcase. DGC.
Nirvana1 x CD Album
Germany 1991 1 Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:00 2 In Bloom 4:13 3 Come As You Are 3:38 4 Breed 3:03 5 Lithium 4:16 6 Polly 2:56 7 Territorial Pissings 2:22 8 Drain You 3:43 9 Lounge Act 2:35 10 Stay Away 3:30 11 On A Plain 3:12 12 Something In The Way 3:43 13 Endless Nameless 6:47
Smells Like Teen Spirit
NirvanaDeleted in the U.S., this is the CD single for the song thatinstantaneously & singularly changed the face of modern/alternative rock. Features 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (Edit)and the non-album tracks 'Even In His Youth' and 'Aneurysm',both previously unre
No More Tears
Ozzy OsbourneOzzy Osbourne ~ No More Tears
Ten (Deluxe Edition)
Pearl Jam
Sailing the Seas of Cheese
The Prodigy
Out of Time
R.E.M.Certified at 4 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili PeppersCertified Multi-Platinum (7 times) by the RIAA. (4/01)
Smashing Pumpkins1991 debut album from popular alternative rockers Smashing Pumpkins.
Everybody in the Place
The Prodigy
Sleep Forever
Little Earthquakes
Tori AmosNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 25-FEB-1992
The Low End Theory
Tribe Called Quest
Head Like a Hole (UK)
Nine Inch NailsNin's all Time Classic that First Brought them to the Attention of the Mass Public Took their Brand of Angst Power Rock to the Overground. Includes Three Different Mixes that Are Exclusive to this Single.
Alice in Chains
Alice in ChainsCDM USA REISSUE
Speed Racer
Alpha TeamAlpha Team ~ Speed Racer
Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Aphex TwinReissue on Play It Again Sam America.
Check Your Head
Beastie BoysLicensed to Ill belonged to the frat boys Paul's Boutique belonged to the hip-hop underground Check Your Head belonged to everyone. Lovers of punk, metal, rap, funk, soul and jazz found something to savor on this 1992 landmark; here are So What 'Cha Want; Funky Boss; Finger Lickin' Good; Jimmy James; Pass the Mic , and the rest.
Tomb of the Mutilated
Cannibal CorpseDigitally remastered edition containing additional multimedia material. 1992 release, the third album from the Death Metal band, Tomb Of The Mutilated was their last album to feature founding guitarist Bob Rusay. The album was banned in Germany, due to the violent cover and the extreme nature of the lyrics.
How to Destroy Angels
CoilRepressing of 1984 debut EP from British industrial/electronic act. Standard jewelcase.
Stolen and Contaminated Songs
CoilUK issue. Tracks: As It Really Is/Chaos/Who'll Tell/Exploding Frogs/In the Lost Kingdom/Love's Secret Domain (demo)/Nasa-Arab (live)/Who'll Fall/Original Scott Song/Wrim-Wram-Wrom/Oboe Cop/Her Friends the Wolves/Dark Nova.
The Chronic
Dr. Dre1989's Straight Outta Compton, by Dre's previous outfit N.W.A., may have shined the public spotlight on the genre, but The Chronic legitimized it. That is not to say that Snoop Doggy Dogg (The Chronic marks his debut) and Dre's raps are for everyone; the subject matter is the sex, drugs, violence, and politics of South Central Los Angeles, and the phrasing is explicit, to say the least. But The Chronic's real genius is the music. By breeding hip-hop, jazz (studio instrumentation includes saxophones and flutes), funk, and soul (sampled artists include Parliament, Donny Hathaway, and Isaac Hayes), Dre creates downright intoxicating grooves. If you can't feel The Chronic pulsating through your veins, maybe your heart's not pumping. —Bill Crandall
Bricks Are Heavy
L7No Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Artist: L7
Street Release Date: 04/14/1992
Genre: PUNK
Release the Pressure
Leftfield1 x CD Single
UK 1996 1 Release The Pressure 3:57 2 Release One 7:23 3 Release Two 7:19 4 Release Three 6:02 5 Release Four 5:03
The Future
Leonard Cohen
I Must Increase My Bust
Lords of Acid
Burn like Brilliant Trash
Machines of Loving GraceMachines Of Loving Grace Burn Like Brilliant Trash US CD single
Meat Beat Manifesto
Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth1 x CD Album
UK & Europe 1992 1 Skin O' My Teeth 3:14 2 Symphony Of Destruction 4:02 3 Architecture Of Aggression 3:34 4 Foreclosure Of A Dream 4:17 5 Sweating Bullets 5:03 6 This Was My Life 3:42 7 Countdown To Extinction 4:16 8 High Speed Dirt 4:12 9 Psychotron 4:42 10 Captive Honour 4:14 11 Ashes In Your Mouth 6:10
Foreclosure of a Dream (UK)
Just One Fix
Ministry1. Just One Fix (W.S.B.) 2. Quick Fix 3. Just One Fix (V.E.)
MinistryCertified platinum by the RIAA. (12/95)
Happiness in Slavery (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Physical (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Wish (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
In Bloom
Nirvana1 x CD Maxi-Single
Europe 1992 1 In Bloom 4:14 2 Sliver (Live) 2:03 3 Polly (Live) 2:45
NirvanaNirvana (US) Lithium US CD single
Vulgar Display of Power
PanteraCertified platinum by the RIAA. (11/97)
Sleeping With the Enemy
PigfaceThe Chicago industrial music social club gets down to the actual business of recording a good album. Revolving cast includes founder Martin Atkins, Revolting Cock's Chris Connelly, Killing Joke's Paul Raven, Skinny Puppy's Ogre, KMFDM's En Esch, and Silverfish's Lesley Rankine. Highlights includes a funky version of Silverfish's "Hip, Tits, Lips, Power!" (4 years before Rankine would become Ruby with Fook engineer Mark Walk) and "Insemination," Ogre's release valve for the mounting Puppy pressures. Embodies both dynamics (from full-on industrial assault to subtle electronic grooves) and a cohesive presence that would carry Pigface through its next few hit-and-miss endeavors. —Liisa Ladouceur
Surfing on Sine Waves
Polygon Window
Miscellaneous Debris
Classic Queen
QueenThis is an excellent collection of one of the most popular and influential rock bands of all time, though it omits "We Are the Champions" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" (these, however, can be found on the Greatest Hits album, which together with Classic Queen gets you a comprehensive selection of their work). There's some great stuff here, including rockers like "Hammer to Fall," "Stone Cold Crazy," "I Want It All," "Headlong," and the hilarious "Tie Your Mother Down." There's also a good sampling of ballads, performed with an energy and sincerity that sets them apart: "Who Wants to Live Forever" is sorrowfully beautiful, and "The Show Must Go On" is only echoed by songs like Queensryche's "Is There Anybody Listening." Rounding things off is a fine selection of the unclassifiable, such as "Under Pressure," "I'm Going Slightly Mad," and "Radio Ga Ga." —Genevieve Williams
Greatest Hits
Stone Cold Crazy
Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine
SinglesSingles ~ Singles: Original Motion Pictur
Mack Daddy
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Stone Temple PilotsCertified Multi-Platinum (8 times) by the RIAA. (4/02)
Sand In the Vaseline: Popular Favorites 1976-1983
Talking Heads
Sand In the Vaseline: Popular Favorites 1984-1992
Talking Heads
Tears Roll Down: Greatest Hits 82-92
Tears For FearsOut of print in the U.S.! International edition of the 1992 compilation from the British duo. Originally lumped in with the many other Synth Pop duos of the early '80s, TFF were always far more intelligent and thought-provoking than their contemporaries. By the time of their second album, Songs From The Big Chair, in 1984, the world caught up with them and they became international superstars. 12 tracks including 'Change', 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World', 'Head Over Heels', 'Mad World', 'Mothers Talk', 'Pale Shelter', 'Shout', 'Sowing The Seeds Of Love' and more. Universal.
The ProdigyProdigy ~ Experience
ToolReissue of EP that features Seven Tracks Including Two Live Tracks.
La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1
White Zombie
Broken (AU Reissue)
Nine Inch Nails
Broken (Mini)
Nine Inch Nails1 x CD EP
US 1992 1 Pinion 1:02 2 Wish 3:46 3 Last 4:44 4 Help Me I Am In Hell 1:56 5 Happiness In Slavery 5:21 6 Gave Up 4:08 7-97 (no audio) 98 Physical 5:29 99 Suck 5:06
Nine Inch Nails
Broken (Mini Remaster)
Nine Inch Nails
Fixed (FR)
Nine Inch Nails
Fixed (AU Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsThe logical follow-up to the 1992 release, 'Broken'. 'Fixed' features six intensely industrial remixes & reinterpretations of tracks that, as described on the back cover, 'appear in their proper form on the 'Broken' EP.'
Analogue Bubblebath 3
Jar of Flies
Alice in Chains
Aphex TwinAphex Twin's On EP is clearly one of Richard James's most successful works, both artistically and chartwise (hitting the low 30s on the British charts—not bad for a rabid experimentalist). His first major release in the U.S., the weirdly club-friendly yet organic title track is composed of (in order of appearance) four pleasant, reverberating piano notes played in succession; a cascade of ascending and descending keyboard notes that quickly approximate a waterfall; the sound of actual water itself in form of a rainstorm; synth washes for ambient coloring; skittering sequencer rhythm notes; an antique Suicide-style beat box that sounds as if powered by steam; and a deliciously distorted, bass-heavy, repeated squeal noise that serves as the focal point of the entire piece. It's pretty neat, enough so that it's one of James's essential recordings. —Mike McGonigal
BellyStar by BELLY

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Billy Joel - River Of Dreams - Columbia - CK 53003
Billy Joel1 x CD Album
US 1993 1 No Man's Land 4:48 2 The Great Wall Of China 5:47 3 Blonde Over Blue 4:55 4 A Minor Variation 5:36 5 Shades Of Grey 4:11 6 All About Soul 6:01 7 Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) 3:34 8 The River Of Dreams 4:07 9 Two Thousand Years 5:20 10 Famous Last Words 4:59
BjorkNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 13-JUL-1993
The Wooden Song (Promo)
Butthole Surfers
Missing Link EP (Promo)
Black Sunday
Cypress Hill
The Singles 1969 - 1993
David BowieTracks are:

Disc 1

1. Space Oddity
2. Changes
3. Starman
4. Ziggy Stardust
5. Suffragette City
6. John, I'm only dancing
7. The Jean Genie
8. Drive in Saturday
9. Life on Mars?
10. Sorrow
11. Rebel Rebel
12. Rock & Roll Suicide
13. Diamond dogs
14. Knock on Wood
15. Young Americans
16. Fame
17. Golden Years
18. TVC 15
19. Sound & Vision
20. Beauty & The Beast

Disc 2

1. Heroes
2. Beauty & The Beast
3. Boys keep swinging
4. D.J.
5. Alabama song
6. Ashes to Ashes
7. Fashion
8. Scary Monsters (and super creeps)
9. Under pressure (featuring Queen)
10. Wild is the wind
11. Let's Dance
12. China Girl
13. Modern love
14. Blue Jean
15. This is not America (featuring Pat Methany)
16. Dancing in the streets (featuring Mick Jagger)
17. Absolute beginners
18. Day-in Day-out
19. Jump They Say
Dazed and Confused
Dazed and ConfusedEven the heaviest stoners can remember these classics featured in the 1993 film. Paranoid Black Sabbath; Love Hurts Nazareth; Slow Ride Foghat; Tuesday's Gone Lynyrd Skynyrd; Fox on the Run Sweet; Tush ZZ Top; HIghway Star Deep Purple, and more smokin' hits.
Denis Leary - No Cure for Cancer
Denis LearyComic riffs from the hit Off-Broadway show that landed Denis gigs with MTV and various Nike commercials, most notably the one with Bo Jackson ("I think you hear me comin' ") that he sneers all the way through. But then, Denis is always sneering! Funny guy, though.
Songs Of Faith And Devotion
Depeche ModeSongs Of Faith And Devotion by Depeche Mode

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Perry Farrell, Jane's Addiction
In On the Kill Taker
Cereal Killer Soundtrack
Green Jello1 x CD Album, Reissue
Germany 1993 1 Obey The Cowgod 3:10 2 Three Little Pigs 5:53 3 Cereal Killer (Edit) 3:29 4 Rock-N-Roll Pumpkihn 2:41 5 Anarchy In The U.K. 3:28 6 Electric Harley House (Of Love) 4:36 7 Trippin' On XTC 3:42 8 Misadventures Of Shitman 3:07 9 House Me Teenage Rave 4:29 10 Flight The Skajaquada (Edit) 4:02 11 Green Jellÿ Theme Song 2:16
The Spaghetti Incident?
Nine Inch NailsBroken (informally known as The Broken Movie) is a 1993 horror musical short film/long form music video filmed and directed by Peter Christopherson, based on a scenario by Trent Reznor, the founder of the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. The film is a companion piece to the band's 1992 EP Broken, featuring its songs and music and compiling its music videos (the exception being "Last" and the two hidden tracks). The movie, roughly 20 minutes in length, weaves Broken's four music videos together via a violent "snuff film" framing sequence, concluding with an otherwise unreleased video for the EP's final song "Gave Up," setting the conclusion of the film's frame story to the song. Due to its extremely graphic content, the Broken movie was never officially released, but was leaked as a bootleg which became heavily traded on VHS in the 1990s, and more recently via the Internet.
All Apologies
NirvanaSingle from their 1993 multi-platinum smash album forGeffen, 'In Utero'. It's backed with the album's 'Rape Me'and the non-album track 'Moist Vagina'. Slimline jewelcase.
Heart Shaped Box
NirvanaHit single from their 1993 multi-platinum smash album forGeffen, 'In Utero'. Featured here are the album versions ofboth it & 'Milk It' (also from 'In Utero'), plus the non-album track 'Marigold'. Slimline jewelcase.
In Utero
Pearl Jam
Rid of Me
PJ Harvey
Polygon Window1. Quoth 2. Iketa 3. Quoth (Wooden Thump Mix) 4. Bike Pump Meets Bucket
Pork Soda
Linger Ficken' Good...And Other Barnyard Oddities
Revolting CocksLinger Ficken' Good...And Other Barnyard Oddities by Revolting Cocks

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Siamese Dream
Smashing PumpkinsNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 07/27/1993
Genre: PUNK
Greatest Hits
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakersreissue of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits, originally released in 1993, has gone on to be the best selling collection in the band's four decades and counting career. Over seven times platinum, this collection now has been remastered, upd
ToolArguably their finest album, this follow-up to Opiate showcases Tool at their best, assisted by clean, crisp production, without the muddiness of Aenima. Edgy guitar riffs are complemented by spitting, heavy bass, especially on "Sober" and "Crawl Away". Lyrically, Tool are at their vitriolic best, targeting religious hypocrisy ("Intolerance," "Sober"; always a popular theme), the loss of innocence and its consequences ("Prison Sex"), and deliberate ignorance ("Swamp Song"). Henry Rollins makes a guest appearance on "Bottom," which, along with "4 Degrees," deals with questions of identity. Undertow is also Tool's most musically adventurous album, lacking the occasionally numbing sameness of Aenima, and with considerably more sophistication than their previous work.
Midnight Marauders
Tribe Called QuestSongs Include : Midnight Marauders Tour Guide / Steve Biko - Stir It Up / Award Tour / 8 Million Stories / SuckaNigga / Midnight / We Can Get Down / Electric Relaxation / Clap Your Hands / Oh My God / Keep It Rollin' / The Chase Part 2 / Lyrics To Go / God Lives Through
Bloody Kisses
Type O NegativeType O Negative ~ Bloody Kisses
Add It Up
Violent FemmesCertified gold by the RIAA 6/96
Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales
William S. Burroughs1993 CD on Island.
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Wu-Tang Clan
MELVINSNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 09/21/1993
Genre: PUNK
1000 Homo DJsThis is a four-song release by Ministry leader Al Jourgensen and sundry like-minded co-conspirators. The title track is a nitrogen-fueled cover of the Black Sabbath song, notable for Jourgensen's harsh vocals and trademark crushing drum and guitar production. Track two is an amusingly scathing social statement of sorts, a repetitive rhythm and noise construction over which a "bad cop" caricature yells one profanity after another at hypothetical teen-age victims (probably Ministry fans). "Apathy" and "Better Ways" are gravelly electro-post-punk ventures that oddly anticipate the overall sound of Ministry albums created years later. —Mark McCleerey
16voltThe sophomore slump is perhaps one of the most dreaded moments in any artist or band's career. When a debut achieves any measure of success or recognition, there arise certain expectations on the part of the audience (and the record label) to repeat or even surpass that success. In 1994, Eric Powell had many a promise to keep after the previous year's release of Wisdom placed 16volt on the map of the industrial underground. Wrought with mechanical rhythms and synthesized atmospheres topped off by caustic guitars and Powell's acerbic voice, Wisdom was among the surge of industrialized rock albums of the time, ushering in what has now come to be known as coldwave. With that album's "Motorskill" making waves on the dance floor, influenced in equal parts by Ministry and Skinny Puppy, it was the release of 1994's Skin on Re-constriction Records that would truly set the tone for 16volt's future. Now remastered and rereleased by Metropolis Records, Skin is made available once again to the masses; just remember your gasmasks. Right from the onset of the opening title track, Skin is immediately a much more hard-hitting and straightforward affair than Wisdom. Whereas songs on Wisdom were allowed to move at a leisurely pace to allow listeners to breathe in the noxious fumes of 16volt's industrial wasteland, Skin is a far more urgent outing. The fumes have been inhaled, the lungs collapse, and the machine is breaking down around you to bury you in rusted steel and rubble. A stark atmosphere and slow tempo underscores Powell's vocal venom, seething with unrestrained and un-effected aggression as a pummeling assault of organic drums and growling guitars dominates the chorus. Before you know it, the song is concluded, leading into the sinister, repeating sound of a broken doll's laughter that introduces us to the pulsating bass and factory-like loops of "Perfectly Fake." Metallic squeals of guitar harmonics resonate above slithering samples to create the ambiance of a decrepit machine in its death throes, while Powell signs in contrasting tones from guttural verses to soft choruses that belie the venom of his lyrics. Similarly, "Slow Wreck" moves with hollow atmosphere hovering beneath mechanical guitar riffs and atonal feedback howls, all the while the drums march precise and sparse. Along with instrumentals like "Skin Graft," "Bottle Rockets," and "Flick" with their loops of percussive power and random, noisy synthetic environments, Skin is pure unadulterated machine rock at its finest. "Uplift" with its attack of forceful drum loops and guitars that seem to cough and hack as if gasping for air, and "Built to Last" with its scathing vocals and aggressive beats and riffs are perhaps the best examples of Skin's speed and power, while "Downtime II" revisits the slow breaks and creeping subtlety of the original version, removing much of the distortion for a greater clarity in the sonic habitat and especially in the vocals. Included on this rerelease is a dynamic pair of remixes to augment the full breadth of Skin's musical range. "Dead Skin," featured as a hidden track on the original Re-constriction release and finally revealed as its own standalone track, takes the brute force of the original song and takes it into more ambient territory with sustained synth pads and Powell's vocals taking on a raspier, whispery quality. Hate Dept.'s remix of "Stitched," originally released on the Remix Wars: Strike 3 release from 21st Circuitry, is also included, transforming the song into a much heavier and monotonic barrage of acidic guitars and thundering percussion. Skin was no sophomore slump for 16volt. On the contrary, after 18 years, Skin is just as freshly vitriolic and caustically aggressive as it was in 1994; a milestone for the industrial rock scene. In short, Metropolis Records' release of Skin is a welcome addition to the 16volt discography and a reminder to the industrial underground what coldwave is meant to sound like.
Analogue Bubblebath 4
Selected Ambient Works Volume 2
Aphex Twin
Stranger Than Fiction
Bad ReligionCertified Gold by the RIAA (3/98).
Ill Communication
Beastie Boys
Mellow Gold
Nativity in Black: A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Covers1. After Forever: Biohazard 2. Children Of The Grave: White Zombie 3. Paranoid: Megadeth 4. Supernaut: 1,000 Homo DJ's 5. Iron Man: Ozzy Osbourne with Therapy? 6. Lord Of This World: Corrosion Of Conformity 7. Symptom Of The Universe: Sepultura 8. The Wizard: Bullring Brummies 9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: Bruce Dickinson with;Godspeed 10. N.I.B.: Ugly Kid Joe 11. War Pigs (Live): Faith No More 12. Black Sabbath: Type O Negative
Danzig 4P
Under the Table and Dreaming
Dave Matthews Band
Green DayCertified at 10 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)
HelmetA departure from the sonic sizzle of Meantime, Betty in its own way freakin rocks! Whereas Meantime was a speeding freight train running off the edge of a very high cliff, Betty is more of a deliberate Sunday bullet train ride smack into a wall at 100mph. Very loud, heavy, and well put together, the songs here have plenty to get your blood boiling
The Greatest Hits
INXSThis Aussie band of MTV darlings broke through in the U.S. during the mid-'80s, and haven't stopped since! This album collects 17 of their best, including (the song line-up is "tentative") The Devil Inside; Need You Tonight; What You Need; New Sensation; Never Tear Us Apart; Suicide Blonde , and more, with two new tunes!
Sin Sex & Salvation
KornNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Rating: PA
Release Date: 11-OCT-1994
No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded
Led ZeppelinPlant Page ~ No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert
Leftfield1 x CD Album
US 1995 1 Release The Pressure 7:39 2 Afro-Left 7:33 3 Melt 5:13 4 Song Of Life 7:01 5 Original 6:22 6 Black Flute 3:46 7 Space Shanty 7:15 8 Inspection (Check One) 6:29 9 Storm 3000 5:43 10 Open Up 6:52 11 21st Century Poem 5:45
Throwing Copper
Lords of AcidTrack Listing 1. Voodoo-U 2. Crab Louse, The 3. She and Mr. Jones 4. Do What You Wanna Do 5. Young Boys 6. Out Comes the Evil 7. Mister Machoman 8. Marijuana in Your Brain 9. Special Moments 10. Dirty Willy 11. Drink My Honey 12. Blowing Up Your Mind Details Distributor: WEA (Distributor) Recording Type: Studio Recording Mode: Stereo SPAR Code: n/a Album Notes Personnel includes: Ruth McArdle (vocals), Luc Van Acker, Chris Dries, Bart Van Huyck (guitar), Jade 4 U (background vocals).Producers: Praga Khan, Jade 4 U, Lords Of Acid (all tracks).Engineers: Carl S. Johansen (tracks 1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12); Oliver Adams (tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10).All songs written or co-written by Praga Khan, Jade 4 U and J.K. Magick.Lords Of Acid: Maurice Engelen, Nikki Van Lierrop (various instruments).Additional personnel: Luc Van Acker, Chris Dries, Bart Van Huyck (guitar).Producers: Praga Khan, Jade 4 U, Lords Of Acid.VOODOO U... STRIPT is a special instrumental edition.Personnel: Ruth McArdle (vocals); Bart Van Huyck, Kris Dries, Luc Van Acker (guitar); Jade 4 U (background vocals).Audio Mixers: Oliver Adams; Praga Khan; Carl S. Johansen.Audio Remixers: Luc Van Acker; Praga Khan; Carl S. Johansen.Recording information: Adams Studio; Antler Studio; Studio Antler.Editor: Praga Khan.Arrangers: Jade 4 U; Lords of Acid; Praga Khan.Previously an acid-house group, Lords Of Acid use more industrial sounds, along with some reggae and ska, on Voodoo-U. Songs such as "The Crab Louse" and "Drink My Honey" aren't recommended for queasy stomachs. ~ John Bush
Massive Attack
(The Best of)
New Order
Burn (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Closer (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Collector (FR Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Demos & Remixes
Nine Inch Nails
March of the Pigs (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Piggy (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
MTV Unplugged in New York
Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!
NirvanaOriginally conceived by Kurt Cobain, LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT! is a video document of Nirvana's rise from a scruffy trio from the Pacific Northwest into one of the most iconic and important bands in the history of rock music.

Combining live material from their `91-'92 "Nevermind" tour, LIVE! TONIGHT! SOLD OUT! has long been the "holy grail" for Nirvana fans... and one that has never been available on DVD until now. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, a world of Nirvana fans will be able to experience color-corrected and digitally remastered live performances of songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Lithium," "Breed," "Drain You" and "Aneurysm" - mixed into loads of interview footage from across the world - all as originally viewed through the eyes of Kurt Cobain himself. In addition to the complete original program, several previously unreleased performances are included as bonus DVD extras.

Features the songs:

About A Girl
Love Buzz
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Negative Creep
Come As You Are
Territorial Pissings
Something In The Way
Drain You
On A Plain
Endless Nameless

EXTRAS - Live In Amsterdam:

About A Girl
Been A Son
On A Plain
Nirvana: MTV Unplugged in New York
NirvanaWhile the album of the same name made its first appearance in 1994, and went on to become Nirvana's second best selling CD of all time, nearly 15 years have passed since that memorable initial broadcast. Now, fans will finally get the chance to see the release of the entire, unedited performance...with neverbefore- seen footage...on DVD...and in Dolby Stereo and 5.1 Surround sound. Mixed in surround sound by legendary surround mixing engineer Elliot Scheiner, this DVD allows fans to experience this performance like never before, completely unedited including the two songs not originally broadcasted ("Something In The Way" and "Oh Me" ), and with the best sound ever available (to anyone not in the studio for the original taping.) For the purists, also included on this DVD is the original 44 min broadcast version of the show, plus never-before-seen REHEARSAL performances. As an extra bonus to the DVD, a 14-minute interview segment called Bare Witness produced by MTV focuses on the recollections of those who experienced this magical moment in music history, those who produced it and interviews with the band from the day of the taping.
Ready to Die
Notorious B.I.G.Ready To Die Anniversary CD & DVD has been Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered for better sound quality, includes NEVER RELEASED tracks "Dreams" and "Who Shot Ya", and DVD which includes LIVE B.I.G. performance, NEVER BEFORE SEEN and B.I.G. video catalogue including extended CINEMATIC version of "Warning".
The Offspring1 x CD Album
USA & Canada 1994 1 Time To Relax 0:25 2 Nitro (Youth Energy) 2:27 3 Bad Habit 3:43 4 Gotta Get Away 3:52 5 Genocide 3:33 6 Something To Believe In 3:17 7 Come Out And Play 3:17 8 Self Esteem 4:17 9 It'll Be A Long Time 2:43 10 Killboy Powerhead 2:02 11 What Happened To You? 2:12 12 So Alone 1:17 13 Not The One 2:54 14.1 Smash 2:53 14.2 Untitled 1:15 14.3 Untitled 5:00 14.4 Untitled 1:32
Far Beyond Driven
PanteraCertified platinum by the RIAA. (11/97)
Portishead11-track version includes 'It's a Fire' not featured on the 10-track version. Universal. 1994.
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Music for the Jilted Generation
The Prodigy
R.E.M.The guitars got cranked up-and fans got amped up when they heard this 1994 album, sending it to #1. Their most rockin' album of the era includes the hits What's the Frequency, Kenneth?; Bang and Blame; Strange Currencies , and more.
Liquor in the Front
Reverend Horton Heat
Ruby Vroom
Soul CoughingSoul Coughing ~ Ruby Vroom
Stone Temple PilotsCertified Multi-Platinum (6 times) by the RIAA. (1/01)
ToadiesTracklist: 1 Mexican Hairless 2 Mister Love 3 Backslider 4 Possum Kingdom 5 Quitter 6 Away 7 I Come from the Water 8 Tyler 9 Happy Face 10 Velvet 11 I Burn
Dirty Epic / Cowgirl
UnderworldUnderworld Dirty Epic / Cowgirl US CD single
Greatest Hits
WhitesnakeWhitesnake were lumped into the "hair metal" explosion of the 1980s, but they were a classier, more classic rock band than most of their peers. So the songs that populate this hits collection hold up better than the work of many of that era's MTV-boosted groups. Vocalist David Coverdale took flack for sounding like Robert Plant, but his booming, confident voice is more temperate than the Zep frontman's caterwaul. From roaring epics such as "Still of the Night" and "Here I Go Again" to the blatant, sexy "Slide It In" to the memorable power ballad "Love Ain't No Stranger," the expected hits from the band's commercial heyday are included in this comprehensive CD, which skips over Whitesnake's several hitless discs of the '70s. Three decent unreleased songs fill out this 14-cut collection, which, much like the band itself, is solid and timeless. —Katherine Turman
Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction1 x CD Compilation
Germany 1994 1a No Artist Pumpkin And Honey Bunny 0:11 1b Dick Dale & His Del-Tones Misirlou 2:16 2 No Artist Royale With Cheese 1:42 3 Kool & The Gang Jungle Boogie 3:05 4 Al Green Let's Stay Together 3:15 5 Tornadoes, The Bustin' Surfboards 2:26 6 Ricky Nelson Lonesome Town 2:13 7 Dusty Springfield Son Of A Preacher Man 2:25 8a No Artist Zed's Dead, Baby 0:12 8b Centurions, The Bullwinkle Part II 2:18 9a No Artist Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest 0:32 9b Chuck Berry You Never Can Tell 2:40 10 Urge Overkill Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon 3:09 11 Maria McKee If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) 4:55 12a No Artist Bring Out The Gimp 0:08 12b Revels, The Comanche 2:04 13 Statler Brothers, The Flowers On The Wall 2:23 14 No Artist Personality Goes A Long Way 1:00 15 Lively Ones, The Surf Rider 3:18 16 No Artist Ezekiel 25:17 0:51
Life of Destructor
Ultraviolence(CD, Album) Original 1994 US Earache pressing | CD has lighter scratches and marks | Front insert has a few exceptionally tiny dings from jewel case, tray insert is like new | *** TONS MORE DEATH METAL, BLACK METAL, GRIND, HARDCORE AND THRASH LISTED | PICTURES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST | READ OUR PROFILE FOR DISCOUNTS ***
Under the Pink
Tori AmosCertified at 2 million units by the RIAA. (10/99)
March of the Pigs
Nine Inch Nails
KMFDMKmfdm ~ Light
The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails2008 double vinyl LP repressing of the Industrial band's groundbreaking sophomore album, originally released in 1994.
The Downward Spiral (DualDisc Remaster)
Nine Inch NailsDeluxe Edition includes 2 hybrid SACD/CD's: Disc One includes the original album in SACD Surround Sound (remixed by Trent Reznor), and newly remastered SACD Stereo and CD Stereo program. Disc Two includes new bonus material in SACD Stereo and CD Stereo.
The Downward Spiral (Deluxe Edition Remaster)
Nine Inch NailsTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release, Trent Reznor's classic album receives the deluxe edition treatment. This double set is presented in surround sound SACD hybrid format. Bonus disc features 13 extra tracks - remixes, b-sides, demos and non-album tracks. Universal.
The Downward Spiral (Club Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsTracks include: 1. Mr. Self Destruct 2. Piggy 3. Heresy 4. March Of The Pigs 5. Closer 6. Ruiner 7. The Becoming 8. I Do Not Want This 9. Big Man With A Gun 10. A Warm Place 11. Eraser 12. Reptile 13. The Downward Spiral 14. Hurt
The Downward Spiral (Remaster)
Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral (JP)
Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral (Reissue, Standard Jewel)
Nine Inch Nails
March of the Pigs (UK 2/2 Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsThe Followup Single to the Massive "Closer", Both Taken from Trent Reznor and Co.'s 1994 Opus "The Downward Spiral". Includes Two Exclusive B-sides: "Underneath the Skin" and "Reptilian".
March of the Pigs (UK 1/2 Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsThe Followup Single to the Massive "Closer", Both Taken from Trent Reznor and Co.'s 1994 Opus "The Downward Spiral". Includes Three Exclusive B-sides: "All the Pigs, all Lined Up", "a Violet Fluid" and "Big Man with a Gun".
Closer to God (UK 2/2 Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsOfficially the Second Part of the 'closer' CD Single. Includes Two Tracks from 'the Downward Spiral' Full Length that have Been Radically Altered from their LP Versions, Specifically 'closer to God' (Closer) and 'heresy (Blind)', plus Two Previously Unreleased Tracks, 'memorabilia' and 'march of the F**kheads'.
Closer (UK 1/2 Reissue)
Nine Inch NailsHit single from 1994's 'The Downward Spiral'. Pt.1 is agatefold digipak with an extra CD tray for Pt.2 & featuresfive mixes of 'Closer': Album Version, Deviation, FurtherAway, Precursor and Internal. A TVT/ Interscope release.
Closer to God
Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails ~ Closer
Get Your Gunn
Marilyn Manson
Portrait of an American Family
Marilyn Manson
I, Destructor
Wax Trax!: Black Box
Wax Trax!
Alice in Chains
Alice in ChainsNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 11/07/1995
Aphex TwinReissue on Play It Again Sam America.
Donkey Rhubarb
Aphex Twin
I Care Because You Do
Aphex TwinNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 04/25/1995
BjorkNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 13-JUN-1995
Bon Jovi1998 Digitally remastered reissue of their smash 1994 'Greatest Hits' collection. Features an additional track over the US edition along with a completely different running order and track selection. 1998.
BT1.Blue Skies (BT's Delphinium Days Mix) 2.Quark 3.Embracing The Sunshine 4.Embracing The Future 5.Loving You More (BT's Garden Of Ima Dub) 6.Tripping The Light Fantastic 7.Deeper Sunshine 8.Poseidon 9.Blue Skies 10.Divinity 11.Sasha's Voyage Of Ima 12.Loving You More (BT's Final Spiritual Journey) 13.Nocturnal Transmission
Exit Planet Dust
The Chemical Brothers
DeftonesCertified Gold by the RIAA (7/99).
DownKorea Edition / 13 Tracks CD / Jewel Case / Distributed by Warner Music Korea / A Warner Music Group Company / Manufactured by SKC in Cooperation with Hwa Eum Records / Made in Korea Oct. 1995 / Track List: 01 Temptation's Wings 02 Lifer 03 Pillars Of Eternity 04 Rehab 05 Hail The Leaf 06 Underneath Everything 07 Eyes Of The South 08 Jail 09 Losing All 10 Stone The Crows 11 Pray For The Locust 12 Swan Song 13 Bury Me In Smoke
Stone the Crow (Promo)
Short Bus
FilterCertified platinum by the RIAA (5/97).
Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters1 x CD Album
UK 1995 1 This Is A Call 3:54 2 I'll Stick Around 3:53 3 Big Me 2:13 4 Alone + Easy Target 4:05 5 Good Grief 4:01 6 Floaty 4:30 7 Weenie Beenie 2:46 8 Oh, George 3:01 9 For All The Cows 3:30 10 X-Static 4:13 11 Wattershed 2:16 12 Exhausted 5:45
All Mixed Up
KeokiDJ Keoki ~ All Mixed Up
Marilyn Manson
Filth Pig
MinistryMinistry ~ Filth Pig
The Fall/ Reload
MinistryMinistry The Fall German CD single
Collection 2
Everything Is Wrong
MobyWith the release of Everything Is Wrong, Moby procured an entry into the major-label circuit. Covering many techno genres, the album shows Moby's desire to be all things at once. Flaunting breakbeats, noisy industrialism, acid trance, ambient textures, and techno-pop, the mix is often hard to grasp. Although this speaks of Moby's versatility, the liner notes should contain a disclaimer warning the listener of the elastic moods which may be produced by the dubious nature of the tracks. Whereas the songs are noticeably varied, the essential song-writing techniques often fail to progress beyond minimal chord structures and predictable measures. While it's apparent that Everything Is Wrong in Moby's realm, his lack of focus demonstrates that it can be equally wrong to tackle everything. —Lucas Hilbert
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat
Hit and Run Holiday
My Life with the Thrill Kill KultThe Thrill Kill My Life W ~ Hit & Run Holiday
Painful Convictions
Nine Inch Nails
Closer to Hogs
Nine Inch Richards1995 release on the Hi-Art label by this Nine Inch Nailsspoof band. Contains three versions of their parody of NIN's'Closer' (The Closer To Hogs Mix, Closer To Hogs II - TheImmaculate Kitten - Radio Mix and The Long Horn Version) and'Deadbeat'. Standard j
Outcesticide III: The Final Solution
The Video Collection
Trust No One
November 17Tracks: 1. Grip 2. Kontrol 3. A Different Kind Of War 4. Creation 5. Version1.2 6. Virus 7. Religion 8. Waste 9. Tragedy 10. Hail.
Ozzy Osbourne
To Bring You My Love
PJ Harvey
Glory Times
Portishead1995 release on Go! Beat, a double CD single set couplingtogether in a double slimline jewelcase the CD singles forthe two hits from the British trip hop act's debut album,'Glory Box' and 'Sour Times'. 10 tracks total. The 'Sour' CDfeatures 'Sour Sour Times', 'Lot More', 'Sheared Times','Airbus Reconstruction' & 'Theme From To Kill A Dead Man';The 'Glory' CD contains two obvious mixes of 'Glory Box'(Edit & Mudflap Mix), plus 'Scorn', 'Sheared Box' and 'ToyBox'.
Tales From the Punchbowl
One Hot Minute
Red Hot Chili PeppersCertified Multi-Platinum (2 times) by the RIAA. (9/01)
Smashing PumpkinsSmashing Pumpkins ~ 1979 / Ugly / Believe / Cherry
Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins1995 two CD release from the Alt-Rock band led by Billy Corgan. Features 'Tonight Tonight', 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings' and more.
Smashing PumpkinsSmashing Pumpkins ~ Zero
Dirt Track Date
Southern Culture on the Skids
Wither Blister Burn + Peel
Stabbing WestwardStabbing Westward ~ Wither Blister Burn & Peel
1,000 Fires
Traci Lords"Let me kiss it and make it better," purrs the X-rated vixen turned mainstream actress as she attempts (on "Control," the first single) to get a rise out of the techno audience. With writing/production from Babble (ex-Thompson Twins), the KLF's Ben Watkins and Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones, the music is sleek, robotic, and primed for clubbers who'll view her as the camp descendant of disco queen Amanda Lear. "Outlaw Lover" is worthy of Mitsou and the serious tone of "Father's Field" tells us not to treat her too lightly. —Jeff Bateman
Astro Creep: 2000
White Zombie
Marilyn Manson
Further Down the Spiral (UK v2)
Nine Inch NailsImport pressing of this 1995 EP that features three bonus tracks over the U.S. edition: 'Self Destruction' (Part Three,) 'Heresy' (Version) and 'Ruiner' (Version). Further Down The Spiral is the companion release to Trent Reznor and Co.'s The Downward Spiral album from '94. It features remixed and reconfigured versions of a handful of tracks from that album, many sounding more realized than the original versions. 10 tracks including 'Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)', 'Hurt' (Live), 'The Art Of Self Destruction Pt. 1' and more. Universal.
Further Down the Spiral
Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails ~ Further Down The Spiral
Further Down the Spiral (DE v2 Tin)
Nine Inch NailsImport pressing of this 1995 EP that features three bonus tracks over the U.S. edition: 'Self Destruction' (Part Three,) 'Heresy' (Version) and 'Ruiner' (Version). Further Down the Spiral is the companion release to Trent Reznor and Co.'s the Downward Spiral album from '94. It features remixed and reconfigured versions of a handful of tracks from that album, many sounding more realized than the original versions. 10 tracks including 'Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)', 'Hurt' (Live), 'The Art of Self Destruction Pt. 1' and more. Universal.
Further Down the Spiral (JP v2)
Nine Inch Nails
The Hearts Filthy Lesson (UK)
David BowieBarcode is drilled.
Smells Like Children
Marilyn MansonSmell Like Children Album Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics
16voltThree years is a short time for any band to come into its own. Consider all the time to rehearse and perform any and every gig available, gaining new fans and building an audience, all the while honing the craft and creating a sound that can easily be identified and distinguishable from the myriad of other like-minded groups striving to get noticed; for any band to last even one year is quite a feat, let alone to actually produce an album. Nevertheless, in three short years, 16volt had become a major player in the industrial music underground. Joining in the ranks of the guitar-heavy electronic juggernaut that had come to be known as coldwave, Eric Powell and his cohorts were tearing up the dance floors and the mosh pits with two albums under their belts. The band's sophomore album, Skin was already a much leaner and far more aggressive affair than the Wisdom debut. The songs were shorter, the arrangements tighter with less emphasis on slow atmospheres and more on the rapid fire interplay of mechanical rhythms and crunchy guitars. With LetDownCrush, 16volt launched full speed ahead with an unadulterated machine rock assault that takes no prisoners, setting many of the tropes of the band's sound and style that continue to this day. Released in 1996 on the now defunct but renowned Re-constriction imprint at the height of the industrial machine's infiltration of the mainstream, LetDownCrush found itself in a rather odd and exciting place in music history - Chemlab was organizing militias on the east side and KMFDM were busy being Xtorted; Stabbing Westward were withering, blistering, burning and peeling, and Gravity Kills were admitting guilt; Ministry were being filthy pigs and Skinny Puppy entered a process of bitter hibernation. It was the year of industrial, and 16volt were by now a well oiled war machine, locked and loaded for action. The sultry and sinister laugh of guest vocalist Stella "Soleil" Katsoudas resonates through the speakers as electronic noise crackles into a mechanized percussive beat. Descending power chords and Powell's acerbic vocals kick in, and "Swarm" begins LetDownCrush with the force of a battering ram to the throat. With each successive track, the album unleashes a vicious onslaught of textural ambient backdrops that give added weight to the virulent guitars and caustic synthesizers. The pummeling rhythms and scathing guitars of "Breed" race by like the audio equivalent of an adrenaline high, while "Shameface" spares no ear drums with the percussion taking on an especially furious tonality, the guitars taking on a noisy texture like the metallic screams of a dilapidated factory. Other tracks move at a much more moderate, though no less pulsating tempo, with "A Cloth Like Gauze" marching by with thunderous bravado thanks to live drums courtesy of Dan Pred, and "Two Wires Thin" being heralded as the quintessential coldwave anthem, featuring Haloblack and H3llb3nt collaborator Bryan Black. Also among the album's collaborators is Marc LaCorte, co-writing four songs and lending his own particular brand of guitar grit and grime for some added industrial power. Never one to eschew melody, 16volt is as catchy as belligerent on LetDownCrush with tracks like "The Dreams that Rot in Your Heart" and especially "The Cut Collector" becoming underground favorites and remaining staples of the band's live shows to this day thanks to their incendiary choruses. Similarly, the infectious and ominous "Crush" slithers by with just enough bite to keep the album's acidity level in the red, while "Something Left" steadily builds from thrumming bass and whistling synthesizers hinting at the onset of a violent attack, an approaching beast that wait until the last possible second to sink its fangs into the listener. Throughout, Powell's vocals are perhaps at their rawest, often sacrificing perfect pitch or processing to reveal the unfettered emotions at play. LetDownCrush was the final 16volt release on Re-construction, left to wallow in the mire of out-of-print status for 15 years. Now offered in its remastered glory on Metropolis Records, fans can enjoy this third album from the messiahs of machine rock and bask in one of the great classics of the underground scene. Featuring as a bonus track the band's cover of the Cypress Hill classic "Ain't Going Out Like That," LetDownCrush is an album that is as diverse as it is consistent and concise; a piece of industrial rock history that marks the first 16volt album to hold the ThreeWordTitle, reached #1 in the Rolling Stone alternative charts, and features departed legends guitarist William Tucker and engineer Jeff "Critter" Newell. Eric Powell and his associates had come a long way in the three years since their debut and LetDownCrush solidified 16volt as the premiere coldwave force!
The Dreams That Rot in Your Heart / Two Wires Thin
Alice in ChainsNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 07/30/1996
Ani Difranco
51/13: Singles Collection
Aphex TwinAlso Available from Japan, this CD Compiles Tracks from Three Out of Print CD Singles: Donkey Rhubarb, On, and Ventolin.
Girl/Boy Ep
Aphex Twin
Richard D. James Album
Aphex TwinAn album that may not quite be about himself, but takes careful note of who he just might be. There is childhood and memory and personal geography simmering under the beats and bleats of this LP. The fact that James used more discretion than ever in assembling the tracks might confirm there is indeed a method to his madness on this one. Some hidden revelations, perhaps, hidden in those grooves? Surf on the serene summery toy train ride of "Fore Street," or search the paedo n' bass recorder group sounds of the mesmerizing "To Cure A Weakling Child." The shining moment, though, just may lie in the chamber orchestra n' bass extravaganza "Girl/Boy Son." Could this album be the autobiographical Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Insect /Citizen James we've all been waiting for? "It's more of a progression," is what he says about the album. "I'm getting more skillful with the machines."
BjorkOn her first two solo albums, Debut and Post, Bjork covered a lot of sounds, smashing artistic boundaries with variations on pop, dance and jazz. In the process she sold over a million records and established herself as one of the most intriguing artists in pop. Now, on her new album Telegram, Bjork covers Bjork. Telegram takes Post's dissonant beats and textures even further, radically reconstructing nine of that album's tracks with the help of several renowned producers. These are not mere remixes. They're fresh interpretations of the originals that stand completely on their own, with entirely new vocals (most of which are complete live takes), arrangements, tempos and moods - performed with her unique combination of whimsy and sensuality.
One Fierce Beer Coaster
Bloodhound Gang
Fashion Nugget
Adventures In Foam
Dave Matthews Band
Dr Octagonecologyst
Dr. Octagon
Better Living Through Chemistry
Fatboy SlimFinally issued domestically, including 2 tracks not available on the previous import version.
Fiona AppleFiona Apple Tidal US CD album
Best Of The Beast
Iron MaidenA nicely packaged selection of the finest recorded moments of Leytonstone's finest export has got to be something of an irresistible proposition. And Best of the Beast covers all available bases by consolidating material from every stage of the Maiden's illustrious career. From the early Paul Di'Anno-fronted classics through the Bruce Dickinson glory days ("Run to the Hills") to the leather-lunged epic power of the Blaze Bayley period ("Virus"), Best of the Beast stands as a monumental testament to the grandiose immensity of Steve Harris's songwriting vision. The band's ensemble interplay is nothing short of breathtaking, and the hits just keep on coming at you with a vengeance. "Be Quick or Be Dead," "Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter," "The Evil that Men Do"—all of these and more are on hand to give your eardrums the kind of aural workout that they won't soon forget. —Ian Fortnam
KeokiCDS MOONSHINE, MM88434-2, 6 Mix
Life Is Peachy
Korn1 x CD Album, Enhanced
US 1996 1 Twist 0:49 2 Chi 3:54 3 Lost 2:55 4 Swallow 3:38 5 Porno Creep 2:00 6 Good God 3:21 7 Mr. Rogers 5:10 8 K@#Ø%! 3:02 9 No Place To Hide 3:31 10 Wicked 4:00 11 A.D.I.D.A.S. 2:32 12 Lowrider 0:58 13 Ass Itch 3:39 14a Kill You 5:04 14b Twist (A Cappella) 1:08 Video Good God (Live) 3:18
KrushMilight is an album vaguely about the future, peppered with commentary on the subject from Krush's collaborators, of which there are many. Producers DJ Cam and Shawn J. Period; rappers Mos Def, Rino, Tragedy, Ken "Duro" Ifill, and Fista Bundy; and vocalists Deborah Anderson and Eri Ohno add their voices and noises to Krush's metronomic beats and free-jazz scratching. The combination works particularly well on his collaborations with Mos Def ("Shinjiro") and Eri Ohno ("Mind Games," a John Lennon cover), but the album is interesting and consistent throughout. On his third album, DJ Krush has finally found a middle ground between his dark and minimal beat structures and the pop sensibilities of commercial hip-hop, losing the virtues of neither. —Matthew Corwine
Instinct for Detection
Subliminal Sandwich
Meat Beat Manifesto
A Crime for All Seasons
My Life with the Thrill Kill KultThe Thrill Kill My Life W ~ Crime For All Seasons
Children of the Night
Nine Inch Nails
From the Muddy Banks of The Wishkah
Great Southern Trendkill
PanteraCertified gold by the RIAA. (6/96)
Evil Empire
Rage Against the MachineAs the vitriol spewed from Evil Empire, Rage Against the Machine's long-awaited follow up to their 1993 debut owes much to Chuck D.'s polemic fury and rapid-fire urgency—though as always the band rages without hip-hop machinery in favor of the heavy-duty
It's Martini Time
Reverend Horton HeatIt's Martini Time by Reverend Horton Heat

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Robert MilesA Swiss-born, Italian-raised pianist, Robert Miles serves up numbingly repetitive but lively sub-Moroder disco for 66 unrelenting minutes. While it may make Vangelis sound like Mozart by comparison on the home stereo, this is evidently sheer magic under the mirrorballs of Ibiza, Paris, and Scarborough. —Jeff Bateman
One & One Remixes
Robert Miles
Mate, Feed, Kill, Repeat
Irresistible Bliss
Soul CoughingIrresistible Bliss, album No. 2, takes the band several steps further: at once tighter and more personal, displaying the band's intuitive rapport as players and neatly balancing the eccentric and the accessible. Soul Coughing have attracted wall-to-wall praise from the likes of Rolling Stone ("brilliant" and "four stars"), Entertainment Weekly ("The most affecting rock-funk fusion since Talking Heads"), The New Yorker ("One of the best records of 1994") and Alternative Press ("Either hopelessly smug bastards...or some of the most profound musicians to emerge from Clinton America").
Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop
ToolWith its heavy-duty distortion, weighty rhythms, and cynical lyrics, Tool is a heavy metal band for the '90s. Rather like Metallica circa ...And Justice for All, the sound is focused heavily on texture, with vocals and guitars layered one atop the other, and heart-pounding drums underlying everything. There's not a whole lot of variety on Tool's second full-length album—most of the songs start off fairly low-key, kicking into high gear for the chorus, and repeat—but Maynard James Keenan's distinctive voice, the prog-rock stylings over a heavy metal base, and a supremely unhealthy dose of vitriol make this the perfect album to bang your head to.
Boys for Pele
Tori AmosSoulful R&B vocals, ripping solos, funky low-end, and real hip-hop are phrases that describe Vicious Groove's freshman effort, Vicious Nation.
Pre-Millennium Tension
Tricky1 x CD Album
UK 1996 1 Vent 3:04 2 Christiansands 3:52 3 Tricky Kid 4:10 4 Bad Dreams 4:12 5 Makes Me Wanna Die 4:01 6 Ghetto Youth 5:37 7 Sex Drive 3:48 8 Bad Things 5:12 9 Lyrics Of Fury 3:20 10 My Evil Is Strong 3:59 11 Piano 4:14
Second Toughest in the Infants
UnderworldSecond Toughest In The Infants
Supersexy Swingin' Sounds
White Zombie
Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killers1 x CD Album, Compilation
Europe 19961 - Waiting For The Miracle (3:43)
2 - Shitlist (2:48)
3 - Moon Over Greene County (2:18)
4 - Rock N Roll Nigger (4:00)
5 - Sweet Jane (3:32)
6 - You Belong To Me (3:09)
7 - The Trembler (1:10)
8 - Burn (4:59)
9 - Route 666 (0:56)
Totally Hot (0:47)
10.1 - Kipenda Roho
11 - Back In Baby's Arms (2:04)
12 - Taboo (4:22)
Sex Is Violent (4:58)
13.1 - Ted Just Admit It
13.2 - I Put A Spell On You
14 - History (Repeats Itself) (2:21)
15 - Something I Can Never Have (4:04)
16 - I Will Take You Home (2:18)
17 - Drums A Go-Go (1:10)
Hungry Ants (3:12)
18.1 - Checkpoint Charlie
18.2 - Violation Of Expectation
19 - The Day The Niggaz Took Over (4:33)
20 - Born Bad (0:43)
21 - Fall Of The Rebel Angels (1:21)
22 - Forkboy (3:54)
Batonga In Batongaville (1:04)
23.1 - A Night On Bare Mountain
24 - A Warm Place (2:59)
Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar (1:08)
25.1 - Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar
25.2 - Judgement Day
26 - The Future (3:47)
27 - What Would U Do? (4:12)
Trainspotting1 x CD Compilation
Europe 1996 1 Iggy Pop Lust For Life 5:13 2 Brian Eno Deep Blue Day 3:56 3 Primal Scream Trainspotting 10:35 4 Sleeper Atomic 5:09 5 New Order Temptation 7:00 6 Iggy Pop Nightclubbing 4:14 7 Blur Sing 6:01 8 Lou Reed Perfect Day 3:45 9 Pulp Mile End 4:32 10 Bedrock Featuring KYO For What You Dream Of (Full On Renaissance Mix) 6:28 11 Elastica 2:1 2:33 12 Leftfield A Final Hit 3:16 13 Underworld Born Slippy (NUXX) 9:44 14 Damon Albarn Closet Romantic 3:09
Down On The Upside
SoundgardenOverlooked 1996 studio album, features 'Pretty Noose' & 'Burden In My Hand'
Sweet Dreams
Marilyn Manson1996 Interscope release, a single for their hit cover of theEurythmics #1 smash from 1983. Housed in a slimlinejewelcase, its backed with 'Dance Of The Dope Hats' (Remix),'Down In The Park' (cover of the Gary Numan new waveclassic) and 'Lunchbox (Next Mot
As Nasty As They Wanna Be
2 Live Crew
Nine Inch NailsFrom the creators of DOOM and DOOM II comes the most intense, technologically advanced 3-D experience ever captured on CD ROM. Features free and fluid motion, ambient sound and lighting, and unmatched multi-player capabilities - play with up to 15 others via internet, modem, LAN or serial connection. Shareware Version.
Nine Inch Nails
Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson
Romeo + Juliet
Romeo + Juliet1 x CD Enhanced, Compilation
Europe 1996 1 Garbage , #1 Crush 4:46 2 Everclear , Local God 3:55 3 Gavin Friday , Angel 4:19 4 One Inch Punch , Pretty Piece Of Flesh 4:52 5 Des'ree , Kissing You (Love Theme From Romeo + Juliet) 4:57 6 Butthole Surfers , Whatever (I Had A Dream) 4:09 7 Cardigans, The , Lovefool 3:18 8 Kym Mazelle , Young Hearts Run Free 4:15 9 Quindon Tarver , Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) 1:43 10 Mundy , To You I Bestow 3:58 11 Radiohead , Talk Show Host 4:17 12 Stina Nordenstam , Little Star 3:39 13 Wannadies, The , You And Me Song 2:56
ScreamThis item is used in VG condition. Error in listing condition-not a new item. CD no scratches / not factory sealed / jewel case no cracks / all artwork included
Amon Tobin
Piranha Breaks
Amon TobinHow does a record like Piranha Breaks avoid novelty status? It seems as though its conceit—adapting the ensemble drum-corps pyrotechnics of Tobin's native Brazil to the experimental computer sequencing of British drum & bass—should be little more than a conceit, a jokey cross-cultural hook to hang an EP on. But Tobin finds such expressive common ground between ritual drumming and fashionable electronica that the results aren't simply great music—they suggest a kind of eerie alternate history. Jelly Roll Morton spoke of jazz's Spanish tinge generations before Dizzy Gillespie invented Cubop, his blending of Cuban music and jazz. With Piranha Breaks, Tobin puts electronic music under a spell from which it may never entirely wake. —Marc Weidenbaum
Living in Clip
Ani Difranco
Come to Daddy
Aphex Twin
New Pollution & Other Favorites
BjorkNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 23-SEP-1997
When Disaster Strikes
Busta RhymesAfter years of setting the pace for hip hop's best, Busta Rhymes got his due with his 1996 solo debut The Coming, selling well over a million records and leaving would-be competitors in the dust. Busta brings his wild energy, wicked humor and larger-than-life skills to an explosive new level on his second release, When Disaster Strikes. Certified platinum by the RIAA (10/97).
Uptown Saturday Night
Camp LoNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Artist: CAMP LO
Street Release Date: 06/29/1999
Dig Your Own Hole
The Chemical Brothers
The Crystal Method
Daft Punk
I'M Afraid of Americans
David BowieExtended play CD single from David Bowie, with multiple remixes of the title track produced by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor.
Around the Fur
DeftonesSacramento's Deftones return with their much-anticipated second album, Around The Fur, a furious, hard-hitting blast of confrontational sound. The Deftones have already established themselves nationally as one of the hardest and most powerful new bands to arrive in years, and Around The Fur is destined to catapult them to massive success. Certified Gold by the RIAA (6/99).
Depeche ModeUltra by Depeche Mode
The Colour and the Shape
Foo Fighters1 x CD Album
UK & Europe 1997 1 Doll 1:23 2 Monkey Wrench 3:51 3 Hey, Johnny Park! 4:08 4 My Poor Brain 3:34 5 Wind Up 2:31 6 Up In Arms 2:15 7 My Hero 4:20 8 See You 2:27 9 Enough Space 2:36 10 February Stars 4:49 11 Everlong 4:10 12 Walking After You 5:04 13 New Way Home 5:40
Great Milenko
Insane Clown Posse
Kettle Whistle
Jane's AddictionThis highly-anticipated Jane's Addiction CD, Kettle Whistle, which consists of rare, previously unreleased tracks, live recordings, demos, and one brand new track, Kettle Whistle, was recorded by the relapse line up (Perry Farrell/vocals, Dave Navarro/guitar, Stephen Perkins/drummer, and Flea/bass).
Bible of Dreams
Juno Reactor
KMFDMKMFDM's previous album, Xtort, was a corrosive industrial metalfest that burned as deeply as most anything by Ministry or Nine Inch Nails. But fans expecting more gut-pounding, head-smashing euphoria are in for a surprise. The band's self-titled successor is light on the metal, heavy on the electronic—which isn't to say KMFDM are hopping on some Chemical Brothers/Prodigy bandwagon. They were futzing around with samplers and keyboards over a decade ago. It's just that diehard metalheads might find KMFDM's skittering beats and blipping keyboards a little too left-field. But for open-minded souls who like to dance and destroy, KMFDM should prove to be a hedonistic cauldron of carnal delight. —Jon Wiederhorn
City Delirious
LionrockLionrock ~ City Delirious
Secret Samadhi
Live1 x CD Album
Europe 1997 1 Rattlesnake 4:52 2 Lakini's Juice 4:59 3 Graze 5:39 4 Century 3:22 5 Ghost 6:19 6 Unsheathed 3:36 7 Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe 4:01 8 Turn My Head 3:57 9 Heropsychodreamer 2:48 10 Freaks 4:50 11 Merica 3:22 12 Gas Hed Goes West 5:35
Ray of Light
Madonna1 x CD Album
Europe 1998 1 Drowned World / Substitute For Love 5:08 2 Swim 5:00 3 Ray Of Light 5:20 4 Candy Perfume Girl 4:36 5 Skin 6:21 6 Nothing Really Matters 4:26 7 Sky Fits Heaven 4:47 8 Shanti / Ashtangi 4:29 9 Frozen 6:12 10 The Power Of Good-Bye 4:12 11 To Have And Not To Hold 5:22 12 Little Star 5:18 13 Mer Girl 5:31
Original Fire
Meat Beat Manifesto
Life After Death
Notorious B.I.G.
Official Live: 101 Proof
PanteraCertified Gold by the RIAA. (5/99)
Brown Album
Fat of the Land
The ProdigyNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 07/01/1997
PropellerheadsPropellerheads ~ Bang On / Spybreak / Clang / Pr
Puff Daddy
New Forms
Roni Size / ReprazentFor his debut album on Talkin' Loud/Polygram, Bristol, England's Roni Size keeps with the label's tradition of releasing grandiose, song-oriented dance albums. Size teams up with DJs Krust, Die, and Suv; MC Dynamite; and vocalist Onalee to weld the rough-and-ready sounds of British drum & bass to the soul vibes of their hometown. On New Forms, the jazz concepts laid out on his earlier singles are expanded into song form, with live instrumentation and full vocals. The album never fails to be interesting; there's serious musical credibility underlying every track, but New Forms, with its straightforward pop sensibilities, is clearly aimed at the listener. Fans of the Bristol sound will appreciate the "Watching Windows" and "Share the Fall" singles, whose subtle melancholy blends seamlessly with Size's trademark drum assaults. Despite its length (23 tracks spanning 140 minutes), New Forms remains perfectly balanced and eminently listenable. —Matthew Corwine
Roni Size / ReprazentCD MINI ALBUM
Preemptive Strike
Freaks Believe Inbeats
Urban Hymns
The Verve
King Of My Castle
Wamdue ProjectRoger Sanchez / Bronx Dogs
Music for a Slaughtering Tribe II
The Beautiful People I
Marilyn MansonSingle from the Bad Reverend's 1996 LP, 'antichrist Superstar'. Features the Tracks 'horrible People' (Remix), 'sweet Dreams' (LP Version) and 'cryptorchild'.
The Beautiful People
Marilyn MansonTracks Include: Title Track (LP Version), the Not So Beautiful People (Remix), Snake Eyes and Sissies and Deformography.
The Beautiful People II
Marilyn Manson
The Best of Wham!: If You Were There...
WhamThis collection features "Everything She Wants," "I'm Your Man," "Club Tropicana," "Wham Rap!," "Freedom," "Where Did Your Heart Go," "Young Guns," "Edge of Heaven" and more. 14 tracks in all.
Lost Highway
David Bowie, Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Angelo Badalamenti, The Smashing Pumpkins, Barry Adamson, Lou Reed, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Antônio Carlos JobimLost Highway ~ Soundtrack
The Perfect Drug
Nine Inch Nails
Marilyn MansonTracks: 1.tourniquet (lp Version) 2.tourniquet (prosthetic Dance Mix) 3.horrible People (danny Saber Remix).
Remix & Repent
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch NailsBefore Nine Inch Nails released Closure they were going to release BROKEN but do to producing issues mostly regarding graphic content released an edited extended version. The aftermath being a 2 vhs set of CLOSURE which contains live footage as well as music videos.
Nine Inch Nails
Amon TobinWith its lush strings; its deep, snaking bass tremors; and its odd patches of percussive irritants, Amon Tobin's latest album sounds at times like the kind of noir-ish drum & bass that Luke Vibert (a.k.a. Wagon Christ) has left behind. Such torch passing seems fitting since Permutation's focus on jazz sample sources grew out of Tobin's own career switch: dropping, if only for now, the Brazilian percussion and pop flavors that have long infused his home-brewed electronica. A languorous dollop of bossa nova closes this album, but otherwise it almost exclusively explores jazz: hard-bop drum solos, luscious horn lines, and mellifluous fusoid guitar. Tobin programs all this expressly analog material into his small battery of synthesizers and produces one of the strongest albums of 1998. —Marc Weidenbaum
Little Plastic Castle
Ani Difranco
Hello Nasty
Beastie BoysIt's been a dozen years since the Beastie Boys broke, and on Hello Nasty, they show that—though they've grown up, matured, and just gotten older—they're still in touch with the inner brat that always made them so much fun. Turns out that the brat's turned into an ace record collector with choice taste in collaborators, too. —Randy Silver
Beastie BoysThe first single from 1998's 'Hello Nasty'. Contains threemixes of 'Intergalactic' (Album Version, Prisoners OfTechnology/ TMS 1 Re-mix and Fuzzy Logic Re-mix), plus 'HailSagan' (Special K). Slimline jewelcase. 1998 Capitol Recordsrelease.
Extinction Level Event: The Final World Front
Busta Rhymes1 x CD Album
Europe 1998 1 Intro - There's Only One Year Left!!! 2 Everybody Rise 3 Where We Are About To Take It 4 Extinction Level Event (The Song Of Salvation) 5 Tear Da Roof Off 6 Against All Odds 7 Just Give It To Me Raw 8 Do It To Death 9 Keepin' It Tight 10 Gimme Some More 11 Iz They Wildin Wit Us & Getting Rowdy Wit Us 12 Party Is Goin' On Over Here 13 Do The Bus A Bus 14 Take It Off 15 What's It Gonna Be?! 16 Hot Shit Makin' Ya Bounce 17 What The Fuck You Want!! 18 This Means War!! 19 Outro - The Burial Song
Gallery of Suicide
Cannibal Corpse1998 release, the sixth studio album from the American Death Metal outfit. The album was the second to include George Fisher on vocal duties, and the first album to feature Pat O'Brien on guitars.
Before These Crowded Streets
Dave Matthews Band
You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Fatboy Slim
Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael
George MichaelGeorge has had plenty of hits to fill a 2-CD set, and this collection has all the best: Faith; Careless Whisper; Father Figure; One More Try; Praying for Time; I Knew You Were Waiting (with Aretha Franklin), and more. 29 tracks!
Life in the So-Called Space Age
God Lives UnderwaterGod Lives Underwater ~ Life In The So-Called Space Age
Global Underground 001: Sydney
John DigweedCardboard Slipcase Covering Double CD in One Slimline Case.
Altered Ego Trip
KeokiDj Keoki ~ Altered Ego Trip (Remix Album)
Inevitable Alien Nation
KeokiDj Keoki ~ Inevitable Alien Nation
Wardance - The Remixes
Killing Joke
KrushDj Krush ~ Kakusei
Lords of Acidthis is a very funny and real CD
Love and RocketsLike a hand coming out of the shadows in a horror movie, Love and Rockets' new release catches you off guard; it's their most cohesive album in 10 years. Continuing the foray into electronica that the boys made with their last release (the dreadful Sweet F.A.) and mostly abandoning the echo-laden sound of previous efforts, Lift thrives on fidgeting synthesizers and "riddle me this" electronic percussion. Die-hard fans of L&R's earlier incarnation as three-fourths of Bauhaus will be thrilled that Peter Murphy cowrote "Resurrection Hex," one of the stronger cuts on Lift. A collaboration with Luscious Jackson on "Holy Fool" bubbles under the wicked seediness of Daniel Ash's vocals. Positively wonderful! Make no mistake, they still cast a good gloomy ballad in classic L&R form on "Too Much Choice," but for the most part Lift boasts a new sense of dynamics that you didn't think they had in them. —Jason Josephes
Massive AttackMezzanine is the third studio album by English trip-hop group Massive Attack, originally released in 1998 on Virgin Records. The band's most successful commercial outing, 'Mezzanine' went on to sell over 4 million copies, and win the Q Award for 1998's Best Album. Produced by Neil Davidge, 'Mezzanine' showed once again that despite a rapidly changing trip-hop scene, Massive Attack could not be ignored. Hits like, 'Angel,' 'Risingson' and 'Teardrop' - which make up the powerhouse beginning to the album - have been heard across a variety of media, including movies, television shows and video games. Another of 'Mezzanine''s many claims to fame include that it was the first full album available for legal download on Massive Attack's website. Massive Attack consistently pushes the envelope with their revelatory songs - myriad mixing effects, fuzzy guitars, eerie vocals - and 'Mezzanine' is a shining example of the group's enduring creativity.
Blue Monday
OrgyOrgy Blue Monday US CD single
Form & Function
PhotekLike the best drum & bass musicians, Photek explores the nuances of the rhythms that most jungle musicians, blinded by dance-floor strobe lights, take for granted. His rarefied electronic tracks rarely overlap more than a handful of discrete sonic elements. On "The Water Margin," for example, cetacean burbles bounce amid an extended percussion solo and a lone, vaporous, synthetic woodwind. And that's it. The composerly sense of musical development Photek brings to these skeletal constructions has lent his earliest recordings a reputation as the blueprint of avant-garde drum & bass. Four of those early recordings, "The Water Margin" among them, are collected on Form & Function, which also includes six appropriately uncluttered remixes (by J Majik, Doc Scott, Peshay, and others) and two brand new tracks, one spooky, one funky. —Marc Weidenbaum
Is This Desire?
PJ Harvey
Portishead: Roseland New York
PortisheadBritish trip-hop group Portishead broke out during a mid-1990's wave of electronic innovation occurring in their hometown of Bristol. Their gloomy, jazzy sound managed to set them apart from Bristol contemporaries like techno pioneer Tricky and drum 'n b
Roseland NYC Live
Rabbit in the Moon Remixes
Rabbit in the MoonRabbit In The Moon ~ Rabbit In The Moon Remixes 1
Hellbilly Deluxe
Rob Zombie
Together Forever: Greatest Hits 1983-1998
Run D.M.C.
El Oso
Soul CoughingEl Oso (a literal translation of the Spanish for 'The Bear'), released in 1998, is the third and final album by the New York City band Soul Coughing. The disc is marked by a deep drum and bass influence.

The disc yielded Soul Coughing's biggest hit single, "Circles". Cartoon Network gave it a music video in which a Flintstones cartoon was synched to the track as part of the Cartoon Network Groovies. A Cartoon Network video for the song "Rolling," was also produced which was synced with a Betty Boop cartoon.
Love Movement
Tribe Called QuestA Tribe Called Quest ~ Love Movement
Angels With Dirty Faces
TrickyOut-of-print in the US. Universal.
Broken Homes/Money Greedy
Killing God
Psyence Fiction
Visual Audio Sensory Theater
VASTVAST is the brainchild of Jon Crosby and this huge record combines heavy guitars and drums with acoustic instruments, chants and eclectic ancient world music samples to create a darkly gothic, moody, sometimes disturbing but beautifully epic sound.
TwoIronically, Judas Priest's replacement lead singer, Tim Owens, sounds more like the original vocal Priest, Rob Halford, than Halford himself does on Voyeurs, the first record by his band Two, which features Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. Discarding his piercing scream, Halford sings complete melodies that vary in tone from plaintive to mildly annoyed. What really defines Two, however, is Reznor's mechanical manipulations, which convert mainstream metal and alternative numbers into haunting, cybernetic vistas. When he's working with the band's best material, Voyeurs is electrifying, but when the band lapses into autopilot, even Reznor can't save Two from sounding like Stabbing Westward. —Jon Wiederhorn
Urbal Beats 2
Various ArtistsUrbal Beats ~ Urbal Beats 2
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Pleasant Smell
12 Rounds
WinkWink ~ Herehear
PiThe soundtrack to the cyberthriller Pi stands on its own as a fine compilation, and fans of the artists featured on this soundtrack will be delighted to hear solid offerings from the likes of Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Spacetime Continuum, David Holmes, Orbital, and a mix of Roni Size's "Watching Windows" by Ed Rush and Optical. Those who have seen the film but are unfamiliar with the artists will be happily exposed to great music and should enjoy this incredibly cohesive, thematic piece. Even artists like Gus Gus and Banco De Gaia fit perfectly into this mix. The music is as complicatedly paranoid as the film's protagonist, Max Cohen, and as rhythmic and precise as the film's antagonist—the numeric system. Cohen's dialogue is interspersed through the soundtrack for a nice touch. —Aaron Tassano
Kidneythieves2004 re-release of the artists debut album, completely and digitally remastered and includes five new bonus tracks and a DVD that features never before seen concert and rehearsal footage as well as music videos.
For the Masses: A Tribute to Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode - Covers
Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson
Holocausto de la Morte
NecrophagiaFeatures Phillip Anselmo from PANTERA on guitar and songwriting! Prepare for eye gouging, throat slashing and head stabbing! Total cannibal ferrox Death Metal! Blood spraying, brain pulling violence filled with crushing power! Flesh ripping and soul tearing projectile vomit riffs and whore gutting vocals! Holocuasto De La Morte is a completely oppressive, chaotic, repulsive slab of music that makes the skin crawl.
Aphex Twin
Urban Jungle
BjörkBjork ~ Bjork - Volumen
Hooray for Boobies
Bloodhound Gang
Breakbeat EraBreakbeat Era ~ Ultra-Obscene
The Chemical BrothersChemical Warfare
Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
Chris IsaakNew 1999 Lead Single from the Kubrick Film 'eyes Wide Shut'. Includes Exclusive Acoustic Version.
Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 1
CoilLimited Edition of 2000 Only.
Artilleria Pesada: Presenta...
Control Machete
Insane in the Brain
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Global Underground 004: Athens Greece
Danny TenagliaDanny Tenaglia ~ Global Underground 004: Athens
Calculating Infinity
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Chronic 2001
Dr. Dre
The Slim Shady LP
Blank-wave Arcade
The Faint
When the Pawn...
Fiona Apple
Full Clip: Decade of Gang Starr
Gang Starr
Make Yourself
Black Elvis / Lost in Space
Kool KeithKool Keith, aka Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon, Poppa Large, Dr. Dooom, and about a dozen personae, got his start with the Bronx-based Ultramagnetic MC's in the mid-1980s. Although revered, their recordings made little commercial impact and the group disbanded. Since then Keith has enigmatically swung from project to project, maintaining a deliberately inscrutable cloak of aliases and alter egos. The result is a catalog that is high in concept, broad in scope, and completely, utterly wacky: it's hip-hop as Darius James writes novels and Terry Gilliam makes films. Only a few other artists—Definition of Sound and Divine Styler most notably—have ever come close to achieving similar results. Judging from the results of this recording, one of Keith's more straight-ahead, more rappers should try. On Lost, Keith's rhymes are unpredictable, obscure, and hilarious. On "Static," he somehow rhymes Benjamins with basketball star Scottie Pippen, (ex-NFL quarterback Mark) Rypien, and 1960s boxing champ Sonny Liston; elsewhere he namechecks 1970s journeymen basketballers Darnell Hillman and Slick Watts. He's critical of hip-hop pretension on many tracks, most notably "I Need a Release Date." Although the recording features a solid, contemporary bounce, Keith is completely old school—it's his whimsical words and unique delivery that matter most. —Martin Johnson
Afrika Shox
LeftfieldAfrika Shox (1999) 1. Afrika Shox (radio Edit) 2. Afrika Shox (album Version) 3. Afrika Shox (vw Mix) 4. Afrika Shox (jedi's Elastic Bass Remix) 5. Phat Planet (dave Clarke Remix)
Rhythm & Stealth
LeftfieldLeftfield ~ Rhythm & Stealth
The Best of Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lynyrd SkynyrdSizzling Southern-rock essentials! Classic-rock radio could not live long without these: Free Bird; Sweet Home Alabama; Saturday Night Special; Double Trouble; What's Your Name; You Got That Right; Gimme Three Steps; I Ain't the One; Swamp Music , and more.
Dark Side of the Spoon
MinistryOut-of-print in the US! DARK SIDE OF THE SPOON opens with Al Jourgensen screaming "I just shot a man to death" over grinding guitar riffs and an unrelenting, martial beat. Clearly, these godfathers of industrial rock show no signs of mellowing as they near their third decade of sonic terrorism. Longtime fans can rest easy, there are no attempts at mainstream crossover here—no string sections or sentimental ballads. True to form, Ministry delivers cut after cut of manic alienation. The savage, repetitive guitar patterns consolidate hard rock, punk and heavy metal into a new, uncompromising paradigm. Jourgensen revels in his angst, using it as a cathartic tool of expression. His tortured, filtered vocals bespeak a lifetime spent observing mankind's most heinous atrocities, but his knack for studio manipulation and sonic architecture makes the whole thing quite palatable, if not accessible.
MuseSays NME: "Muse is exceptional and utterly worthy..their tunes are all spectacular, stadium-sized a band that teeters on the edge of perfection can go from strength to strength is beyond me. But they do. Oh Lord, they do." Says influential BBC DJ Steve Lamacq: "A handsome mix of brute noise and fragility..the most requested and revered of the new bands played on Radio One." Discover your own Muse on this young U.K. trio's debut album, Showbiz.
Black Blood Vomitorium
Into the Void (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
We're in This Together (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Tonight the Stars Revolt
Powerman 5000
Anti Pop
Take California
There's a Poison Goin on...
Public Enemy1999 outing from one of the most influential rap group's of all-time. Originally only available on the internet, the album contains 14 hip hop flavas from Chuck D & co.
The Battle of Los Angeles
Rage Against the Machineremastered reissue of 1999 albumpackaged in a digipak.
Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Red Hot Chili Peppers of the quadruple-platinum smash Blood Sugar Sex Magic are back - revitalized and reunited - with their first album in four years and perhaps their most anticipated album ever. Most importantly, Californication marks the homecoming of guitarist John Frusciante, a key ingredient in the group's most successful albums. His return signals the energized re-emergence of one of rock's premier emotional, powerful and exciting bands. Certified at 4 million units by the RIAA. (2/01)
Global Underground 003: San Francisco
Wisconsin Death Trip
Static-XOn its explosive debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip, Static-X takes the energizing effect of techno, the aggressiveness of a guitar-laden frenzy and the moody overtones of the goth/industrial underground and molds them into what the band calls rhythmic trancecore. Melodic, dark, heavy, intense and unrelenting, Static-X is a rave-like assault on the senses sharpened by a new-metal edge. Certified Platinum by the RIAA. (6/01)
Stone Temple PilotsSTONE TEMPLE PILOTS 4
White Stripes
The White Stripes
Mule Variations
Tom Waits
The Anthology
Tribe Called Quest
The Matrix
The Matrix1 x CD Compilation
Europe 1999 1 Marilyn Manson Rock Is Dead 3:10 2 Propellerheads Spybreak! (Short One) 4:01 3 Ministry Bad Blood 4:59 4 Rob Dougan Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix) 7:26 5 Meat Beat Manifesto Prime Audio Soup 6:17 6 Lunatic Calm Leave You Far Behind 3:12 7 Prodigy, The Mindfields 5:41 8 Rob Zombie Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) 4:37 9 Deftones My Own Summer (Shove It) 3:35 10 Hive Ultrasonic Sound 4:54 11 Monster Magnet Look To Your Orb For The Warning 4:43 12 Rammstein Du Hast 3:54 13 Rage Against The Machine Wake Up 6:03
Reservoir Dogs
Reservoir Dogs1 x CD Compilation
Europe 1992 1 Steven Wright And Now Little Green Bag... 0:15 2 George Baker Selection Little Green Bag 3:16 3 Steven Wright Rock Flock Of Five 0:11 4 Blue Swede Hooked On A Feeling 2:54 5 Steven Wright Bohemiath 0:34 6 Joe Tex I Gotcha 2:28 7 Bedlam Magic Carpet Ride 5:11 8 No Artist Madonna Speech 0:59 9 Sandy Rogers Fool For Love 3:25 10 Steven Wright Super Sounds 0:19 11 Stealers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You 3:24 12 Bedlam Harvest Moon 2:38 13 No Artist Let's Get A Taco 1:03 14 Steven Wright Keep On Truckin' 0:17 15 Harry Nilsson Coconut 3:51 16 Steven Wright Home Of Rock 0:05
Funcrusher Plus
Company Flow
The Day the World Went Away
Nine Inch Nails1 x CD Single
US 1999 1 The Day The World Went Away 4:01 2 Starfuckers, Inc 5:21 3 The Day The World Went Away (Quiet) 6:20
The Fragile
Nine Inch Nails
We're in This Together (EU 3/3)
Nine Inch NailsFirst Single from the 1999 Nin Masterpiece / Double Disc 'the Fragile'. Includes the Title Track, an Exclusive Danny Lohner Remix of 'complications of the Flesh' (A Hybrid of Two Tracks from 'the Fragile') and 'perfect Drug' from the 'lost Highway' Ost.
We're in This Together (EU 2/3)
Nine Inch NailsIncludes 'The Day the World Went Away (Quiet Version) Porter Rick Mix' which Was Previously Only Available on a Promo Only 12" .
We're in This Together (EU 1/3)
Nine Inch Nails
4 Ton Mantis
Amon Tobin
Amon TobinAt the junction of jazz and breakbeat science, Amon Tobin is one of the undisputed masters. Instead of drawing on jazz samples and styles as a sort of prepackaged cultural signifier, he's engaged in the cross-fertilization and recontextualizing that many aspire to but not so many achieve. On this release, he casts his net farther afield—the smoky nightclub trumpets and sultry beats of 1998's Permutation are still present, but the hummingly intense electronics and roiling drums on tracks like "Rhino Jockey" leave the jazz references pretty far behind. The track "Precursor" uses what is called "vocal percussion" to emulate the click-and-pop assemblages of some of the farther out German electronic experimentalists and segues neatly into the down-tempo groove of "Saboteur," which is built on a bottle-clinking percussive sample from obscure '60s blues-rock outfit the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation. "Keepin' It Steel" is reminiscent of Stereolab in a way, with a pleasantly lazy tempo that manages the neat trick of sounding like it's in an odd-metre time signature when it's not, punctuated by horns that evoke a '70s reggae record. —Bob Bannister
Four Eyed Mortalz
AWOL Onefeaturing DJ ESP. Awol One on celestial Records is becoming a force in the indie Hip Hop world. This release is dope.
BlackaliciousWith Nia, Blackalicious hit their stride as leaders of the hip-hop true school. The Sacramento-based duo of producer/DJ Chief Xcel and lyricist The Gift of Gab has been creating luscious, intelligent music since they started out in 1994, and Nia shows them at their best. Gab's rhyming skills are supreme, ranging from evocative storytelling about fame and misfortune ("Deception") to rapped reflections on the state of his art ("Shallow Days") and scathing straight spitting ("Trouble"). A true master of ceremonies, Gab keeps it right by grounding his lyrics in his own experience, preventing his antiestablishment message from getting boring. On the musical front, Xcel's beats fit Gab's wordplay like a glove. They range from the funky, caffeinated drum stutters of "Fabulous Ones," to knowing piano-laced patterns (on the genius "Deception") and slinky, serpentine, Middle Eastern styles ("Smithzonian Institute of Rhyme"). Nia is honest music: from Xcel's carefully stitched-together, relentlessly inventive beats, to Gab's personal poetics. This is soul food for your ears. —Lizz Mendez Berry
Beastie Boys Video Anthology
Beastie BoysThis 2-disc DVD set features 18 Beastie Boy Clips, such as Intergalactic, Shake Your Rump, Gratitude, Shadr ach, Sabotage, Alive, and lots more; also includes special features, such as 100+ video angles & audio tracks, switchable at any time, more than 4
American McGee's Alice
Chris Vrenna
Requiem for a Dream
Clint MansellComposer Clint Mansell made his impact as a soundtrack composer known with his production of the Pi soundtrack. On that disc, the former vocalist for UK group Pop Will Eat Itself melded an abstract 20th-century classical sensibility to electronica with great (and eerie) results. On Requiem for a Dream—the follow-up film from Pi director Darren Aronofsky—Mansell repeats his magic. Here, teamed with the Kronos Quartet—one of the world's foremost (and most progressive) string quartets—Mansell fuses big-beat, ambient, and driving chamber music. The result is a mesmerizing aural complement to an already mesmerizing film. Dark, unpredictable, and thoroughly engrossing. —Jason Verlinde
Musick to Play in the Dark Vol. 2
Skull & Bones
Cypress Hill2 x CD Album
Europe 2000 Skull Disc 1-1 Intro 1:52 1-2 Another Victory 3:11 1-3 (Rap) Superstar 4:53 1-4 Cuban Necktie 4:13 1-5 What U Want From Me 3:50 1-6 Stank Ass Hoe 5:09 1-7 Highlife 3:53 1-8 Certified Bomb 4:03 1-9 Can I Get A Hit 2:47 1-10 We Live This Shit 4:20 1-11 Worldwide 2:45 Bones Disc 2-1 Valley Of Chrome 4:04 2-2 Get Out Of My Head 3:31 2-3 Can't Get The Best Of Me 4:15 2-4 A Man 3:08 2-5 Dust 3:56 2-6 (Rock) Superstar 4:37
White Pony
DeftonesWhite Pony is the Deftones' third consecutive gold-selling album - and now there's a new, improved edition with an added track, the second single, "Back To School (Mini Maggit)," and even new cover art. One of modern rock's most respected groups, the Deftones go beyond the new heavy rock to bring together the accessible and dissonant, bombastic and vulnerable, aggressive and thoughtful, with a new White Pony Certified at 500 thousand units by the RIAA. (2/01)
Detroit Zoo
Disco D“Detroit Zoo” is the highly anticipated collaboration between the king of Detroit ghetto tech and the prince of Detroit hip hop. The first of its kind, “Detroit Zoo” features sharp, witty lyrical flows over high speed ass-shaking ghetto funk beats. This genre-bending single is just as likely to be heard at a rave as blasting out of a lowrider cruising down Woodward ave, and is sure to be a guaranteed hit with fans of both hip hop and electronic dance music. Mixer has already given the single 4.5/5 stars, stating that “Paradime rips it double time to convince us of ghetto tech’s claim of being as much hip hop as techno is for real”. “Detroit Zoo” is also a taste of what is to be found on Disco D’s upcoming album, “Step Down”, to be released in Spring 2001.
The Marshall Mathers LP
FischerspoonerFischerspooner ~ #1
Survival Sickness
The International Noise Conspiracy
Quality Control
Jurassic 5
Greatest Hits
Lenny KravitzMore prolific than D'Angelo and Terence Trent D'Arby combined, one-man rock & soul revivalist Lenny Kravitz kept traditional pop values alive through much of the '90s. From the Motown-perfect "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" to the Beatlesesque "Let Love Rule," Kravitz has always inhabited his influences with a genuine spirit that transcends imitation. The 15 tracks found here provide a surprisingly coherent reminder of just how much the artist has accomplished in a relatively short time. And even if his biggest hit, "Are You Gonna Go My Way," falls short of its Hendrix target, Kravitz's cover of the Guess Who's "American Woman" still rocks in a pleasingly Neanderthal way. An infectious new cut, "Again," fits neatly alongside sturdy Kravitz originals such as "Fly Away," "Mr. Cab Driver," and "Black Velveteen," showcasing a talent whose postmodern pop should play well into the new century.
MelvinsThe final release in the Melvins' 1999-2000 trilogy, The Crybaby is a work of punk art, albeit one that's eclipsed by the majestic The Bootlicker, the second title of the trilogy. Where The Bootlicker is a sprawling yet cohesive aural experiment, The Crybaby is an unapologetic-nay, proud-mutant of an album. Which Melvin is responsible for brain-farting the brilliant idea of having '70s teen idol Leif Garrett sing along to the Melvins' raucous cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? Which Melvin persuaded Hank Williams III (Hank Jr.'s son!) to warble his way through "Ramblin' Man" and "Okie from Muskogee"? Jesus Lizard's David Yow and Mr. Bungle's Michael Patton are a good fit; their respective tracks take the Melvins' heavy sound to new heights. The jagged and raw rhythms of "Spineless," featuring members of Skeleton Key, are infectious and biting, but Tool's 15-minute opus, "Divorce," is sleep-inducing. Bliss Blood of Pain Teens conjures spirits with her funereal "The Man with the Laughing Hand is Dead," a bleak and spare treatment graced by a somber Melvins arrangement. The disc fades away with the arty and somewhat industrial "Moon Pie," featuring Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth. This collection won't make the Melvins a household name, but it should propel Leif Garrett back into the rock arena. He sounds great! —Lorry Fleming
The Night
Chase Is Better Than the Catch
Reinventing the Steel
PanteraOunce for ounce, decibel for decibel, few bands can even approach the fury that is Pantera. For years they have been unleashing their anger in front of rabid crowds who have helped them sell millions of albums without MTV or heavy radio airplay, and now they are back with a new album of their most dynamic, fierce and unruly rock to date. Certified at 500 thousand by the RIAA. (2/01)
A Perfect CircleThe first single from what's sure to be the rock album of the year! A Perfect Circle, for those living under a rock the last couple of months, is none other than the heavy-duty aggressive supergroup featuring Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and assorte
Mer De Noms
A Perfect Circle
Mer De Noms Sampler
Perfect Circle
The Hollow
Perfect CircleSecond Single from Tool's Maynard Keenan Side Project, a Perfect Circle. Includes an Exclusive (And Stunning) Remix of 'judith'. This is the Lead Track from the Brilliant 2000 Album 'mer De Noms' ('sea of Names').
PhotekPhotek producer Rupert Parkes moved on to embrace Chicago acid house and minimal techno for his 2nd release 'Solaris'. Parkes made the acid house connections direct by enlisting help for two vocal tracks from Chicago institution Robert Owens (Fingers Inc.
Stories From the City Stories From the Sea
PJ Harvey
Queens of the Stone Age
Rage Against the MachineIf Renegades proves to be the last Rage Against the Machine album to feature singer Zack de la Rocha, who quit the band after nine years, it's a cool way to go out. Produced by Rick Rubin, Renegades is a salute to the artists who made Rage what they are—or were. While it's easy to hear Rage's rap roots in songs from Afrika Bambaataa, EPMD, and Volume 10, it's more interesting to see their take on rock in its classic and punk forms. Rage capture the raw spirit, if not the quite the intensity, inherent in the MC5 classic "Kick Out the Jams." A superior second live take appears at the CD's end, followed by a concert version of Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill a Man," with help from B-Real and Sen Dog. Devo's "Beautiful World" is rendered quietly unrecognizable, while Minor Threat's "In My Eyes" is given a wonderfully melodic, ultra-aggro treatment. The Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man" takes on a techno vibe that's unsettling and Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm" is also effectively modernized. Ultimately, Renegades is a must-have for its song selection, musical execution, and the unhappy fact that it's likely the ultimate offering from one of rock's most musically and politically relevant lineups. —Katherine Turman
In the Mode
Roni Size / ReprazentOut-of-print in the US. Universal.
ToolLimited Edition DVD version
Mission Accomplished
Tricky2000 single from the critically acclaimed trip-hop artist and his first release for Epitaph. This four track EP features tracks that will NOT be on his forthcoming album for the label. Tracks, 'Mission Accomplished', 'Crazy Claws', 'TrickyVersus Lynx' (Li
De Stijl
The White StripesCachorros De Juan Villare ~ De Stijl
The W
Wu-Tang ClanWu-Tang Clan ~ W
American Psycho
American Psycho
Starsuckers, Inc. (Promo)
Nine Inch NailsIncludes Album Version and Two Exclusive Tracks: '10 Miles High'& 'New Flesh'.
Into the Void
Nine Inch Nails
Tapes of Wrath
MinistryTapes of Wrath features 10 Ministry music videos - most of them too controversial for MTV. Even hardcore fans have rarely seen many of them. Now, finally, all of the Warner Brothers music videos released from Ministry, one of the most outrageous and influential industrial rock bands in history, and its spin-off alter-ego, Revolting Cocks, are collected in this, the "Zapruder film" of intense, sinister rock. Selections Include: Over The Shoulder Stigmata Flashback Burning Inside The Land Of Rape And Honey Jesus Built My Hotrod N.W.O. Just One Fix Lay Lady Lay Reload Bad Blood Crackin' Up Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Ninja Tune: Xen Cuts
Ninja Tune
Solesides: Greatest Bumps
SoleSidesNobody could have predicted the impact these scrawny young upstarts from sleepy Davis, California, would have on the hip-hop world. Their debut 12-inch in 1993 seemed novel, a track apiece by Blackalicious and Lyrics Born and an instrumental cut-and-paste symphony by DJ Shadow. It took the hip-hop community by storm, though, and the fledgling label was elevated to elite status when Latyrx (Lyrics Born and Lateef) and Shadow dropped their monumental mid-90s debuts. With their rare funk samples and heady, tongue-tying lyricism, Solesides helped jump-start the vaunted independent hip-hop revolution of the past decade. This release presents Solesides' growth and maturation and offers some of their rarest out-of-print and vinyl-only gems, a blistering new posse cut ("Blue Flames"), and a host of freestyles and demos. Other highlights include Blackalicious' "Count and Estimate" and selections from their Melodica EP. Though the core of Solesides record today under the Quannum moniker, Greatest Bumps chronicles a spirit, innocence, and freshness that resuscitated hip-hop. —Hua Hsu
Disposable Teens
Marilyn MansonAccording to Marilyn Manson himself, 'Disposable Teens' is the 'crunchy' cousin of 'The Beautiful People.' Features a John Lennon cover plus an exclusive new song, 'Diamonds & Pollen.'
Holy Wood
Marilyn MansonJapanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) pressing includes two bonus tracks. Universal. 2008.
Things Falling Apart
Nine Inch Nails
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
O Brother, Where Art Thou?Bluegrass became pop music for a while when the soundtrack to this 2000 Coen Brothers film became one of the 10 top-selling soundtracks ever. Here's the complete T-Bone Burnett-produced soundtrack plus a CD with 14 more tracks, 12 of which are unissued re
Aphex TwinAphex Twin, aka, Richard James is the original electronic artist. He's DJ'd from the top of Mount Fuji all the way to the Dead Sea, paving the way for today's mainstream dance/electronica acts such as Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and Radiohead. In the five years since his last full album, his profile has risen exponentially on the U.S., largely due to video exposure on MTV for "Come To Daddy" and "Windowlicker." drukqs is perhaps his most "acccessible" work to date, exciting not only his hardcore fans, but bringing in new fans through the raves this album is receiving in the press.
Bangin the Box Five
Bad Boy Bill
Greatest Hits
Billy IdolBilly's first-ever domestic best-of, featuring all of his hits plus an unreleased live acoustic version of Rebel Yell and a brand-new song! Includes Dancing with Myself; White Wedding (Part One); Hot in the City ; the original Rebel Yell; Eyes Without a Face; Flesh for Fantasy; Catch My Fall; To Be a Lover; Don't Need a Gun (single edit); Sweet Sixteen; Mony Mony (Live); Cradle of Love; L.A. Woman (single edit), and more.
BjorkBjork ~ Vespertine
The Crystal Method
Devil's Night
Alive 1997
Daft Punk
Daft Punk
Planet of the Apes
Danny ElfmanPlanet Of The Apes ~ Planet Of The Apes
Depeche ModeExciter by Depeche Mode

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Straight Out Tha Trunk
Disco D
Danse Macabre
The Faint
Kittenz and Thee Glitz
Felix Da Housecat
Gold Chains
Gold ChainsGold Chains music is an almost indescribable circus of sounds, bridging the gap between electro and punk, techno and glam-rock, and all the sounds within. A cult hero in the making, offering up a whole new game altogether, Gold Chains just might save us all.
Morning View
IncubusIncubus Morning View Canadian CD album
Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy Eat World
Word of Mouf
Origin of Symmetry
MuseAfter 2004's U.S. breakthrough success for U.K. favorite Muse, the band's second album, 2001's Origin of Symmetry, finally earns its stateside release. Last yeasr's Absolution and major performances across the country won legions of American fans for the band that was the prestigious closing act at London's V2004 Festival. Now these new fans can experience an earlier Muse with Origin of Symmetry.
Deep (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
Prefuse 73
The Sinister Urge
Amethyst Rock Star
Saul WilliamsPerformed by a raucous sextet made up of beats, bass, guitar, cello, viola, and griot, Saul Williams hip-hop sounds like modern chamber music. It's music informed as much by Hendrix's star-strangled striations and Miles Davis's alchemical electric period as it is the krunk-krunk of contemporary hip-hop. On Amethyst Rock Star Williams exorcises urban music of its self-destructive excess, channeling its rowdy energy into a ritualized raising of consciousness. The single "Penny for a Thought" breaks into jacked-up breakbeats as Williams calls out those who sell their souls into artistic slavery for the same chump change paid to their chained ancestors. He makes like a soothsayer on "Robeson," reeling off a call for the heroic figures of the past to make their presence known in the future. Williams's singing voice is as robust as his words, soaring like a veteran rock croaker; on "Fearless" he attempts to dissolve the influence of an unnameable "she" on his psyche by spontaneously bursting into song. "Coded Language," a linguistic mantra first recorded for the DJ Krust album of the same name, makes a return appearance, sounding not a bit out of place with its warp-speed breaks and nitroglycerin orchestration. Saul breaks out on the epic closer, "Wine," a torch-burning call for collective empowerment that comes off like Purple Rain for the no-age generation. —Chris Campion
Spin This!
SPINSpin This ~ Spin This
Static-XIf you thought Static-X might mellow out after its hair-raising debut album Wisconsin Death Trip went platinum and incessant touring brought together hardcore fans everywhere, then you don't know Wayne Static. The band's second album, Machine, is even hearvier and darker. Alternative Press has named the album one of the most anticipated of 2001. For Static-X, the trip continues with a new Machine.
System Of A Down2001 album from the California Metal quartet led by Serj Tankian. The album was produced by Rick Rubin.
Fahrenheit Fair Enough
Telefon Tel Aviv
Tenacious D
Tenacious DBiting, sometimes base satire and humor populates this 21-cut comedy-rock debut from actor-musician Jack Black and his band, Tenacious D. Sort of like a trashier, more casual and less musical Beck, vocalist-guitarist Black and guitarist-vocalist Kyle Gass, with help from Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, Redd Kross's Steve McDonald, and Page McConnell of Phish, deliver oddball musings that will appeal mostly to fans of the talented Black, whose earned a following thanks to memorable, frenetic turns in the films Hi Fidelity and Jesus' Son. The songs and "bits" include the wonderfully, intentionally melodramatic "Wonderboy," Black ordering "four Chicken McNuggets" on "Drive Thru," and the funny ode to vocalist Ronnie James Dio, where Black observes, "Dio has rocked for a very long time / Now it's time for him to pass the torch." With often intentionally droll and dumb humor smartly executed like a latter-day version of Bob & Doug McKenzie with a dash of Spinal Tap, this more-comedy-than-rock debut is likely to achieve cult status. —Katherine Turman
ToolEverything about Tool's fourth album (2001) is an experience, starting with the packaging, which consists of liner credits printed on a translucent plastic sleeve over the CD and a booklet that layers anatomical representations atop one another—the first page pictures musculature and blood vessels; the next, bones; the third, internal organs; and so on. It's worth describing the packaging of Lateralus because it says much about the astonishing music within. Maynard James Keenan and company understand the expectations riding on this much-anticipated release and they've delivered the goods! While it remains in the Tool tradition of trance-inducing progressive metal, Lateralus is tighter, clearer, crisper, and all around a notch above their admirable previous releases. Aenima was marred by muddy production and a certain predictability. Undertow had a cleaner sound but wasn't as confident or adventurous. With Lateralus, Tool have raised an already lofty bar still higher by coming up with a collection that kicks major ass.
TrickySince the release of his debut, Maxinquaye, Tricky fans have wondered when he would or could match the nightmarish splendor of that trip-hop masterpiece. Blowback may not entirely appease the Tricky faithful, but it is the Bristol innovator's most satisfying album in a while. With Maxinquaye's surreal sonics lurking around its edges, Blowback is wonderfully schizophrenic, cavorting through robotically muted ragga, surging funk rock, nauseous, sample-mangled ballads, and bizarre versions of songs like the 1930s standard "Your Name" and Nirvana's "Something in the Way." In fact, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morrisette, Cyndi Lauper, and Live's Ed Kowalcyzk along for the ride, Blowback is Tricky's Tommy, delivered through the mouths and muscles of the stars.

Blowback blows up with the arena-rock anthem "Evolution Revolution Love," featuring Kowalcyzk's familiar croon, while Tricky sings backup in a maniacal murmur. The ragga songs, which are dank and claustrophobic, are upended by the queasy flash metal of "Bury the Evidence." Finally, the trudging programming and Japanese vocals on "A Song for Yukiko" make an enigmatic gurgle that sums up Tricky's beautiful, bewildering creation. —Ken Micallef
The Attraction to All Things Uncertain
Tweaker"Linoleum" is the first EP from tweaker, aka Chris Vrenna, formerly of Nine Inch Nails, taken from the upcoming full-length Six Degrees CD, The Attraction To All Things Uncertain.

Featuring vocals from David Sylvian, "Linoleum" represents tweaker's incendiary and haunting collision of rock and otherworldly electronics.

The EP contains remixes from Josh Wink, Wamdue Project, King Britt and Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers. Over 50 minutes of music, with rare non-LP tracks
Faith in the Future
ÜberzoneUberzone ~ Faith In The Future
White Blood Cells
The White StripesOut-of-print in the US! White Blood Cells is the third album by alternative rock band The White Stripes. The band's commercial breakthrough, this 2001 album went gold,spinning off the Top 20 Modern Rock hits 'Fell In Love With A Girl' and 'Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.' White Blood Cells peaked at number 61 on the Billboard 200 and it reached number 55 in the UK, being bolstered in both territories by the "Fell in Love with a Girl" single. The album was dedicated to Loretta Lynn, creating a friendship between Lynn and both Jack and Meg White. In 2004, Jack White would produce Lynn's comeback hit album Van Lear Rose.16 tracks.
The Doors
The DoorsDeleted domestically, this is the soundtrack to the Oliver Stone flick starring Val Kilmer. 14 tracks in all including,'The Movie Theme', 'Riders On The Storm', 'Love Street', 'Break On Through', 'The End', 'Light My Fire (Full Version)','Ghost Song', 'Roadhouse Blues', 'Heroin' Velvet Underground & Nico, 'Carmina Burana:Introduction' Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, 'Stoned Immaculate', 'When The Music's Over', 'The Severed Garden (Adagio)' & 'L.A. Woman'. Demand should be high for this soundtrack as the US recently released the special edition 2 DVD set. 1991 release. Standard jewelcase.
Tomb Raider
Tomb RaiderOriginal Soundtrack Lara Croft Tomb Raider UK CD album
Southern Isolation
Southern Isolation
Cannibal Holocaust
Banished Rhythmic Hate
Viking Crown
Royal Fireworks Music
George Frideric Handel
Out From Out Where
Amon Tobin4th release on Ninja Tune from Mr. Tobin, another masterpiece of Darkbreakbeats/Drum and bass and instrumental mayhem. 2002.
Amon Tobin
Antipop Consortium
Audioslave2002 debut from this band featuring former Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell backed by 3/4ths of Rage Against The Machine.
Blazing Arrow
It's Going Down (Sit Back)
Irony Is a Dead Scene
The Dillinger Escape Plan
Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow
DownNo Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Artist: DOWN
Title: DOWN II
Street Release Date: 03/26/2002
The Eminem Show
Eminem1 x CD Album, 1 x DVD DVD-Video
US 2002 1 Curtains Up (Skit) 0:29 2 White America 5:24 3 Business 4:11 4 Cleanin' Out My Closet 4:57 5 Square Dance 5:23 6 The Kiss (Skit) 1:15 7 Soldier 3:46 8 Say Good Hollywood 4:32 9 Drips 4:45 10 Without Me 4:50 11 Paul Rosenberg (Skit) 0:22 12 Sing For The Moment 5:39 13 Superman 5:50 14 Hailie's Song 5:20 15 Steve Berman (Skit) 0:33 16 When The Music Stops 4:29 17 Say What You Say 5:09 18 'Till I Collapse 4:57 19 My Dad's Gone Crazy 4:27 20 Curtain's Close (Skit) 1:01
One by One
Foo FightersOne by One Audio CD
Freeek! Part 1
George MichaelMichael's Debut Single on Polydor Records featuring the Explicit Version of the Song plus Two Mixes by Scumfrogs and Moogymen.
Freeek! Part 2
George MichaelMichael's Debut on Polydor Records features a Mix by Max Relch and a Cover of the Beatles 'long and Winding Road'.
Straight From Your Radio
Gold Chains
American IV: The Man Comes Around
Johnny Cash
Power in Numbers
Jurassic 5
Justin TimberlakeNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 5-NOV-2002
Message at the Depth
Krush2003 DJ Krush album is edgier than his last record Zen, with harder and deeper beats. A concept record with Krush reacting to 9/11 and interpreting a post 9/11 world. Guests this time include Anti-Pop Consortium, Sly & Robbie, Anticon, Angelica Esparsa an
MastodonMASTODON certainly awakened the slumbering heavy music scene on 'Remission.' 'Remission' bridged the soulful and technical as herculean yet incisive songwriting effortlessly fused with an expansive and emotive tenor. Creative, distinct, graceful and strong, MASTODON's 'Remission' features the traits of a benchmark release, a standard to which others will be held and ultimately measured. Rarely is rock so pure and hard-hitting.

Songs such as the galloping "March of the Fire Ants," the beautiful "Ol'e Nessie," "Mother Puncher's" labyrinthine guitar workout, and the punishing "Workhorse" are nothing short of insta-classics, and the album's remaining seven tracks are not far behind.

The quartet dug into their roadwork hard upon the release of Remission. First a two-month North American tour supporting HIGH ON FIRE, followed by strings of dates supporting HATEBREED, CLUTCH, and FIVE POINTE O. The quartet finished out a busy 2002 with a Japanese Tour with HIGH ON FIRE and a quick Eastern U.S. run supporting The DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN.

MASTODON kicked off 2003 with a much talked about appearance at the Relapse Contamination Festival and their first European Tour with HIGH ON FIRE. The band then embarked on its first headlining U.S. Tour, anchoring the Relapse North American Contamination tour with labelmates CEPHALIC CARNAGE, UPHILL BATTLE, and DYSRHYTHMIA. MASTODON immediately followed up the Contamination Tour with two European headlining tours in the Spring/Summer of 2003, including a plethora of Icelandic headlining dates. In September, 2003, MASTODON criss-crossed the U.S. with hard rockers CLUTCH, further reinforcing the power and beauty of their revered live show.

MASTODON carved its own path, and 'Remission' established the band as one of catalysts aiming to change the face of heavy music for the better. 'Remission' sent shockwaves across the hard rock community as critics and fans alike praised the album's diversity and strength. MASTODON graced the pages of nearly every noteworthy music tome worldwide as well as regional newspapers North America over including New York's Village Voice, the LA Weekly, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, St. Louis Riverfront Times, Orlando Weekly, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Austin Chronicle and dozens more.

In the Fall of 2003, MASTODON was selected to appear amongst heavy music's biggest names as they were invited to be a part of the MTV2 "Headbangers Ball" 2xCD compilation. MASTODON's "March of the Fire Ants" appeared alongside hard music giants SLAYER, DEFTONES, and HATEBREED, as well as fellow fast-rising artists KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SHADOWS FALL, POISON THE WELL and ARCH ENEMY. The Headbangers Ball album went on to sell upwards of 150,000 units, exposing the band to legions of new devotees.

In November, 2003 MASTODON filmed its first music video.The video catapulted MASTODON into the living rooms of countless metal fans and remained in steady rotation at both MTV2 and Fuse's "Uranium" program well into 2004. On the heels of the video's success, MASTODON was invited to appear in-studio as co-hosts of "Headbangers Ball," and did so alongside host Jamey Jasta, on Valentine's Day, 2004.

The accolades continued as MASTODON was named one of ALTERNATIVE PRESS Magazine's "Bands You Need to Know in 2004" and one of Metal Hammer's "50 Bands You Must Hear" for 2004 (alongside THE BRONX, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, MATCHBOOK ROMANCE and VELVET REVOLVER (ex-GUNS N' ROSES). In February, 2004, MASTODON was named one of the "25 Most Important Bands in Metal" by AP and as one of the "25 Greatest Live Bands Ever" by Revolver Magazine. The Revolver list also included such rock giants as KISS, NIRVANA, LED ZEPPELIN, AC/DC and SLAYER.

MASTODON teamed up with CLUTCH for a successful three-week stint in February and immediately following, made select west coast headlining appearances on their way to Seattle, where they entered both Robert Lang Studios (NIRVANA, PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, FOO FIGHTERS) and Litho Studios (DEFTONES, SOUNDGARDEN, BOTCH) with producer Matt Bayles to record material for their second album 'Leviathan.
I Phantom
Mr. LifConcerned as it is with the weighty topic of creativity versus society, Mr. Lif's eagerly anticipated full-length studio debut tackles more American sociological issues than a senior thesis. Label mates Vast Aire, El-P, and Aesop Rock, along with extended-family members Insight, Jean Grae, and Akrobatic, each add their own flavor to the narrative mix. Grounding their collective sound in a revamped, circa-1993 style, El-P, Insight, Fakts One, and Edan offer beats and scratches that perfectly match each song's varied level of intensity. I Phantom is an ambitious project that combines elements previously mined aurally in Prince Paul's proletarian hip-hopera A Prince Among Thieves and to an extent via cinema in Paul Thomas Anderson's epic, Magnolia. Considering the intricate nature of Phantom's sequencing, it'd be hard to pinpoint any one song as the "best," but the Fakts One-produced "New Man Theme" should be required listening for all hip-hop nerds and intellectual thugs, worldwide. —Rebecca Levine
Nine Inch Nails: And All That Could Have Been (Dolby Digital)
Nine Inch NailsNine Inch Nails LIve double DVD pack documents the band's sold-out "Fragility v2.0" concert tour,voted "Best Tour (2000) by Rolling Stone magazine. Filmed in MiniDV, with digital 5.1 surround sound and extra features including multiple camera angles, aud
Nine Inch Nails: And All That Could Have Been (DTS)
Nine Inch Nails
Songs for the Deaf
Queens of the Stone AgeNo description available.
Genre: Popular Music
Rating: PA
Release Date: 0000-00-00
Media Type: Compact Disk
Superjoint Ritual: Live in Dallas, Texas
Superjoint RitualAfter taking the world by storm with their debut album "Use Once and Destroy", Superjoint Ritual embarked on a US tour that was nothing short of amazing. For the lucky fans who attended these gigs, it will be something they speak about for years. On a hot night in Dallas, the cameras rolled and the intensity, brutality and fury that is Superjoint was unleashed. With behind-the-scenes footage, the full concert and 5.1 surround sound, this video is a must have for heavy music fans everywhere!
Forty Licks
Rolling StonesRolling Stones Forty Licks UK 2-CD album set
The Private Press
ShadowThe Private Press, DJShadow'sfirst full-length sol o album since Endtroducing, is his most entertaini g, diverse and complete piece of work yet.
The Private Repress
ShadowJapanese Exclusive EP featuring all the Tracks from the 'mashin on the Motorway', and 'six Days' Singles.
Stone Sour
Stone Sour
Original Pirate Material
The StreetsThis stunning debut by The Streets, a.k.a. Mike Skinner, melds hip-hop, dub, ska, and dance beats with lyrics that flip from humorous to dark to introspective and back again. "Original Pirate Material" is nominated for this year's Mercury Prize, alongside luminaries David Bowie and Doves, and was certified gold in the UK. Enhanced CD contains videos of "Weak Become Heroes" and "Let's Push Things Forward". "Not since `Never Mind The Bollocks'"has there been a record that has said as much about being young"—BBC. Parental Advisory.
Use Once & Destroy
Superjoint RitualPedro Conga ~ Use Once & Destroy
Immediate Action #8
Telefon Tel Aviv
Blood Money
Tom Waits
And All That Could Have Been
Nine Inch Nails
And All That Could Have Been (Deluxe Edition)
Nine Inch NailsThe biggest difference between a kick-ass studio album and a kick-ass live album? Intensity. The live album And All That Could Have Been, recorded during Nine Inch Nails' Fragility 2.0 U.S. tour in 2000, provides that trait in abundance. It helps that Trent Reznor has a band, instead of just a battery of keyboards, to help him work through 16 tracks of the raging yet surprisingly listenable musical vitriol that made him a star. The live musicians, who allow him some freedom to play with tempo, help kick "Closer" up a notch and lend some atmospheric weight to a slow version of "The Frail." The band rips into older material with gusto; Reznor sounds just as pissed off performing "Head Like a Hole" as he did in 1989. The CD closes with "Hurt," which might seem like an odd choice, but somehow, after everything that's come before, it's like the denouement of a tragedy. While a CD can only capture a piece of NIN's onstage energy, their first live album is an intense, sometimes overwhelming recording, further vindication of NIN's continuing popularity and influence. —Genevieve Williams
Nine Inch Nails
Come with Us
Chemical BrothersAlready logging another Billboard number one with "Afrika" in October, the stage is now set for a full on Chemical Brothers campaign for Come with U s. The conquest begins with "Star Guitar," the sec ond single and sure smash that comes nearly three months before release.
Clubbers Guide to... 2002
Clubbers Guide to... 2002One of the Best Compilation Series that Always Keeps Club Goers Ahead of the Game and Keeps them Up to Date with the Latest Sounds of the Floors.
First Album
Miss Kittin & The HackerThe reigning queen of the new wave/electro revival, Miss Kittin's debut with partner-in-crime The Hacker, proves to be a Miss who is distinctive enough to take the 80's-influenced genre to innovative levels. Mixer Magazine has included the artist in their
Eleven Promos
Fantastic Damage
El-PThe debut solo album from El-P, Fantastic Damage finds the rap firebrand expanding on the confrontational themes that have characterized his career to date. As the guiding influence of influential hip-hop trio Company Flow, founder of the indie label Def Jux, and producer for Cannibal Ox's outstanding apocalyptic rap work The Cold Vein, El-P has become synonymous with the new breed of left-field hip-hoppers. But Fantastic Damage is quite possibly his most extreme statement yet: a sprawling magnum opus of broiling anger and dysfunctional angst, expressed through his abrasive production techniques and satirical rhymes. In spirit, the music echoes the revolutionary squall of the Bomb Squad, while not actually sounding like it: the blistering funk of "Deep Space 9mm" boasts a more syrupy feel than Public Enemy's tight jams, while "Dead Disnee" has more in common with the modern wave of laptop-wielding electronica artists than any traditional rap groove. Rhyme-wise, too, this is a bleak work, as El-P envisions apocalyptic futures ("Stepfather Factory") and waxes unprintable about his former record label ("Deep Space 9mm"). At 70 minutes, it's on the long side, but anyone acquainted with El-P's earlier work should lap this up. —Louis Pattison
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The BeatlesStandard CD pressing of The Beatles' classic album, one of the grand pillars of modern popular music that practically changed the world of the LP when it was issued in 1967.
The Best of Wang Chung
Wang Chung
Water Music
George Frideric Handel
Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour
Marilyn MansonGuns, God And Government Live In L.A. was filmed on the last night of the world tour in support of the Holy Wood album. When originally released on DVD in 2002, the visual footage of Guns, God And Government was taken from numerous concerts around the world during the tour, set to the audio soundtrack from the Los Angeles show. Now for the first time, this DVD presents the original high-definition L.A. footage and soundtrack together as a cohesive concert film. The spectacular staging, the costumes, the lighting and the
charismatic presence of Marilyn Manson himself combine to make this the ultimate live Marilyn Manson
release. / TRACK LISTING: 1) Irresponsible Hate Anthem 2) The Reflecting God 3) Great Big White World 4) Disposable Teens 5) The Fight Song 6) The Nobodies 7) Rock Is Dead 8) The Dope Show 9) Crucifiction In Space 10) Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 11) The Love Song 12) Antichrist Superstar 13) The Beautiful People 14) Astonishing Panorama Of Endtimes 15) Lunchbox
Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour
Marilyn Manson
The Very Best of Soft Cell
Soft CellThere's been a Soft Cell revival astir since these electro-pop pioneers decided to reunite in 2002. Here are all their U.S. and UK hits plus key album cuts, remixes and new songs: Tainted Love (original plus "2XS Remix"); Where Did Our Love Go?; Memorabilia; Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (original plus "Almighty Radio Edit"); Bedsitter; Torch; What?; Divided Soul , and nine more!
SlipknotThis 120 minute 2-disc DVD features Slipknot, live in a 30 camera DVD shoot, revealing the band at the height of their visual and music power: rotating drum risers, inverting drum kits, concussion bombs, lasers, lights, pure sonic mayhem. The DVD also in
Afx (Aphex Twin)2003 release on Rephlex features two exclusive tracks 'Ktpa 1' & 'Ktpa 2' plus a remix of 'Run The Place Red' from the Bug featuring Cutty Ranks.
26 Mixes for Cash
Aphex Twin
Behind the Decks
Bad Boy Bill
Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works
Tenacious DWith pitchfork and shovel, Tenacious D has labored to finally unearth the first ever Tenacious D-VD from the fragrant bowels of Hades. For years, this turd has been spit-polished, massaged, and finally sanctified by both Jables and KG, and they are now ready release it to the world.

This highly provocative DVD contains the legendary and epic recital at London's Brixton Academy that was by chance recorded on November 3, 2002. Watch as Jack and Kyle slay the mighty dragon and treat the British public to a phenomenal performance that includes the now classic D melodies; Wonderboy, Explosivo, Kyle Quit The Band, Friendship, Kielbasa, Dio, The Cosmic Shame, F#*! Her Gently, Tribute and the ever popular Live Short Films that have been screened during The D's shows.

The Complete Masterworks also contains the groundbreaking, hard to get (legally), HBO episodes which tell the tale of The D in their early days on the road to stardom.

But that's not all! Act now and a bonus second disc will be gifted to the first twelve million loyal Tenacious D apostles, included is an intimate portrait of Jack and Kyle and their life of carnal debauchery on the road. Lucky owners of the DVD will catch rare and gruesome behind the scenes glimpses of the making of the Tribute & Wonderboy videos as well as never before seen footage of The D as they perform their secret backstage rituals. TENACIOUS D: THE COMPLETE MASTERWORKS is truly a harbinger of the good times ahead as we all await the coming apocalypse.
Daft Club
Daft PunkThe Commercial Release of a Compilation of Remixes Previously Available Only as Digital Downloads to Purchasers of the "Discovery" Album. The Remixers Involved Include the Neptunes, Basement Jaxx, Boris Dlugosch, Laid Back, Romanthony and More. Also Includes a Special Link to their Website Accessible Only with this Disc in Your CD-ROM.
DeftonesAfter two gold albums, the Deftones broke it wide open with 2000's platinum White Pony. Now, after global sales of more than 4 million albums and having played to over 3 million fans, the band's self-titled fourth ablbum, as erotic as it is brutal, as relentless as it is gentle, rocktes the Grammy winning Deftones to the top of modern rock.
A Night at the Booty Bar
Disco DTaking over where ghetto-tech and booty house stop, and pushing it to where hip-hop and Miami bass were afraid to go, Disco D is the future of hip-hop and electronica. This 30-song CD features 60 minutes of non-stop party music full of hot freestyles, wicked scratching, and mind blowing turntable tricks that'll get you moving. Highlights include Disco D's exclusive remix of "Hottest Of The Hot" (by B.G. of The Hot Boys), "F*** Me On The Dance Floor" featuring one of the biggest buzz artists of the year, Princess Superstar, Disco D?s remix of "P**sy" (by The Lords Of Acid), and more.
Boy in Da Corner
Dizzee RascalYoung, angry, articulate, and frighteningly talented, 18-year old Dizzee Rascal is the voice of a new generation. Alongside Wiley and his fellow Roll Deep Entourage members, East London's Dizzee was propelled to underground fame. His record is Spin's #12 Album Of The Year, it went gold in the UK, and it won the prestigious Mercury Prize in 2003. This domestic release contains one bonus track plus the first two videos.
The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden DollsEver since taking up arms in mid-2000, the ber-dynamic duo of Amanda Palmer (Piano/Vox) and Brian Viglione (Drums) has been selling out clubs in Boston, New York and beyond. Palmer accompanies her confessional story-songs with a thunderous and shimmering piano style that rests on the shoulders of Jerry Lee Lewis, Kurt Weill and Nina Simone. Viglione's jazz and hardcore-influenced drums are the perfect foil, providing in turns a delicate cradle of rhythm and a piercing bed of nails onto which Palmer lays her raw, tragicomic lyrics. With the their new debut album, produced by Martin Bisi (SWANS, Sonic Youth), receiving accolades from both mainstream and underground media, the Dolls are poised to transcend cult status and smash all commonly held ideas on what a rock band is supposed to be. Their awe-striking live energy and singular look has earned them opening slots for Beck, the B-52s and Jane's Addiction and a tour with Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots. Fontana. 2005.
Young Miss America
Gold Chains
Later That Day
Lyrics BornEasily one of the most creative hip-hop albums of 2003, Lyrics Born's Later That Day fulfills the potential that this Bay Area artist has been promising for years. Like Andre 3000's The Love Below, Later That Day transcends genres and sensibilities—LB embraces an aesthetic that owes at least as much to disco and new wave as it does to hip-hop and the result is an album that packs surprises through every turn. His impressive song-craft helps organize the album as a morning-to-night narrative, with LB waking to nightmares on "Bad Dreams," then sparring with telemarketers on the humorous "Cold Call," and ending his day with girl drama on "Love Me So Bad." Along the way, he picks up a few friends—especially singer Joyo Valerde, whose soaring voice helps the album indelibly gel together and skater-turned-musician Tommy Guerrero whose funk chops help spice up the beats. It's still all Lyrics Born though—this album radiates his presence like the sun and basking in his creative glow is half the fun. —Oliver Wang
Number Ones
Michael JacksonThis CD collects all 17 of Michael's #1 hits plus the new song "One More Chance."
MinistryThe harrowing sonic abuse meted out by Animositisomina confirms that crippling drug addiction, waning commercial fortunes, and the onset of middle age have enabled Ministry's screamer-songwriter Al Jourgensen's rage. Indeed, Jourgensen once explained the album's title thusly: "It's the word 'animosity' spelled forwards and backwards, minus the y. It's double the hatred." This is good, for few can pierce the atmosphere with such brute force as Jourgensen and sidekick Paul Barker when they put their minds, guitars, and Pro-Tools to it. Animositisomina bursts forth from the gate with "Animosity," a punishing diatribe against intolerance that welds mind-numbingly forceful shards of sound with unholy—and utterly disturbing—slashes of pure noise. "Broken" is unmitigated guiterrorism delivered without remorse. Throughout, Animositisomina throws down a jet-black wall of sound unlike any Phil Spector could have imagined, with one exception: a scorching cover of the Magazine classic, "The Light Pours Out of Me," which the group brutalizes with way-fast percussion, but otherwise (and somewhat curiously) leaves intact. In a world gone mad, it's nice to know that some things—like Ministry's ability to tear up the floorboards with crushing efficiency—never change. —Kim Hughes
MuseMuse 's #1 U.K.album Absolution, along with its Top 10 hit "Time Is Running Out ,"has finally arrived in the U.S. Muse is Britrock not Britpop, influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine,Radiohead and Nirvana,not Blur or Oasis.A rock band with the bollocks to do more, say more, go further-faster-heavier- sweeter-bigger, with dazzling guitars banging against grand piano, Muse is audacious and ambitious,extreme and extravagant.The prayers of rock fans who yearn for something different have been answered with Absolution.
Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below
OutKast2003 two CD release from the Hip Hop duo that contains a quasi solo album from each member (Big Boi and Dre 3000).
Thirteenth Step
A Perfect Circle
Weak & Powerless
A Perfect CircleTrack#1) Weak And Powerless (Originally appears on Thirteenth Step) If you haven't heard anything by this band yet this is a good first single to hear . . it gives you a good idea what the band sounds like and what to expect from the full length CD (Thirteenth Step) . . this particular song however is not the best song on the full length CD . . (3/5) Track#2) Blue [Remix] (The original appears on Thirteenth Step) This is a remix done by James Iha (formally of The Smashing Pumpkins, now a member of A Perfect Circle) and Geoff Sanoff (a bassist who has worked on various albums as an engineer, producer, etc) . . as remixes go this one isn't bad at all . . compared to the original version of the song it's just as good . . no better . . no worse . . the original in my opinion is much darker and layered . . but this version breathes new life into the song if you have heard the original too many times . . (3/5)
Growing Up
Peter GabrielTaken from the 2002 album, 'Up'. The title track is backed with two non-LP tracks, 'Growing Up' (Trent Reznor Remix & Tom Lord Alge Radio Edit). Realworld. 2003.
King of the Divan
Plastic BertrandDigitally Remastered Collection of Greatest Hits from the French Punk/Pop Star of the 80's. 19 Tracks featuring "ca Plane Pour Moi", "se Ntime Ntale - Moi", "Gle Ule D'amour" and "Tout Petit La Plaine".
One Word Extinguisher
Prefuse 73
Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People
PrimusThis two-disc package features a CD of five new songs and a DVD that brings together every Primus music video plus unreleased live performances and more. The CD/DVD Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People (Interscope Records), to be released October 7,
Scissor Sisters
Scissor SistersScissor Sisters are five electro-glam reprobates from New York who have produced one of the coolest records of 2004 without even trying. Influenced by vintage Bowie, Roxy Music & Elton John & with the audacity to cover Pink Floyd, the Scissor Sisters are one of the most unique & exciting bands around. Their self-titled debut album is chock-full of cheesy-yet-awesome tunes that incorporate disco, soft rock & everything in between. The Floyd cover 'Comfortably Numb' evokes 'Saturday Night Fever' era Bee Gees whilst 'Mary' is a wonderful pastiche of Toto. Elsewhere the disco stomper 'Laura' is guaranteed to fill dance floors from student unions to wedding receptions & 'Filthy/Gorgeous' is the greatest single Fat Boy Slim never released.
A Lethal Dose of American Hatred
Superjoint Ritual
The White StripesWhite Stripes ~ Elephant
Uno, Dos: Bandera
Control Machete
The Golden Age Of Grotesque
Mobscene / Paranoiac
Marilyn Manson
AudioslaveThis DVD EP features 3 hit singles by Audioslave, along with 2 songs, performed live on "Late Night With David Letterman", also extensive interview footage with all four band members.
Various Artists, オムニバス, ダイ・ラケテン, TOWA TEI
WIRE03 COMPILATION石野卓球がオーガナイズする大規模屋内レイヴ・パーティー、WIRE03の公式コンピレーション。参加全アーティストを2枚組にわたって収録している。注目は新曲で参加した卓球、DJタサカ、カガミら日本人組。卓球はヘヴィなギターをフィーチャーしたハードなテクノ。タサカはお得意のアッパーなディスコ・チューンを繰り出し、カガミもテンションの高いビートで押し切っている。また、今回は初出場が多く、スペシャル・ゲストのDAFを筆頭に、オーストリアのクリストファー・ジャスト、クロアチアのブラザーズ・ヤード、フランクフルトのオルター・イーゴなど、世界各地からの新鮮な顔ぶれがそろい、より多彩に楽しめる。当日の予・復習としてだけではなく、世界的な最新テクノ・シーンをとらえるという意味でも秀逸なコンピだ。(小山 守)
UnderworldSoundtrack to the hit motion picture. The soundtrack album is produced by Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails whose unique relationships within the community of A-List talent brings such unprecedented highlights to this project as the first song ever penned by Maynard James Keenan (Tool / A Perfect Circle) for a motion picture and soundtrack album. Also appearing on the album is former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland who along with Lohner and Filter's Richard Patrick have created the formidable super group The Damning Well who make their debut on this album with the song "Awakening." One look through the album's track listing and you'll find contributions from artists as diverse and respected as Trust Co., Finch, Skinny Puppy, Page Hamilton, and David Bowie to name a few. Every track on this album is either written exclusively for this project, or is an exclusive remix, or rare version only available on this release.
The Work of Director Chris Cunningham
Chris CunninghamThis DVD features the work of Director Chris Cunningham and features his music vieos for Autechre, Aphex Twin, Portishead, Madonna, Leftfield, Squarepusher and Bjork Also includes a collection of outtakes, edited by Chris, Aphex Twin rehearsal tapes, a 10
The Work of Director Michel Gondry
Michel GondryThis DVD features the work of director Michel Gondry, including music videos by The White Stripes, Kylie Minogue, The Chemical Brothers, Bjork, Beck, Foo Fighters, Daft Punk and Cibo Matto, also Drumb and Drumber, La Lettre, Pecan Pie (starring Jim Carrey
The Work of Director Spike Jonze
Spike JonzeFrom Spike Jonze, the acclaimed director of the smash films "Adaptation" & "Being John Malkovich" comes Directors Label: The Work of Director Spike Jonze. This 2-sided DVD is the first time the bulk of Spike's non-theatrical work has ever been compiled o
The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboy's Vulgar Hits
PanteraThe scorched-earth roar of Dallas-based Pantera blasted the unsuspecting masses on their monster 1990 major-label debut, Cowboys From Hell , forever changing the face of metal thereafter. Its follow-up, 1992's pulverizing Vulgar Display Of Power , is an all-time metal masterpiece, and '94's Far Beyond Driven is widely considered the heaviest album ever to enter Billboard 's Top 200 at #1. In a genre often dictated by trends, the unassailable Pantera are revered for uncompromising allegiance to their self-described "power groove" and extreme metal mission, and for paving the way for others brave enough to follow. Album Facts

*Bonus DVD, only available with this CD, includes 12 music videos!

*The first career-spanning complilation of their blistering hits.

*Totally almost 80 minutes, including 16 signature studio and live tracks from 1990-2000.

*Completely remastered for maximum sonic blast!

*Liner notes by Village Voice contributor Don Kaye.
The Very Best Of
EaglesThe Eagles soared out of their roots as L.A.-based, countryflavored, harmony-heavy rockers to become the defining artists of the phenomenally popular '70s Southern California rock scene they delivered four consecutive #1 albums that decade. Ultimately, they became one of the all-time biggest acts in contemporary music. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, they made the RIAA's elite list of Artists Of The Century in 1999. The Eagles' first best-of collection, Their Greatest Hits 1971 1975 with sales of over 28 million remains the #1 top-selling album ever.

First-ever comprehensive 2-CD best-of compilation from these record-breaking, multiplatinum superstars.

33 remastered career-spanning hits, signature tracks, album favorites, and the acclaimed new single "Hole In The World."
To The 5 Boroughs
Beastie BoysThe hiatus is back off, again, for the Beastie Boys, and music lovers will bob their heads with insuppressible glee. With its Nice & Smooth impersonations and shout outs to Brooklyn's Albee Square Mall, To the 5 Boroughs, their first album in six years, harkens the return of the trio to the city that made them who they are today. It's an up-tempo yet surprisingly homogenous assemblage of vintage electro-style party beats, and it's a strictly Beastie affair: the Boys co-wrote and produced each track themselves, which means that it sports none of the sonic fripperies and quirky collaborations that distinguished previous classics such as Paul's Boutique. Finally jelling after two years of on-again, off-again recording, To the 5 Boroughs will appeal to those fans old enough to remember the Licensed to Ill tour. Those old-schoolers are sure to appreciate the album's mostly off-the-cuff lyrics and minimal-to-the-extreme musical landscape—even if its stripped-down sound may leave others longing for the days when the Boys were California dreamin'. —Rebecca Levine
BjorkBjork is one of the most recognized stars in the world. She has sold millions of copies of her groundbreaking albums, she is an icon of cutting edge style, & she has received worldwide acclaim as an actress. Medulla, Bjork's first new studio album in three years, finds her delving deeper than ever before into her haunting & exhilarating sound & vision. Innovative as always, Bjork has this time built the songs on Medulla entirely from vocal tracks, with no insturments appearnig on the album, creating a soundscape unlike anything you've ever heard before. Special guests include Rahzel from The Roots, Mike Patton of Faith No More & Mr. Bungle, an Inuit throat singer, an Icelandic choir, the world's greatest human beatboxes & more.
This Right Here Is
Buck 65Buck 65 is an extraordinary talent chock-full of thunder & wit. An artist who doesn't sing in rhyme, he captures you in stories both fantastic & sublime. Buck is a double-sided coin; a honkey-tonk blues man with a sword of emotion, erstwhile a hip hop hero spewing gravel-voiced takes from a strange dark place. He is 'wicked & weird' to the max, an honest showman with a vintage quality & comedic charisma, a traveling salesman with a suitcase full of art-damaged poems but headed for a beat-i-ful life.
Push the Button
The Chemical BrothersThe Chemical Brothers are back with their fifth studio, 'Push The Button', Tom Rowlands & Ed Simons once again demonstrate that, when it comes to beat-based innovation, inspired collaboration & sheer sonic excellence, they are matchless. The first single 'Galvanize' is a Middle Easton-flavoured juggernaut, featuring A Tribe Called Quest legend Q-Tip. Old sparring partner Tim Burgess continues a run of sublime hook-ups with 'The Boxer'. Also representing the hip hop world that was Tom'n'Ed's first love is Anwar Superstar, brother of Mos Def & here vocalist of 'Left Right'.
New Found Power
DamageplanDamageplan ~ New Found Power
David Cross - It's Not Funny
David CrossThis is Cross's second album for Sub Pop, and is the follow-up to 2002's Grammy-nominated "Shut Up You Fucking Baby!" On this specially priced disc, Cross continues to skewer everyone and everything in his path. "A truth teller in the noble tradition of Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, and Lenny urgent and outraged as a Noam Chomsky lecture, but infinitely more entertaining"—The Onion.
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Death From Above 1979Loud & explosive, you can't BELIEVE just two people can make so much sweet noise. The Vice Records debut from power rock duo Death From Above 1979.
Remixes 81-04
Depeche ModeFor nearly 25 years Depeche Mode has been making groundbreaking music, including being at the vanguard of remix culture since its inception. A "greatest hits remixed" collection, Remixes 81-04 is both a celebration and a flashback of the evolution of the remix and of Depeche Mode. Rleased as a limited-edition three-disc set, featuring a bonus disc of rare remixes, and a "best of" single disc, Remixes 81-04 features some of the most renowned remixers of the world, including Underworld, Goldfrapp, Air, Kruder+Dorfmeister, Timo Maas, Flood, Francois Kevorkian, Adrian Sherwood, William Orbit, Portishead and, of course, Depeche Mode.
Miss Machine
The Dillinger Escape Plan"The sound of the future now." - KERRANG! "Raging, intricate, screaming prog-metal" - SPIN

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN unveil Miss Machine, the much-anticipated follow up to their groundbreaking Calculating Infinity album. Merging unparalleled musical bravery, prodigious musicianship, flawless execution and an angular landscape of forward thinking ideas, DILLINGER reinvent the rock 'n roll idiom while pleasing their harshest critics: themselves. Miss Machine's modernist clang proves once and for all why the DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN is a paradigm to be followed, a yardstick by which other bands are measured. If you can suspend your musical belief, you may never return.
Wet From Birth
The FaintMeticulously produced by The Faint and Presto! Studios' Mike Mogis, the sounds of Wet From Birth stretch beyond the boundaries of genre. From the addictive opening gambit of Desperate Guys, to the frantic, dark masterpiece Disappear, to the closing anthem Birth, Wet From Birth is The Faint sounding resolute in a brave new world, poised to change the face of music complete with a raccoon penis bone-on-muffler solo.
Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand1 x CD Album
UK & Europe 2004 1 Jacqueline 3:49 2 Tell Her Tonight 2:17 3 Take Me Out 3:57 4 The Dark Of The Matinée 4:03 5 Auf Achse 4:19 6 Cheating On You 2:36 7 This Fire 4:14 8 Darts Of Pleasure 2:59 9 Michael 3:21 10 Come On Home 3:46 11 40' 3:24
Size Matters
HelmetSIZE MATTERS is the first collection of new HELMET music in seven years. The album's title refers to "An obsession in {American} culture with higher, louder, bigger & faster. There are no rewards {or regard} for integrity & progressive thought anymore." PAGE HAMILTON, singer, guitarist, & founder, has reactivated the HELMET name with a lineup including guitarist CHRIS TRAYNOR (Orange 9mm, Bush, Helmet), drummer JOHN TEMPESTA (Rob Zombie, Testament), & bassist FRANK BELLO (Anthrax). Recorded earlier this year & produced by HAMILTON with assistance from producer Jay Baumgardner & former Nine Inch Nails associate Charlie Clouser, SIZE MATTERS isn't necessarily a return to form. Rather, it's an expansion of the vocabulary that HAMILTON has built his reputation upon (minimalist crushing riffs, taut rhythmic propulsion, clusterbomb solos & seething lyrical invective) coexisting with a greater melodic sense.
It Dreams
JakalopeDave 'Rave' oglive, the Canadian studio genius behind Skinny Puppy, releases the first album by his project Jakalope. Features significant contributions from Trent Reznor as well as appearances by members of Babes In Toyland, Monster Magnet & Sloan. Universal. 2004.
Jimmy Eat WorldThe band's new album, Futures, is a sprawling, gorgeous, heavy-yet-quiet epic with songs ranging from ambitious hard rock to epic ballads. With the hard driving first single "Pain" kicking off the campaign to the beautifully constructed follow up single "Work," Futures is perhaps the best sounding record in Jimmy Eat World's career.
Hot Fuss
The KillersHot Fuss features eleven nuggets of reel-you-in storytelling genius and musical nectar. These eleven tracks span from the "very Vegas – like Ziggy came to town" first proper single release "Somebody Told Me";"Mr Brightside" - a tale of jealousy that depicts that moment in a relationship when you realize that your other half might be playing away and this thought takes up residence in your psyche feeding the worst fears and visualisations your imagination can then throw at you. You’ll find two-thirds of a murder trilogy in "Midnight Show", which starts off harking back to "Lipgloss" before veering into far darker territory than old Jarvis would ever have flirted with, in Pulp days at least, and "Jenny". These two are connected by the story of a murder of a girl by her jealous boyfriend. The first part of the trilogy, "Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf", will, you can be sure, make an appearance at some point in the future. It’s a deliciously ambitious series that! belies the band’s tender years. Elsewhere, meanwhile: "On Top" celebrates where Brandon feels the band is at, while stalker’s tale "Andy You’re A Star" and "All These Things That I’ve Done," saw Flowers realise his dream of using a gospel choir in their recordings.
Marvin Gaye Collection
Marvin Gaye
MastodonWith an ageless magnificence & rich musical imagination, Mastodon unleash LEVIATHAN, an unabated testimonial to the band's earthshaking ability to rock
Houses Of The Molé
Ministryfor Ministry music lovers
Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Modest MouseIt's hard to pinpoint the exact moment Modest Mouse started sounding like a real band. For the longest time, singer-songwriter Isaac Brock seemed to exist solely to defy the established rules, forging forward on sheer momentum and ingenuity. Even Pavement looked relatively ordinary in comparison to the band's early releases like 1996's This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About and 1997's The Lonesome Crowded West. But on Good News for People Who Love Bad News, the frontman sounds like he's finally touching the earth, and the band—minus founding member and drummer Jeremiah Green—follows suit. A relaxed mood prevails, not so much in volume but in attitude. On the follow-up to the group's 2000 major label debut, The Moon & Antarctica, big sloppy melodies battle it out with brass on punky epics like "Float On" and "The Ocean Breathes Salty." The lyrics are simpler, the arrangements tamer, but the vitality remains. The prevailing mood is that Modest Mouse has pulled off something extraordinary here: a well-rounded, lovable record that doesn't sound anything like David Gray.
A Perfect CircleNovember 2nd, coinciding with the Presidential election, APC will be releasing a collection of songs about WAR, PEACE, LOVE AND GREED, entitled eMOTIVe. eMOTIVe features new material and songs like "Imagine" by John Lennon, "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye, "Let's Have A War" by FEAR.
Uh Huh Her
PJ Harvey
Superjoint Ritual: Live at CBGB's
Superjoint RitualThis 2004 concert at New York City's CBGB was everything the fans have come to expect: unbridled chaos, raw energy, and pure metal delivered only the way Superjoint can. It's the closest you can get to being there without actually jumping in the circle p
Saul Williams
Saul WilliamsFirst establishing himself as an influential poet, and then as an award-winning screenwriter/actor, Saul Williams then went on to establish himself as an MC. His approach to MCing, though, wasn't exactly in line with the traditional school of hip-hop. His rhymes weren't really rhymes but rather his poetry delivered in a frenzied spoken word manner that was more rhythmic than alliterate. This is his third album with guests like Zach de la Roca and members from Mars Volta. 2005.
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
A Grand Don't Come for Free
The StreetsMike Skinner, the musical mastermind behind The Streets, once again melds hip-hop, dub, ska, UK garage beats, and his unique rhyme style to deliver a sound like nothing else. Instead of the snapshot imagery of the last album, "Original Pirate Material", "A Grand..." is one continuous narrative, following Skinner through a day of victories, defeats, and battles.
Map of What Is Effortless
Telefon Tel AvivTelefon Tel Aviv: Joshua Eustis, Charlie Cooper. Additional personnel: Lindsay Anderson, Loyola University Chamber Orchestra. New Orleans based multi-instrumentalists Joshua Eustis and Charlie Cooper have come up with one of the most surprising and accessible electronic records in recent memory, at once underground and incredibly mainstream. Their debut album 'Fahrenheit Fair Enough' was an impressionist travelogue, combining an almost scientific, melodic, compositional approach, with organic, jazz infused instrumentation and digital manipulations. Like all good adventures, Map of What is Effortless is diverse. From the Ron Isley-like vocal stylings of L.A. songwriter Damon Aaron and the detached chanteuse musings of L'Altra vocalist Lindsay Anderson on the big vocal cuts here ('I Lied' and 'My Week Beats Your Year') - to the juxtaposition of the Loyola University Chamber Orchestra with synthetic percussion on possibly my favourite track, the string drenched title cut. Map of What is Effortless is Telefon Tel Aviv flirting with big arenas and the homespun style of old, branching out from what they knew and cornering their muse with gorgeous results. This is very definitely a mainstream-destined album, much in the same way that Ulrich Schnauss went beyond a contained fanbase, and looks at electronic music from a much more casual, utilitarian vantage point.
2 A.M. Wakeup Call
Tweakersheltonmedia store Ex-libraryPaypalShippingShipping cost listed near bid price.I do not combine shipping with this lotMedia mail normally take 7-14 days shipping, but can take up to 25 daysItems will be shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is received.
Velvet RevolverThe debut release from VELVET REVOLVER features Guns N’ Roses founding members Slash and Duff, as well as Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland. The complete line-up is below...

SCOTT WEILAND – Stone Temple Pilots SLASH – Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit DUFF – Guns N’ Roses MATT SORUM – Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit, The Cult DAVE KUSHNER – Infectious Grooves
A Perfect Circle: Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
Perfect CircleDVD features never before seen footage from the Bakini Bandits and A Perfect Circle. It's the companion visual to A Perfect Circle's hit "The Outsider."

Total time: 24 minutes
Welcome to the Videos
Guns N' RosesThis DVD features 13 full length Guns N Roses music videos, including their top hits.
Lest We Forget: The Best of
Marilyn Manson
Tweaker: 2 a.m. Wake Up Call
Tweaker2 A.M. Wake Up Call includes the music of Tweaker's follow-up to the 2001 debut release 'The Attraction To All Things Uncertain.' Tweaker is the quasi-solo project (some say alter ego) that Vrenna started after his departure from Nine Inch Nails in 1996. 2 A.M. Wake Up Call is a nightmare record about dreams, nightmares, and insomnia - things that keep us up at night.

Vrenna explains that his wife's suffering with insomnia, where she would bolt awake every night, at exactly the same time, 2 A.M., was the inspiration for the record. It led Vrenna to sharing her insomnia night after night and discovered that when the world-at-large was fast asleep Vrenna had unearthed a wealth of creative energy in him. These were the hours when most of the work on 2 A.M. Wake Up Call occured.

When collaborating with the guest singers, Vrenna explained his inspirations and asked, "What keeps you up at night? And what do you dream about?" What you hear lyrically on the album is how each singer interpreted the music and direction.

Track Listing:
1. Ruby
2. Cauterized
3. Worse Than Yesterday
4. Truth Is
5. Remorseless
6. Pure Genius
7. It's Still Happening
8. 2 A.M.
9. Movement Of Fear
10. Sleepwalking Away
11. The House I Grew Up In
12. Crude Sunlight
Perfect CircleThis limited edition set includes never before seen live footage, rare collection of director's cut unedited videos, and some exclusive Bikini Bandist trailers. The CD includes exclusive remixes of tracks from Mer De Nom and Thirteenth Step. The set is
Out of Exile
AudioslaveThe follow-up to Audioslave's self-titled 2002 debut features the single "Be Yourself. Recorded with producer Rick Rubin, who also helmed their debut CD. Among the other songs slated for inclusion are: "Doesn't Remind Me", "Out of Exile", "The Curse", "#1 Zero" and "Your Time Has Come". Interscope. 2005.
Hefty Fine
Bloodhound GangThe Bloodhound Gang just doesn't give a damn. That is to say, collectively, their music reflects the motto, which is printed in every album, 'No reason to live, but we like it that way'. Listen closely to their music, and what you hear are complex analogies that herald American modern pop culture, a m‚lange of musical styles and cultural references that can either leave you laughing, gasping, or just clueless. In the true spirit of the Bloodhound Gang, in June of this year, they began a campaign to replace the current Pennsylvania state song with their own track 'Pennsylvania'. Geffen. 2005.
Clint MansellFeaturing "You Know What You Are?" by Nine Inch Nails, with a score composed by Clint Mansell (Sahara).

Millions of devoted fans worldwide have been spellbound by the dark invention of its adventures... have awaited its every incarnation with urgent anticipation... and have devoted countless hours, days and weeks to conquering its hidden mysteries: Doom.

When the home-computer game was first launched in 1993, no one could have foreseen the legion of fans it would create and the mania surrounding its every new permutation. Doom and its successive installments have transfixed gamers worldwide for over a decade and have sold millions of copies (while chalking up an unprecedented tens of millions of downloads as shareware). It is, simply, the most explosive home-computer game franchise phenomenon in history.

Now, the game that made history is jumping from computer screens to the motion-picture screen: get ready for Doom. Set countless years in the future and told in the hyperkinetic, kamikaze style that made its gaming predecessor a global phenomenon, the science-fiction action adventure Doom takes the viewer to the far corners of the galaxy with a fully-realized vision of a dark and disturbing future.
Cansei De Ser Sexy
CSSFrom Brazil, CSS is the first South American band Sub Pop has foisted upon the global marketplace. The title is Portuguese for "Tired Of Being Sexy" and the sound is a thick, pulsating thing full of haphazard synths and a come-on of call and response that tears down any attempt at posturing. It's equal parts rock mantra and throwback into something new, transcending boundaries of genre and geography. It goes full speed into dance territory, into the unknown and untouched, to emerge all hot and bothered with wild electro-rock. Quick, tightly-wound, unfastened, and supreme.
Human After All
Daft PunkThe French duo featuring Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem recorded the album at their home studio in Paris between September and November 2004. Virgin.
Romance Bloddy Romance
Death From Above 1979Includes remixes and two b-sides from DFA79's debut You're A Woman, I'm A Machine, featuring Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Phones, Erol Alkan, Alan Braxe, MSTRKRFT (Jesse from Death From Above 1979), and more. Look for them on tour this fall with Nine Inch Nails and Queens Of The Stone Age. Vice Records. 2005.
FischerspoonerNew York art-pop duo Fischerspooner's debut album, #1, was an end-of-the-millennium musical statement of pure digital and visual style. Written in part to accompany an 'outsider' pop show bursting with dancers, stage effects and elaborate wardrobe, its songs were infused with raw punk energy, modern sounds and conceptual lyrics. Rolling Stone called #1 "an alternate-galaxy hit," and NME called it "the best thing to happen to music since electricity." For their second album, Fischerspooner had a new agenda. They wanted a cohesive album of songs that were more expressive and emotional than their predecessors, aiming for a rich, warm sound in contrast to the crisp surfaces and digital conceptualism of #1. Inspired musically by classic and psychedelic rock, the familiar Fischerspooner sound is now suffused with a lush ambience. "I was thinking of songs I remembered hearing on the radio as a kid," says Fischer. "That warm seventies FM sound coming off the radio from bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles or Pink Floyd." Odyssey, so named for the unexpected emotional and artistic journey it took to make it, takes a sonic leap forward, sounding like nothing before it but still unmistakably Fischerspooner. EMI. 2005.
You Could Have It So Much Better
Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand spent a year zipping around the planet, playing their tunes to millions of people, picking up of awards, but more importantly, they made pop music a wee bit exciting again. Now the internationally acclaimed band returns with their new record You Could Have It So Much Better which features 13 new tracks and the new hit single everyone's been raving about, 'Do You Want To'. Epic. 2005.
Demon Days
GorillazThe 15-track "Demon Days" is the follow-up to Gorillaz's worldwide smash self-titled debut, which has sold more than 1.54 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and six million worldwide, according to Virgin. EMI. 2005.
The Legend of Johnny Cash
Johnny CashJohnny Cash's death at age 71 on September 12, 2003, nearly four months after the passing of his beloved wife and musical partner June Carter Cash, closed a career spanning nearly an even half a century. It launched a worldwide groundswell of grief and media attention comparable to that for a deceased head of state. Cash was far more than one of country music's greatest stars. While his lonesome baritone defied fad or fashion, his charismatic presence and flinty integrity made him an American cultural icon, a regular presence on TV, radio and in dramatic films, admired by the Greatest Generation through Gen-X and beyond. This Fall, 20th Century Fox will be releasing a film on November 18, 2005 based on the first 30 years of Johnny Cash's life. The film features several of the songs that appear on The Legend Of Johnny Cash including 'Cry! Cry! Cry!', 'Hey Porter', 'Folsom Prison Blues', 'I Walk The Line', 'Get Rhythm', 'Ring Of Fire' and his duet with June Carter 'Jackson'. Hip-O. 2005.
Frances the Mute
The Mars Volta
Nine Inch NailsRARE 2005 US NTSC DVD, features 'Part One: Play Collected' which includes a collection of brief snippets of about 20 seconds of each from promo videos and live footage from 1989 to 2005 including Down In It [1989], Head like a Hole [1990], Hurt - live [1994] & The hand that feeds [2005]. 'Part Two: Body Of Work' includes Discography for singles, album & video/DVD releases with selected snipets. Housed in a custom card wallet picture sleeve, has a total running time of 46:13 minutes! SEED1
The Hand That Feeds (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Only (UK Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
The Hand That Feeds (UK Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth
Nine Inch NailsFive years is a long time by most people's standards, but when such a period passes between albums by Nine Inch Nails, the turbulent electro-noir behemoth conducted by Trent Reznor, it's par for an increasingly elaborate course. With Teeth follows a period of intense self-investigation, a psychological shelf-clearing. It's an album that startles with its clarity, with its renewed vigour. A catalogue of grievances perhaps, like all his records, but possessed with more of a will to fight back than any other Nine Inch Nails release to date. Interscope. 2005.
With Teeth
Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth (DualDisc)
Nine Inch NailsUS only Dual Disc pressing. Five years is a long time by most people's standards, but when such a period passes between albums by Nine Inch Nails, the turbulent electro-noir behemoth conducted by Trent Reznor, it's par for an increasingly elaborate course. With Teeth follows a period of intense self-investigation, a psychological shelf-clearing. It's an album that startles with its clarity, with its renewed vigour. A catalogue of grievances perhaps, like all his records, but possessed with more of a will to fight back than any other Nine Inch Nails release to date. Interscope. 2005.
With Teeth (JP)
Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth (JP)
Nine Inch NailsFive years is a long time by most people's standards, but when such a period passes between albums by Nine Inch Nails, the turbulent electro-noir behemoth conducted by Trent Reznor, it's par for an increasingly elaborate course. With Teeth follows a period of intense self-investigation, a psychological shelf-clearing. It's an album that startles with its clarity, with its renewed vigour. A catalogue of grievances perhaps, like all his records, but possessed with more of a will to fight back than any other Nine Inch Nails release to date. Interscope. 2005.
Sliver: The Best of the Box By Nirvana
NirvanaSilver features the best of the Nirvana box set that was released in 2004. CD includes three previously unreleased tracks. Geffen. 2005.
New Whirl Odor
Public EnemyArguably if RUN-DMC is the Beatles of rap music, Public Enemy is surely its Rolling Stones. This is studio album number 10, there are millions of their records sold, and their songs have become part of history, jargon, and culture. New Whirl Odor has followed that Public Enemy tradition in trendsetting, while never repeating themselves. 'Bring That Beat Back', 'Revolution', 'Preaching To the Quiet', and 'Superman's Black In the Building' are tracks also coupled with videos on the accompanying DVD. Slam Jamz. 2005.
Lullabies to Paralyze
Queens of the Stone AgeNick Oliveri may have departed, taking his naked bass playing skills with him, but Queens of the Stone Age remains in good hands with co-founder Josh Homme. Putting extracurricular projects like Eagles of Death Metal and the Desert Sessions briefly on hold, the restless front man keeps things dependably loud and sludgy on the group's third album. Monster riffs, choppy rhythms, explosive melodies, and, yes, even a generous serving of cowbell, propel standout songs like "Medication" and "Little Sister" on the follow-up to 2002's breakthrough Songs for the Deaf. Friends also lend a hand. ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons shreds through the reverberating "Burn The Witch," while Garbage's Shirley Manson and the Distillers' Brody Dalle join Homme for a tantalizing threesome on "You Got A Killer Scene." — Aidin Vaziri
Broken Boy Soldiers
The RaconteursThe Raconteurs are a new band made up of old friends, consisting of Jack Lawrence (bass), Patrick Keeler (drums), Brendan Benson (guitars, vocals, keys) and Jack White(guitars, vocals, keys). The seed was sewn in an attic in the middle of a hot summer when friends Jack White and Brendan Benson got together and wrote a song that truly inspired them. This song was "Steady, As She Goes" and the inspiration led to the creation of a full band with the addition of Lawrence and Keeler. While each of these four individuals have had successful careers with their own bands, the culmination of all of their talents is what truly makes The Raconteurs a force to be reckoned with.
9.0: Live
SlipknotFrom the underground to the top of nation's radio and sales charts, Slipknot releases the ultimate document -9.0: LIVE. A double CD set in deluxe digipak packaging. Heralded worldwide as one of the most powerful live rock bands in history, Slipknot's signature is all over these 23 tracks, which span the bands ten years of writing and re-writing therules of extremity and accessibility, crashing intensity and fragile beauty. From the beginning, Slipknot dominated on their own terms - and 5 platinum releases and 3 Top Ten radio tracks later, Slipknot has not compromised. Roadrunner. 2005.
Walking with a Ghost
The White StripesThis five-track EP is clearly not intended to expand on Get Behind Me Satan, the Stripes' ambitious, ethos-stretching studio album that preceded it by a few months. Instead, the studio cover version and four recent live cuts culled together here seem equal parts roots-retrenchment and chronicle of Jack and Meg White's recent gig grooves. The title studio track (a cover of a standout from Canadian identical twin punk-pop duo Tegan and Sara's '04 "So Jealous" album) has been a fan favorite in recent Stripes set lists, and here Jack White invests it with a familiar, chunky-chorded foundation and equally solid vocal hooks, setting them off with evocative, just-this-side-of-Mars guitar breaks that pay tribute to Brit invasion heroes the Yardbirds. Hailing from June '05 Brazilian shows, the spare, stop/start "Screwdriver" finds Jack warbling in early Robert Plant mode, while his haunting acoustic take of White Blood Cells' "Same Boy I've Always Known" epitomizes much of the Stripes' stripped-down, back-to-the-future appeal. L.A. radio versions of Satan's gently infectious "As Ugly As I Seem" and the distortion-drenched "The Denial Twist" are forceful reminders that the Stripes' artistic bent may be minimalist, but its musical ambitions are anything but. —Jerry McCulley
Get Behind Me Satan
The White StripesWhite Stripes ~ Get Behind Me Satan
Hand That Feeds (EU)
Nine Inch NailsDigipack Packaging. Includes Video Track which also Appears on the 2005 Dual Disc 'with Teeth' Full Length.
Hand That Feeds (EU)
Nine Inch NailsThe First Single from the Much Anticipated Return of Nine Inch Nails in 2005 after a Long Five Year Respite. The Song is the First Taken from the Album "With Teeth".
The Hand That Feeds (The Photek Remixes)
Nine Inch NailsDomestic 12-inch vinyl release.
The Hand That Feeds (EU)
Nine Inch NailsThe First Single from the Much Anticipated Return of Nine Inch Nails in 2005 after a Long Five Year Respite. The Song is the First Taken from the Album "With Teeth". Includes the LP Version Backed with the "Photek Straight Remix" and the Corresponding Dub Version of the Mix.
Best of 16volt
16voltDISC 1
1. Motorskill
2. Wisdom
3. Head Of Stone
4. Uplift
5. Slow Wreck
6. Stitched
7. Perfectly Fake
8. Swarm
9. A Cloth Like Gauze
10. Two Wires Thin
11. Crush
12. I Fail Truth
13. Don t Pray
14. Keep Sleeping
15. And I Go

DISC 2: Live From The Cabaret Metro (Chicago 2003)
1. Intro
2. Swarm
3. Everyday Everything
4. Machine Kit
5. American Porn Song
6. Skin
7. Keep Sleeping
8. Perfectly Fake
9. Happy Pill
10. Suffering You
11. The Cut Collector
Nine Inch NailsThe Second Single from the 2005 Album "With Teeth"
Only (DE)
Nine Inch Nails
Only (UK)
Nine Inch Nails
The Work of Director Anton Corbijn
Anton CorbijnLegendary photographer and director Anton Corbijn is responsible for many of the most indelible and important images of the past two and a half decades. His recently released book U2 & I is a photographic retrospective of his 25 year collaboration with U2. Later this year, Anton will direct his first feature film, Control, based on the life of the late Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis.
The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer
Jonathan GlazerJonathan Glazer is a music video and commercial icon whose extraordinary work reveals his gift for intense visual ambition. After winning multiple awards for both mediums he directed the 2001 feature film, Sexy Beast starring Sir Ben Kingsley, followed in 2004 by Birth starring Nicole Kidman.
The Work of Director Mark Romanek
Mark RomanekArtists who’ve worked with him describe Mark Romanek as "meticulous" and "demanding." Yet, the biggest names in the business have clamored to work with the mercurial helmer, because they know he'll make them look good: Madonna ("Rain"), No Doubt ("Hella Good"), etc. Along the way, the Grammy winner has been behind some of the world's most famous—and infamous—videos.
Read our interview with Mark Romanek. On the groundbreaking side, there's Lenny Kravitz's exhilarating "Are You Gonna Go My Way," which made the musician a star in one fell swoop. On the controversial side, there's Fiona Apple's teasing "Criminal," Nine Inch Nails' macabre "Closer," and Jay-Z's apocalyptic "99 Problems"—the latter two in director's cut editions. In another class entirely, is Romanek's heartbreaking video for Johnny Cash's "Hurt." More than a promo, it's an elegy for a legend. Despite an interview with Robin Williams, this collection otherwise overlooks Romanek's features, One Hour Photo and Static. —Kathleen C. Fennessy

See More

Be sure to check out The Director's Label Boxed Set Vol. 2, featuring The Work of Mark Romanek, and volumes by Jonathan Glazer, Anton Corbijn, and Stéphane Sednaoui.
The Work of Director Stéphane Sednaoui
Stephane SednaouiSednaoui’s career took off with the phenomenal success of his videos for Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give It Away" and U2’s "Mysterious Ways" in the early 1990’s and ever since he has been redefining music videos and photography with his stylish and unique work.
ToolFrom the album Lateralus, DVD single for the song 'Parabola' plus extras.
ToolThis DVD contains the Schism video with audio commentary by a guest plus a LUSTMORD audio re-mix of the song.
Muscle Milk
Gay Against You
St. Elsewhere
Gnarls BarkleyGnarls Barkley is the highly anticipated collaboration from Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo. Danger Mouse is one of the most important artist/producers in music today. "Demon Days" sold over 5 million worldwide and Dangerdoom's "The Mouse And The Mask" sold over 100,000 units. Accolades include GQ's "Men Of The Year" honor; Spin's "Eccentric Genius Of The Year", NME's "Hottest Hip-Hop Producer In The World", Entertainment Weekly's "Album Of The Year", Grammy nomination for Producer Of The Year, and more. Cee-Lo is a Grammy-nominated, founding member of Goodie Mob. He wrote and produced the Pussycat Dolls #1 smash hit "Don't Cha", and his two solo albums for Arista scanned over 500,000 units combined. He also wrote hit singles for Ludacris, Common, P Diddy, Trick Daddy, and others. "Goodie Mob" has sold over two million albums worldwide. "Crazy", from this release, is all over UK's Radio One.
GodsmackBrand new studio album from America's #1 Rock Band. This is follow up to the #1 debut album Faceless. Their First single, 'Speak', breaks all records at Active Rock radio with the highest chart debut since Metallica June '03! Godsmack IV co-produced by classic rock legend Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones).
Jakalope2006 sophomore album by the latest studio project from Skinny Puppy's Dave Ogilvie. Features guest performance from Trent Reznor. 12 tracks including 'Instigator', 'Upside Down', 'Digging Deep' and more. Universal. 2006.
FutureSex / LoveSounds
Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake returns with the highly anticipated album Future Sex/ Love Sounds, the sexy follow-up to the mega-hit Justified. Co-written by Timberlake along with hit-makers Timbaland, Rick Rubin and will.i. am., Future Sex/ Love Sounds is infused with the hip-hop based R&B sound that has launched Justin as one of the genre's premier performers.
Sam's Town
The KillersIt's been a long wait but a new Killer's album has finally appeared on the horizon, with preliminary reports suggesting they've dropped the fixation with English based Indie Rock n Roll to concentrate on a more homespun sound (having heard "Hot Fuss" it may surprise you to learn that they are actually Americans hailing from Las Vegas). With songs taking their cues from, amongst others, Springsteen, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, U2 and Iggy Pop this new musical offering should be ace.
Blood Mountain
Mastodon'Awe-inspiring' (Entertainment Weekly) 'The century's headbanger-to-beat' (Spin), 'Spectacular' (Revolver), 'Unstoppable' (Alternative Press), One of Rolling Stone's 2005 Artists To Watch, the sludgy, raw and fierce Mastodon blurs the line between metal, rock and prog with their major-label debut, Blood Mountain. After two acclaimed indie albums and tours with Slayer, Iron Maiden and Rob Zombie and dates at Ozzfest, Mastodon storms onto the national stage ready to annihilate everything that has come before. This is the limited edition version which contains a bonus DVD containing the Capillarian Crest video, a photo gallery and a 45 minute making of the record piece.
Call of the Mastodon
MastodonThe Call of the Mastodon, a collection of Mastodon's first-ever forays into the recording studio, exposes the humble beginnings of hard rock's heaviest hitters. The nine tracks laid to tape here, the first the fledgling quartet had ever written, document a band finding its own voice and place in the musical world. Remixed and remastered by original producer Matt Washburn, and repackaged by the band's longtime artist Paul Romano, The Call of the Mastodon is a vital piece of heavy metal history and the crucial starting point in the still burgeoning Mastodon legacy. 9 Track CD including a Bonus Relapse Records Sampler CD. Relapse Records. 2006.
Rio Grande Blood
MinistryWith Rio Grande Blood (5/2/06 - 13th Planet Records/Megaforce), Ministry's chief executive madman Al Jourgensen harnesses bunker-busting guitar missiles, drums which pummel like carpet bombs and audio samples ripped from today's headlines promulgating the grim reality of the State of the Union. Rio Grande Blood is an industrial guerilla Patriot Act admonishing conformity and embracing the concept that national pride takes many forms and questioning authority in a free society should not come at the price of being labeled as seditious with fear of imprisonment.
Black Holes and Revelations
MuseIn 2004, U.K. favorite Muse broke through in the U.S. with Absolution and major performances across America that won legions of new fans. In 2006, Muse takes a bold new step with Black Holes And Revelations, a powerful, upbeat epic album that takes the band’s music to a whole dimension. Once again co-produced by Rich Costey (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave), Muse incorporates influences from electronica and Prince to pure pop. The album is sure to be a revelation to those still unfamiliar with the 2005 Brit award winner for Best Live Act who headlines this summer’s Reading and Leeds festivals.
Pantera - 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell
The Best of Poison: 20 Years of Rock
PoisonFormed by a group of aspiring rock musicians from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who moved to Los Angeles, California in search of fame, Poison's music reflected its pedigree. Poison's roots, and those of glam metal in general, lay in America's East, and in particular, the sounds and images associated with New York's New York Dolls and KISS, Boston's Aerosmith, Illinois' Cheap Trick and Baltimore's Kix. These influences were transplated to California in the late 1970s, mutated following the release of Van Halen's debut in 1978, and ultimately ignited into a colourful music scene on L.A's Sunset Strip in the 1980s. 20 Years Of Rock features a cover of Grand Funk's 'We're An American Band' and was produced by Don Was and the tracks 'The Last Song and 'Shooting Star' which are not featured on their last greatest hits CD. Capitol. 2006.
Scissor SistersThe Scissor Sisters keep the party going on their sophomore album, Ta-Dah, a synthesis of three decades worth of Pop that alternately references early Prince, Elton John, the Bee Gees and even such Rock/Funk hybrids as the Rolling Stones' "Miss You." Features the first single "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'," appropriately co-written with Elton John, the funky "Ooh" (think "Controversy-"era Prince), the single-in-waiting "Everybody Wants the Same Thing," Ana Matronic's confidently sung "Kiss You Off" and the unabashedly retro "Paul McCartney." Elsewhere, the band perfects the ballad style previously heard on tracks like "Mary" and "Return to Oz" with "Land of a Thousand Words" and less in-your-face "The Other Side," which finds frontman Jake Shears eschewing his usual falsetto for a more soothing vocal delivery. "I Can't Decide" is jaunty and almost honky tonk-ish, while "Intermission" turns back the clock with a jokey spin on old-time Vaudeville.
Dante XXI
SepulturaTrue classics in the history of rock and metal music not only distinguish themselves in terms of great songs and awesome productions but also in terms unusual thematic concepts. Sepultura once travelled to the Xavante Indians on the border between Brazil and Bolivia to find inspiration for their masterpiece, Roots. Now, more or less one decade later, the band have drawn their creative ideas from the content of a book that their vocalist Derrick Green read, or should we say devoured, a good fifteen years ago during his university days: 'Divina Comedia' (in English: The Divine Comedy) by the Italian poet and philosopher, Dante Alighieri. Of which explains the album title, Dante XXI, as well as the fact that the recording is an exceptional offering, featuring songs that catapult the classic Sepultura variety of thrash metal into the present. Sepultura anno 2006 celebrate their straightforward, uncompromising metal without concessions, causing a serious adrenalin rush in their listeners' veins, without any frills, directly and unequivocally to the point.
Christ Illusion
SlayerThe fastest, heaviest and darkest band on earth retakes its unholy throne with Slayer’s first studio album in six years and its first studio effort with the original lineup, including drummer Dave Lombardo, since 1990’s Seasons In The Abyss. Produced by Josh Abraham (Velvet Revolver, Staind), music from the album will be first available on June 6, 2006—that’s right, 6/6/06.
Voliminal: Inside the Nine
SlipknotSlipknot, the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, hard rock enigma, will release the DVD VOLIMINAL: INSIDE THE NINE. A special double disc package, VOLIMINAL: INSIDE THE NINE takes the viewer on a several hour journey into the world of Slipknot as the band recently circled the globe in support of the multi-platinum album VOL. 3: (THE SUBLIMINAL VERSES). Far from your usual tour film, VOLIMINAL: INSIDE THE NINE is more of an art piece — while fans are taken in the studio, on stage, backstage, on their tour bus and everywhere in between as they experience the energy of a band literally living, breathing and fighting for the music they created, none of it unfolds in ways you'd expect.
Come What(ever) May
Stone SourThe intensity. The drama. The emotion. The colors. The darkness. The melodies. The anger. The honesty. The drive. The new. All of the above and more. According to Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor, those are the things that define Stone Sour's RIAA certified gold second album, Come What(ever) May. The special edition package of Come What(ever) May delivers all of that and much, much more. In addition to the Grammy nominated album that features the hit single Through Glass, the special package features 6 bonus tracks on the CD. The package also contains a DVD that includes all of Stone Sour's music videos from Come What(ever) May and incredible live footage from the band's performance in Moscow in the Fall of 2006. While Stone Sour features two members of Slipknot, a multi-platinum GRAMMY winning act, in singer Corey Taylor and guitarist James Root, this band is anything but a side project. It's a full-time band that all members are fiercely dedicated to and it shows in the music. The band was afforded more time to craft the songs and the result is an album that is broad in spectrum with rock tracks and melodic numbers. Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver), Come What(ever) May is the most powerful, moving and compelling music from Stone Sour yet. Corey Taylor reveals, As soon as the fans hear this record, they'll see it's different than anything that we have ever done So many bands are so genre-specific these days. No bands cover the middle ground. If they try, it's lifeless and limp.Our album has such a pulse.
10,000 Days
ToolAfter five long years, the new studio album from Tool is ready. Are you? With just one EP and three album releases over a 15 year span, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling over 10 million albums and half a million videos in the U.S. alone. The first track from Tool's highly anticipated new release will impact the world in April with the album release on May 2nd.
Underworld Evolution
Underworld EvolutionMusic from and inspired by the film and features new songs and remixes from Maynard James Keenan, Chester Bennington, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu, Alkaline Trio and more. Lakeshore. 2006.
Educated Horses
Rob Zombie
Every Day Is Exactly The Same
Nine Inch NailsSix song EP featuring remixes of songs from the NIN gold release With Teeth. Remixers include Photek (Gwen Stefani, Bjork, Goldie), Richard X (The Bravery, Depeche Mode) & Sam Fox/Carlos D (of Interpol), ELP, and DFA. Interscope. 2006.
Every Day is Exactly the Same (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Arianna in Creta
George Frideric Handel
TigaOne of the most eagerly awaited albums in dance music, the Montreal mixer took his time (3 years actually) to make sure everything was to his liking and conveys his true artistic expression. After Mylo's storming of the charts in 2005, 2006 is Tiga's year...and what a year! Unline other mixers, he sings on every track (with backing assistance from The Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears on a couple of tracks as well). This outstanding debut is sure to turn heads in both the dance community and on the pop charts. It's thoroughly modern, state of the art electro in style with a keen sense of old skool that emphasizes the bass lines to keep your hips and feet moving along. Inpsired by the seedy club underground, the title of Sexor is accurate to a T. The tracks were co-produced by Soulwax.
Mickey Avalon
Mickey AvalonRemember the boy next door that played records all day, and at night kept you up with songs of his own? He left home one day and was never heard from again. He moved to the big city, living in cheap motels, eating dollar hamburgers, working the boulevard with ex-models, thorazine freaks, transvestites, mothers, fathers, drunks, junkies and punk rockers alike. He struggled during many long lonely desperate nights under the dizzying city lights but made a vow that he would never forget the magic in this world-the things he loved the most: his first fix, his first girl and most importantly...the first time he rocked a mic. Mickey Avalon has done whatever it took to get him to and off Hollywood Blvd. to invite you into his world. And I guess that's what it is, his world...
BattlesBATTLES is John Stanier (TOMAHAWK, THE MARK OF CAIN), Ian Williams (Don Caballero) and Dave Konopka (LYNX, TYONDAI BRAXTON). 2006 saw the release of 'EP C/ B EP', a uniquely packaged collection of two previous EP's. The sheer musical breadth of their first three EP's, and the lasting impact of their live shows have left fans in eager anticipation of their full length debut 'Mirrored' does not disappoint. The first single "Atlas" is a verifiable anthem, unrelenting and gigantic, but never surrendering the skewed aesthetic of the band's past. This rhythmic rocker features some freaky vocals, a stomping drum beat & a captivating juggernaut of a groove & has a killer video featuring Battles performing in a giant mirrored cube, spinning through outer space, showcasing their inimitable style. Comes with a Free Poster
BjorkBjork returns to her iconic, innovative and rhythmic roots with Volta. Featuring her own infamous beats and collaborations with Timbaland, Antony Hegarty, Brian Chippendale and an all-female Icelandic brass section, the end result is an explosion of beats and an amalgamtion of sound and visuals that give Volta a life of its own, like the world hasn't seen from Bjork in years.
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?
CombichristMetropolis Records presents more KMFDM Classic re-releases. These long out of print essentials from the bands Wax Trax! Records days have been unavailable for years. Now, Metropolis Records is putting them out in the order in which they debuted. The next releases to be made available are two of the aces in the deck of the KMFDM back catalog, 1995s Nihil and 1996s Xtort. These records contain a veritable whos who of hard alternative music at the time. KMFDM leader and founder Sascha K. conducts a crew featuring the likes of Chris Connelly (Ministry, Rev. Co.), Raymond Watts (Pig), Bill Rieflin (Ministry) and F.M. Einheit (Einsturzende Neubauten). While KMFDM has always been about creating a legacy of quality and never focused on mainstream success, it must be noted that Nihil contains the hit single Juke Joint Jezebel and Xtort features the indie favorites Power and Son Of A Gun. These albums have both been given the deluxe treatment which includes all new booklets that have been expanded to 24 pages to include some exciting new material. All KMFDM Classic re-releases have been digitally remastered, presenting their songs in a quality previously unavailable. Documenting the history of KMFDM the accompanying CD booklets all include the original album art (most by famed KMFDM co-conspirator Brute!), in-depth liner notes, quotes from Sascha K., lyrics for each song, never before seen photos of the band, full recording and production credits and more. All work on these releases, from the remastering to the packaging, has been done with the highest level of participation from Sascha K. These releases join KMFDMs first six albums, What Do You Know, Deutschland', Dont Blow Your Top, UAIOE, Naïve, Money and Angst which are already available from Metropolis Records. Look for the remaining KMFDM Classics, Symbols and Adios, coming soon. The next phase of the legacy begins, KMFDM is back to prove that the rules do not apply! Celebrate chaos, get into the noise!
Alive 2007
Daft Punk
Over The Under
Down1st full-length in 5 years from heralded hard rock pioneers, Down. Featuring Philip Anselmo, Rex Brown, Pepper Keenan, Kirk Windstein and Jimmy Bower, 'Over The Under' is 60 minutes plus of groundbreaking music combining elements of Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd and everything in between that sets the group apart from anything in the marketplace today. This record documents the lives of these New Orleans natives through the last 5 years of catastrophe, tragedy and ultimately triumph.
I'll Sleep When You're Dead
EL-PI'll Sleep When You're Dead a magnum opus 4 years in the making - represents a culmination of profound musical, personal, and political experiences reaching their tumultuous climax and embodies everything that is El-P a groundbreaking artist, virtuosic producer, profound lyricist, label founder, A&R maverick and underground icon reacting to the malignant societal changes occurring today. This record is an urgent document, a collective representation of a critical individual crossing their personal Rubicon, assessing the dismal reality inherent, and deciding to forge on despite the cost. With appearances by Trent Reznor, The Mars Volta, Cat Power, Aesop Rock, Cage, Matt Sweeney, Tame One and others, this is an album poised to extend a genre into a new realm of artistic expression.
M.I.A.M.I.A. is UK singer/rapper Maya Arulpragasam. Her 2005 debut album Arular unleashed her devastating dislocated beats, pounding basslines and chant-along vocals. M.I.A.'s unparalleled mongrel mix of hip-hop, ragga, dancehall, electro and punk saw Arular garner praise from far and wide, including being short listed for the Mercury Music Prize. In the USA M.I.A. signed with Interscope and hit the road opening for Gwen Stefani. M.I.A. is now set to release her second studio album, Kala. Amazing talent join forces with her on the new album, including Diplo, Timbaland, DJ Blaqstarr, Three 6 Mafia and producer, Switch.
The Last Sucker
MinistryDeep in the heart of Hell Paso Texas, Ministry's Al Jourgensen's studio has been at warp speed for the past year, furiously hammering out the third and final edition of the trilogy, The Last Sucker follows 2004's Houses Of The Mole and 2006's Rio Grande Blood. After twelve albums and 27 years (including four Grammy nominations), Uncle Al's decided the Ministry garage is ready to close its doors, leaving The Last Sucker as the final Ministry studio offering. Welcome to the renegade road warrior Al Jourgensen's latest behemoth an off-the-map, 12 hundred horsepower vehicle. Fuel-injected with equal parts fury, disgust, distrust and dismay, spitting and sizzling with grease and venom, each joint heaves under the pressure of emotionally relentless delivery. From the first double-digit salvo of 'Let's Go,' with its deliciously bizarre trademark Ministry wasteland brutality, Jourgensen outlays a glorious smorgasbord of Ministry mayhem. Strap on 'Death & Destruction' for joyriding thrills, 'Watch Yourself' for its distinctive Ministry 'sample and slam you' warning, 'The Dick Song,' for Ministry's tribute to the current US Veep, and a propane-powered cover of The Doors 'Roadhouse Blues.'
Nine Inch Nails: Beside You in Time

122 minutes total running time, 24 songs from the LIVE: With Teeth 2006 Tour, including: "The Hand That Feeds" "Only" "Closer" "Head Like A Hole" "Hurt" "Wish" "Terrible Lie" "March Of Pigs"

Additional features include 3 tracks live from rehearsals, music videos for "The Hand That Feeds" and "Only."

Plus still gallery and body of work.

Presented in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
Nine Inch Nails: Beside You in Time

122 minutes total running time, 24 songs from the LIVE: With Teeth 2006 Tour, including: "The Hand That Feeds" "Only" "Closer" "Head Like A Hole" "Hurt" "Wish" "Terrible Lie" "March Of Pigs"

Additional features include 3 tracks live from rehearsals, music videos for "The Hand That Feeds" and "Only."

Plus still gallery and body of work.

Presented in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
Nine Inch Nails: Beside You in Time

122 minutes total running time, 24 songs from the LIVE: With Teeth 2006 Tour, including: "The Hand That Feeds" "Only" "Closer" "Head Like A Hole" "Hurt" "Wish" "Terrible Lie" "March Of Pigs"

Additional features include 3 tracks live from rehearsals, music videos for "The Hand That Feeds" and "Only."

Plus still gallery and body of work.

Presented in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
Capital G (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Capital G (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Capital G (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
"V" Is for Vagina
PusciferMaynard James Keenan steps outside his brain for a moment and delivers a down 'n' dirty batch of songs that have more in common with soul than Satan. Whether the dark 'n' sexy ''Dozo,'' the moody ''Momma Sed,'' or the electronic pummeling of ''The Undertaker,'' Keenan and friends (an impressive and eclectic cast that includes Milla Jovovich, Lisa Germano, Tim Alexander, and Danny Lohner) never disappoint. Darkly funny, wickedly funny, and sexy- V is for Vagina is a welcome change of pace from the Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman and will no doubt be one of the most talked about—and misunderstood—records of the year.
Cuntry Boner
Puscifer2007 CD pressing of the first single pulled from Puscifier's V Is For Vagina album. Puscifier is Maynard James Keenan, the mainman behind Tool and A Perfect Circle. Puscifier.
Era Vulgaris (UK)
Queens of the Stone AgeEra Vulgaris translates to the Common Era, but there is nothing common about the latest album from Queens of the Stone Age. Joshua Homme's band of gypsies return with their fifth full-length release from the seminal desert rockers and they are out for blood with guitars slung low. Era Vulgaris delivers riffs heavier than a slab of Stonehenge and more infectious than The Black Plague, vocals as smooth as molten lava and infused with sex, danger, and the sound of a band possessed to deliver rock music to a new epoch. Produced with the help of longtime collaborator, and Masters of Reality genius, Chris Goss, QOTSA give birth to eleven tracks that will enter your bloodstream and transform your Dr. Jekyll into a Mr. or Ms. Hyde. QOTSA and R got you hooked, Songs for the Deaf made you scream for more, Lullabies to Paralyze blew your mind and June 2007 marks the dawn of a new, loud era: Era Vulgaris.
In Rainbows
Radiohead2008 release, the seventh studio album from the acclaimed UK Art Rock/Britpop band fronted by the enigmatic Thom Yorke. Notoriously released as a download-only album on the band's internet site in late 2007, the physical copy of In Rainbows proves to sound more powerful and atmospheric than the compressed mp3 version of the album. 10 tracks including 'Bodysnatchers', 'All I Need' and 'House Of Cards'.
RadioheadOur product to treat is a regular product. There is not the imitation. From Japan by the surface mail because is sent out, take it until arrival as 7-14 day. Thank you for you seeing it.
Inevitable Rise & Liberation of Niggy Tardust
Saul WilliamsSaul Williams with his album, Inevitable Rise & Liberation of Niggy Tardust! The CD contains five exclusive bonus tracks including 'List Of Demands', featured in the massive Nike 'My Better' TV campaign. Also features a cover of U2's 'Sunday Bloody Sunday.' Album produced by Trent Reznor/NIN. First establishing himself as an influential poet, and then as an award-winning screenwriter/actor, Saul Williams then went on to establish himself as an MC. His approach to MCing, though, wasn't exactly in line with the traditional school of Hip-Hop. His rhymes weren't really rhymes but rather his poetry delivered in a frenzied spoken word manner that was more rhythmic than alliterate.
Static-XStatic-X's blunt-force-trauma melding of industrial rock, thrash metal and futuristic disco is back on the band's fifth studio album, Cannibal. From the carnivorous title track to the throat-punching grooves of "Destroyer," "Goat" and "Electric Pulse," Cannibal boasts the harshest, most stripped-down music Static-X has ever recorded.
Remixes Compiled
Icky Thump
The White StripesThe platinum-selling, multi-Grammyr- winning and highly acclaimed The White Stripes move to Warner Bros. for Icky Thump, the most sonically bombastic album the band has made. While revealing the band's roots in American folk music, Icky Thump is an explosive, revolutionary assault that brings together garage rock, every blues style of the past 100 years, nouveau flamenco, Jack White's fastest guitar solo ever recorded, hard country, speed metal, a slide guitar epic, surf music, spoken word and even bagpipes to create a modern rock 'n' roll masterpiece.
8 Diagrams
Wu-Tang ClanThis cd/dvd set was kept in a smoke free environment and comes with case, booklet and there are no scratches to the discs.
Survivalism (EU)
Nine Inch NailsPart Two of Two. Enhanced CD pressing of the first single pulled from their long awaited 2007 album Year Zero. Features three versions of 'Survivalism' (Album Version, Tardusted Remix and Enhanced Director's Cut Video) plus 'The Greater Good' (Instrumental). Interscope.
Survivalism (UK)
Nine Inch Nails
Year Zero
Nine Inch NailsFrom the Artist This record began as an experiment with noise on a laptop in a bus on tour somewhere. That sound led to a daydream about the end of the world. That daydream stuck with me and over time revealed itself to be much more. I believe sometimes you have a choice in what inspiration you choose to follow and other times you really don't. This record is the latter. Once I tuned into it, everything fell into place... as if it were meant to be. With a framework established, the songs were very easy to write. Things started happening in my "real" life that blurred the lines of what was fiction and what wasn't. The record turned out to be more than a just a record in scale, as you will see over time. Part one is year zero. Concept record. Sixteen tracks. All written and performed by me, produced / programmed by me and Atticus Ross, mixed by Alan Moulder, mastered by Brian "Big Bass" Gardner. Release date: April 17, 2007. What's it about? Well, it takes place about fifteen years in the future. Things are not good. If you imagine a world where greed and power continue to run their likely course, you'll have an idea of the backdrop. The world has reached the breaking point - politically, spiritually and ecologically. Written from various perspectives of people in this world, "year zero" examines various viewpoints set against an impending moment of truth. How does it sound? You will hear for yourself soon enough, but given the point of this document is to provide information... This record is much more of a "sound collage" than recent efforts from me. A lot of it was improvised. It is very tedious describing your own music. It's not just music. It's probably too long, but it felt like the right thing to do to paint the complete picture. It will sound different after a few listens. You can think about it and it will reveal more than you were expecting. You can dance to a lot of it. You can f*** to a lot of it (maybe all of it depending on what you're into).
Year Zero (UA)
Nine Inch Nails
Eat Me, Drink Me
Marilyn MansonFour years since his last studio album, and following up on his highest charting radio single ever ( Personal Jesus , from Lest We Forget), Marilyn Manson returns with Eat Me, Drink Me. Art openings, soundtrack appearances, and personal circumstance have grabbed headlines for Manson in recent months, setting the stage for the release of Eat Me, Drink Me, which is unquestionably the artist's most personal statement yet. Always the provocateur, in what may be the ultimate subversion of the code of aggro-rock, the songs are immediately catchy - all jagged guitar hooks, anthemic choruses, with an overlying glam-rock sheen. Lyrically Manson has never been more riveting, seemingly having enough to draw from in his own life and from society at large to present a fresh, snarling vision Eat Me, Drink Me is very earnest and uncalculated and raw, in the sense that I know i'm f***d up, and I'm not really ashamed of it. Marilyn Manson, Rolling Stone March
16volt16Volt have returned with their latest opus! FullBlackHabit continues along the lines of what they've done best and what has earned them much attention from press and media alike: raw guitars, heavy beats, solid electronics, and meaningful lyrics. The album mirrors the struggles that 16Volt's mastermind Eric Powell has faced throughout his career as a band.The band's history is one gigantic rollercoaster ride through the perils of the music industry. From their humble beginnings in the early 90's on Re-Constriction Records (a subsidiary of Cargo Records), the band released three albums which catapulted them into the spotlight with countless press features in Alternative Press, Kerrang!, and many more. Together with the media attention, the band garnered numerous radio spots throughout the world including the coveted #1 and #2 positions on Rolling Stone's alternative chart, and spent hundreds of days on the road in a custom van touring relentlessly. It all paid off in the end when 16Volt inked a deal with Slipdisc/Mercury/Polygram for their fourth album. Just when it seemed all was going flawlessly, Mercury/Polygram was bought by Seagram's and all promotion for the album was dropped. After an intense two years, the band managed to get the rights back and re-release it on their own. The release was barely back on the shelves when Sony contacted the band to do the soundtrack to the video game "Primal." To celebrate their return, 16Volt hit the road with KMFDM in 2002. Upon returning they were approached by Capital Records, who they inked a deal with. Over 11 months of demoing new tracks to the label, the band parted ways due to artistic differences. Never giving up, the band kept plugging away on new tracks and shopped them to various labels. Finally in the fall of 2006, 16Volt settled into their new home at Metropolis Records, and in June of 2007 will release their first album in nine years, FullBlackHabit. The album is a reflection of their life as a band through the triumphs and turmoils that they have been faced with in their 16 years of existence. FullBlackHabit features many guest musicians including: Paul Raven (Ministry, Prong, Killing Joke), Steve Pig (KMFDM), Bildeaux (Necrofix, OHN), Kraig Tyler (Chemlab, Virus23, Crazytown), Scott Robison (Drone), and Jason Bazinet (SMP), and was mixed by Eric Powell (of 16Volt) himself and mastered by Ryan Foster at Freq Mastering.
Mucho Barato Decimo Aniversario
Control Macheteset of CD/DVD
HEALTHHEALTH recorded its debut full-length in one of the band's favorite places—The Smell, an all-ages venue in downtown Los Angeles. The members also went out and found equipment born the same time as The Smell, mostly ribbon microphones designed by the BBC for radio broadcasts in the 1930s, stuff George Martin liked to use, and other things they didn't even know existed. The album boasts eleven songs in less than thirty minutes—new music with old sounds.

1. Heaven 2. Girl Attorney 3. Triceratops 4. Crimewave 5. Courtship 6. Zoothorns 7. Tabloid Sores 8. //M// 9. Glitter Pills 10. Perfect Skin 11. Lost Time Debut full-length, recorded a The Smell club in LA
Ludovico Einaudi
Nine Inch NailsY34RZ3R0R3MIX3D is a remix album from Nine Inch Nails. It Includes tracks from the 2007 CD Year Zero. It includes such remixers as Saul Williams, Ladytron, The Faint and The Knife. This release also includes a data DVD with all tracks from Year Zero. Garage Band files, RAW .wav files and Ableton Live files.
ToolVicarious, the long awaited video from the Platinum album 10,000 Days. The DVD will include a documentary that takes viewers through the history of guitarist Adam Jones' visual effects work, as well as the process and people involved in the creation of the groundbreaking all-CGI video for Vicarious. The DVD will also include audio commentary by comedian David Cross and a video tour of Tool album cover artist Alex Grey's CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) gallery in New York City.
Frost EP: Sent To Destroy
CombichristBible of Dreams, originally released in August 1997, showcases the transformation of Juno Reactor from a dance/trance style orientation to a focus on more aggressive thematic styles and a more diverse range of influences such as pop and world. The music still retains the high BPMs and unique custom sounds as before, but moves away from the repetitious styling associated with conventional trance acts. The drums have a varied feel that previous albums lacked and have ethnic influenced rhythms that are definitely not dancer-friendly! The vocals have a haunting tribal vibe that is best showcased in Conga Fury, which features the South African percussion group Amampondo. The uniquely dark and raw Komit is featured reworked in the Matrix: Reloaded. A step away from the conventional, Bible Of Dreams is exactly what Ben Watkins was striving for when he created Juno Reactor. Previously out-of-print, the album is now being re-released so fans can once again hear the raw, uncensored sound of Juno Reactor. With a Summer 2008 European tour and the brand new album Gods & Monsters receiving critical acclaim, its shaping up to be a monumental year for Juno Reactor.
Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles2008 debut album from the Toronto-based duo, who have amassed a cult following through their uncompromising and intense delivery, a slew of limited edition singles, and shows packed solely by word of mouth. Their vinyl singles have sold out instantly, they have toured extensively in the UK, Europe and North America with artists such as Metric and the Klaxons, and remixed songs for Bloc Party and the Klaxons among others. Substantial support from Pitchfork and the rest of the blogsphere with over 10,000 MySpace plays a day. Crystal Castles are making everyone's 'Band to Watch' list for 2008.
CSSBrazil's CSS release their follow-up to 2006's "Cansei de Ser Sexy" ("I got tired of being sexy"). They've toured worldwide a number of times with the likes of Gwen Stefani, Ladytron, Klaxons, and Diplo, and played festivals from Coachella, Pitchfork, and Virgin to Reading, Benicassim, Roskilde, and beyond. "Donkey" is tough, street-ready, and recreates the frenetic energy of their live shows. Equal parts dance party, urban circus, and out-and-out chaos.
The Odd Couple
Gnarls BarkleyNo Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 1-APR-2008
Way of All Flesh
HEALTH"HEALTH music can be harsh and grating, of course, but also sensually smooth and sexy and electronic and also metallic and all Fodderstompfy." — LA Weekly

"LA's newest adjunct professors of art punk." — Skyscraper

"Los Angeles' answer to New York's avant garde noise scene." — CMJ New Music Report

By now you're likely familiar with the (barely) contained chaos of HEALTH. The band's debut album (September 2008, Lovepump United) and relentless touring with the likes of Crystal Castles and White Williams has cemented their status as one of the most exciting bands in independent music—publications like XLR8R, The Fader, and Pitchfork agree. In addition to evoking grand hyperboles from every blog under the sun, HEALTH's album inspired several other musicians to match the band's creativity. They reimagined, recut, and remixed, and the result is HEALTH//DISCO.

Featuring remixes from Acid Girls, CFCF, Pink Skull, Narctrax, and more, these tracks take HEALTH's ethereal chanting, screeching noise, and gauzy atmosphere and forcefully apply them to the dance floor. The CD also contains an enhanced data portion with even more remixes from The Mae Shi, Captain Ahab, and others.
The Fame
Lady Gaga2008 debut album from the New York singer. On The Fame, it's as if Gaga took two parts Dance-Pop, one part Electro-Pop, and one part Rock with a splash of Disco and burlesque and generously poured it into the figurative martini glasses of the world in an effort to get everyone drunk with her Fame. 'The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous,' she explains. 'Pop culture is art. It doesn't make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and you hear it all over The Fame. But, it's a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle.'
Crack the Skye
MastodonDeluxe Edition contains a bonus DVD featuring the making of Crack The Skye. Mastodon has taken hold of the leadership of the New Wave of Progressive Heavy Metal. The band's 2006 major-label debut Blood Mountain spun off a Grammy nomination and earned Top 5 Best Album Of The Year nods from Kerrang!, Revolver, and Metal Hammer, and a Top 10 at Rolling Stone. Now Crack The Skye, its fourth original studio album, mines subject matter from czarist Russia and astral travel to out-of-body experiences and Stephen Hawking's theories on wormholes for an unrepentantly heavy aural assault that will shake the heavens.
Death Magnetic
MetallicaOne of the most influential bands in music, ranked eighth on the list of the biggest-selling groups in history, Metallica unveils its ninth studio album, Death Magnetic. The band's
first album in five years, Death Magnetic is also its first with renowned producer Rick Rubin (Danzig, Slayer, System Of A Down,
Slipknot), first with bassist Robert Trujillo, and first on Warner Bros. Heavy and thrashy, unafraid to embrace the band's past yet move
into the future.
PortisheadHugely anticipated 2008 from the UK Electronic outfit. It's been ten long years since PNYC and the wait is over! Third is the 2008 album from Portishead. They are a trip-hop group from Bristol, England, named after the nearby town of the same name. 11 tracks.
"V" Is for Viagra: The Remixes
PusciferContains ten remixes of tracks from the first Puscifer album ''V'' is For... as well as two remixes of the non-album single ''Country Boner''.
All Hope Is Gone
SlipknotSpecial Edition includes bonus tracks and a DVD featuring the making of All Hope Is Gone. After over 5 million albums sold in the US, Slipknot returns with their most powerful
statement yet - All Hope Is Gone. Filled with the fury people have come to expect from
Slipknot as well as some extraordinary surprises, this album is the culmination of the
band' s 9 unique members, three platinum albums and their 10 year journey at the top
of the Hard Rock genre. Kicked off by the powerful crescendo that is Execute and
Gematria (The Killing Name) and ending with the blistering track All Hope Is Gone
- the album is a cohesive statement about the world today and truly cements the
band as one of Rock' s heavyweights. The lead single Psychosocial will propel the new
album to match and exceed the success of the last album, Vol 3: Subliminal Verses
which produced numerous Top 20 songs at Rock radio including a Top 5 track at Active and
Modern Rock radio.
Dead Memories
The FaintThe Faint are set to release their first album in four years ''Fasciinatiion'' through their own, newly-formed label, blank.wav. ''Fasciinatiion'', The Faint's fifth album, is the first in the band's ten-year history to be written, recorded, produced, art directed and released entirely on their own. ''Fasciinatiion'' is an album that draws on many defining facets of The Faint's sound, while remaining completely different from anything else they've put out. A record whose themes include predictions and the future, tabloid culture, the allure of what may never be, childhood lost and more, ''Fasciinatiion'' sounds as if it's been beamed in from a satellite whose sole purpose is observing, and making sense of, the details of every day existence. In certain ways, the album is the most mechanical and precise of the band's work: The vocals sounds less human than ever before; the bass lines are more mangled, keyboards spiral and squeal out of control; electronic pings and stabs invade the melodies; the lyrical anxiety and disdain of previous albums pervades almost every song on ''Fasciinatiion''. Opener ''Get Seduced'' is The Faint at their best, the song's critique of celebrity culture matched with one of the finest choruses they've ever written. First single, ''The Geeks Were Right'', draws on the tenets of futurist literature and sliding, siren-call guitars. ''Fulcrum and Lever'' marries ambient noise with space references, alienation and a stuttering, flexing beat, while ''Mirror Error'' explores identity and consciousness within its perfect, propulsive electro-pop. Closer ''A Battle Hymn for Children'' flinches with nervous rhythms against resentment of the future to be inherited and keyboards that sound like flailing voices (or is it flailing voices that sound like keyboards? On ''Fasciinatiion'', one can never tell).
Dear Science
TV On The RadioOver two years since their astonishing 2006 album "Return to Cookie Mountain", New York avant garde standard-bearers TV ON THE RADIO return with their long-awaited new album, "Dear Science". Produced by the group?s multi-instrumentalist Dave Sitek, "Dear Science" finds the Brooklyn group fine-tuning what they did best on "Return to Cookie Mountain". The band's Brooklyn friends: the Afro-funk group ANTIBALAS, lend some golden horn rave-ups to "Red Dress" and Katrina Ford of CELEBRATION delivers angelic harmonies on the orchestral closer "Lover's Day". But if beautifully damaged tracks such as "Dreams" and "Ambulance", from their debut album "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" is what does it for you, don't worry - TV On The Radio?s latest addition still goes for the jugular in the melancholic and moody department.
Puscifer: Queen B
PusciferQueen B - Puscifer movie was released Jan 08, 2008 by the RED Distribution studio. Tool singer Maynard James Keenan continues to explore new musical dimensions with his side-project Puscifer. Queen B - Puscifer movie This release presents "Queen B," the first music video from the band's debut album V IS FOR VAGINA.
Blown Away 9404
Arson Anthem
Arson AnthemArson Anthem, the band and the album, is a knuckle-scraping punch of aggression and hostility. This is Phil Anselmo's (ex-Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Down) first record on his own label, Housecore Records. Arson Anthem also features Mike IX Williams (EyeHateGod, Outlaw Order), (Assjack, Superjoint Ritual) and Collin Yeo. The project was actually born and completed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when Williams moved in with Anselmo and they spent hours listening to Anselmo's collection of early hardcore bands. Their mission is to re-introduce the roots of painful amplification, raw production, and an attitude to a movement within a new generation that's lost the meaning of less complicated ventures. Phil Anselmo isn't even the vocalist for his latest project - he's the guitarist. He left the front man duties to Eyehategod's fresh-from-prison Mike Williams. 8 tracks. Housecore Records. 2008.
Ghosts I - IV
Nine Inch NailsTwo CD set by Nine Inch Nails of their 2008 release, Ghosts I - IV, a 36 track instrumental collection. Almost two hours of music composed and recorded over an intense ten week period in the fall of 2007. Ghosts I - IV sprawls Nine Inch Nails across a variety of new terrain.
Ghost's I-IV (Deluxe Edition)
Nine Inch Nails****** LIMITED TO 2500 COPIES PRODUCED - EACH HAND SIGNED BY TRENT REZNOR ****** Package consists of two black fabric bound slipcases with the NIN logo on the front of each and a metal tag designating the unique number of each individual issue on the back. One slipcase contains the 4 180 gram LPs in a felt inner picture sleeve unique to this set. Their tracklisting is identical to that of the 2 CDs. The other fabric slipcase is larger than the deluxe edition and contains an extra hardbound book containing two giclée art prints of photography from the albums associated visual art. Random prints were included on the right side while the left is consistently the image used as the album cover in all other sets. This second case also contains a book of images identical to the one in the deluxe edition. The music book contains the standard 2CD album set, the album on Blu-Ray in 24 bit/96 kHz high resolution stereo (with an accompanying slide show) and a data DVD with multitracks for remixing. The limited edition Data-DVD has two additional ghosts tracks not found on the album elsewhere. These two tracks are only made available as multitracks. The file format for the multitracks is 16 bit/44.1 kHz wav with each song being compressed in its own zip file. This DVD also contains the album in 320 kbps MP3, 22 wallpapers, web graphics, and the PDF file included with the web release of the album.
Puscifer: Dozo
PusciferLimited Edition. Puscifer is Maynard James Keenan- front man, work-a-holic, wine maker, and founding member of international multi-platinum TOOL and A Perfect Circle. Maynard comes with a massive fan base. TOOL has sold 12 million records in their career.
The Slip
Nine Inch NailsThe Slip (also known as Halo 27) is the eighth major studio release by Industrial Rock act Nine Inch Nails. The album was produced by Trent Reznor alongside Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder. The album features vocals and traditional song structures, unlike its 2008 counterpart Ghosts I-IV. Much like Ghosts I-IV, the album was released under a Creative Commons license, allowing fans to remix and reuse all or part of the album non-commercially. A tour for the album, entitled "Lights in the Sky 2008", begins in late July and will take place over most of North and South America.
The Slip
Nine Inch NailsLimited edition includes a bonus DVD. The Slip (also known as Halo 27) is the eighth major studio release by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails. The album was produced by Trent Reznor alongside Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder.
Christ Inversion
Christ Inversion
Heat EP: All Pain Is Beat
CombichristThe Birthday Massacre has come along way since their inception in 2000. The Toronto based outfit continues to garner new fans worldwide not only in the industrial and electronic scenes, but the rock community as well. Their last album Walking With Strangers was a major hit for the band and resulted in countless touring opportunities, not only as openers (for bands such as Mindless Self Indulgence) but for their own headlining tours as well. The intensity of their live shows was captured on film in late 2007 in Hamburg, Germany. This footage has been assembled to make The Birthday Massacres first ever live CD, Show And Tell. Featuring 15 of their fan favorite tracks as well as their show intro Before Dark, the CD provides an excellent platform for fans to reminisce about their live experiences, and for new fans to anticipate the next opportunity they have to see this exceptional band. A DVD version of Show And Tell will be released later this year, as well as a brand new studio album.
Today We Are All Demons
CombichristCombichrist mastermind Andy LaPlegua has once again expanded on the beat driven, hook-laden evil electro found on "What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?" From the opening notes of the driving "All Pain Is Gone" and the sleazy, punk grooves of "Kickstart The Fight" to the techno body music-tinged beats of "Get Out Of My Head" and the darkly introspective title track, "Today We Are All Demons" proves that Combichrist is a force to be reckoned with.
Die AntwoordNo description available.
Genre: Electronica
Rating: PA
Release Date: 0000-00-00
Media Type: Compact Disk
FischerspoonerU.S. pressing of the 2009 release from the Electronica duo includes two bonus tracks. Fischerspooner are one of the most respected and successful crossover acts of the Electro renaissance. Their work fuses fine art and pop culture, as in their renowned outsider pop shows bursting with stage effects in both art galleries and traditional concert halls. Recorded over a two-year period with producer Jeff Saltzman, the music marks a further maturation of the group's sound. Written and recorded in a carriage house in Brooklyn, the album's special guests include actress/performance artist Ann Magnuson, UK musician Gabriel Olegovich, and legendary electronic collagist Steven Stein.
Righteous Signals, Sour Dudes
Gay Against You2009 sophomore album from the enthusiastic, messy and very, very friendly duo of Lachlann Rattray and Joseph Howe. They are influenced by The Minutemen, Magma and other bands beginning with 'M'. Regardless of these influences, they sound a bit like 'a council estate Butthole Surfers'. The dual title is symbolic of the struggle for creative compromise and two pals who are still learning how to work together: they couldn't agree, so they named it twice - it works out. Similarly, the music clashes too: it strikes bargains and agrees to disagree. The album finds Progressive Rock trying to sit alongside Synthpop and Afrobeat, whilst Disco bumps into Hardcore, before transcending tropically. There's a lot going on but somehow it makes sense.
Bad Romance - The Remixes
Lady GagaU.S. only CD pressing of this single lifted from the 2009 expanded two CD release The Fame Monster. Features seven versions of 'Bad Romance'.
The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga
The Lonely Island
Sigh No More
Mumford & SonsMumford & Sons, West London indie rock quartet, have created a gutsy, old-time sound that marries the magic of Crosby, Stills & Nash with the might of Kings of Leon and the harmonies of Fleet Foxes. Sigh No More was recorded at Eastcoast Studios, where Arctic Monkeys, Brian Eno, Tindersticks and Laura Marling have honored their sound. The band teamed with producer Markus Dravs who has worked with such superstar acts as Arcade Fire, Bjork and Peter Gabriel. Sigh No More was recently released in the UK to critical accolades. The album debut in the UK iTunes Top 10 recently and is being lauded by tastemaker publications. The first single, Little Lion Man , is already being boasted as The Hottest Record in the World by Radio 1's Zane Lowe, and the band has been long listed for the BBC Sounds of 2008 Pool, which features the most promising new music talent.
Formed in 2007, that band's goal since day one has been to make music that matters. Before recording their debut, Mumford & Sons self produced three EP's and toured the UK extensively, bringing their rootsy rock across the country. The band recently wrapped a handful of well-received performances during the annual CMJ Music Marathon in New York, which left Time Out NY to comment, The Brit combo has a spine-tingling way to harmony.
The Resistance
MuseFollowing seven years of near solid touring, Muse escalated from being the biggest band in Teignmouth in 1997 to one of the biggest bands in Europe by 2004. With each successive album, they pushed the musical envelope with a fusion of progressive rock, electronica, and Radiohead-influenced experimentation, creating an emotive, passionate sound. Muse's reputation as one of the best live rock bands in the world is well deserved with their exhilirating live performances drewing critical acclaim, industry buzz, and a loyal and rabid fan base.
Santigold"The future of music, today" - Rolling Stone 10 Artists To Watch. "Singing in a haunting, sensual wail...she adds a layer of softness to an unusual mix of synthesizers, dance hall rhythms, and percolating new wave" - NY Times. "Future-pop big thing" - Spin. "Santi White is Santogold...the collaborators and players may change, the sounds may shift, but at the center is one woman's indelible vision" - The Fader. SXSW / Coachella shows, 2007 tours with Bjork, M.I.A., songs featured in Entourage, Grey's Anatomy, Grand Theft Auto.
Them Crooked Vultures
Them Crooked Vultures2009 debut album from this Alt-Rock 'supergroup' featuring Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). 13 tracks.
Face the Heat
The Crow
The Crow1 x CD Album
Europe 1994 1 Cure, The , Burn 6:39 2 Machines Of Loving Grace , Golgotha Tenement Blues 3:58 3 Stone Temple Pilots , Big Empty 4:55 4 Nine Inch Nails , Dead Souls 4:52 5 Rage Against The Machine , Darkness 3:41 6 Violent Femmes , Color Me Once 4:10 7 Rollins Band , Ghostrider 5:44 8 Helmet , Milktoast 3:59 9 Pantera , The Badge 3:53 10 For Love Not Lisa , Slip Slide Melting 5:45 11 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult , After The Flesh 2:58 12 Jesus And Mary Chain, The , Snakedriver 3:39 13 Medicine , Time Baby III 3:50 14 Jane Siberry , It Can't Rain All The Time 5:34
The High End of Low
Marilyn MansonEXPLICIT. Limited two CD edition of the 2009 release, the seventh studio album from one of the biggest Rock superstars on the planet includes a bonus six track CD. The album as a whole is a triumph, with Manson also exploring his more introspective side. The album marks the highly anticipated reunion with longtime friend and foil Twiggy Ramirez, together for the first time in nearly a decade. Produced by Manson, Vrenna and Twiggy, The High End Of Low was recorded in his Hollywood Hills studio. Manson says of the new album, "I think my life definitely ended and began. The record sounds very final, but it's almost optimistic - though that feels like a strange word to use. It's a phoenix from the fire and a redemption resurrection."
True Blood
True BloodElektra Records and HBO have joined forces to put together a riveting collection of songs that connect TRUE BLOOD fans with the hit HBO series. The TRUE BLOOD soundtrack includes the show theme song 'Bad Things' by Jace Everett and features artists such as C.C Adcock, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Allen Toussaint, The Legendary Shack Shakers, The Watson Twins and more. The songs featured on the soundtrack were included in Season 1 of the series.
16voltSince the early nineties, 16Volt's Eric Powell has been one of the leading influences in the American industrial rock scene. After the dust settled from 2006's brilliant FullBlackHabit, Powell returned to the studio to begin work on the next masterpiece. The result, An even more refined, slightly more aggresive album titled AmericanPornSongs. The epic creation, features guest appearances by Tim Skold (Marylin Manson, KMFDM, Skold), Steve Pig (KMFDM, Pig), Joseph Bishara (Danzig, Rasputina), and many more!
Get Color
HEALTHGET COLOR is the highly-anticipated second album from Los Angeles noise-wonders HEALTH. After two solid years touring with the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Of Montreal, Crystal Castles, etc., and releasing their much-loved self-titled debut and bangin' HEALTH//DISCO remix record, the band convened in in an especially gnarly part of Lincoln Heights, L.A to record GET COLOR. The record is an exuberant proclamation of noise, rock and electronic splendor. It's a celebration of sound; pretty, harsh, soft and basked in a blanket of ethereal vocals.
CombichristA Kiss Could Be Deadly burst onto the music scene in 2007. They not only signed their first record deal with Metropolis Records, but also garnered a bevy of media attention from Alternative Press, URB, Racket, Indie 103.1, X 103.9, MySpace,,,, and many more. Their 2008 self-titled debut was an underground success with its fusion of punk, new wave, and electro. Since its release, all has been quiet in the AKCBD camp. Now finally two years later the band as re-emerged with the Farewell EP. Featuring two brand new songs, a cover of the Berlin hit Metro, and three remixes of songs off the debut, Farewell serves as what could be the bands final curtain call. This disc offers six songs lead by enchanting siren Lauren. Her voice will have you coming back to this CD like rats to the button for food pellets. I became addicted to this sampler immediately and look forward to getting the album. They boast that there isn't anything like it out thereand it's true. I can see people dancing to this...or painting, humping, reflectingwhatever. Check this band out. - Skratch Magazine (on AKCBDs 2006 demo) Burn these tracks and take them to your next A&R meeting - Kings Of A&R (on AKCBDs 2006 demo)
Crystal Castles (II)
Crystal Castles2010 album from the critically acclaimed duo. Ethan Kath and Alice Glass have created an unexpected level of excitement and cult loyalty, clocking up a staggering 50 million plays on MySpace and Lastfm and headlining sold out tours around the world. Produced by Ethan Kath, tracks were recorded and written in contrasting environments around the world, including a church in Iceland, a self-built cabin in Ontario, and a garage behind an abandoned convenience store in Detroit.
Tron Legacy
Daft PunkOriginal soundtrack to the highly anticipated 2010 motion picture, composed by the multi platinum Electronic duo Daft Punk. It's no accident that the group's two visionary musicians, Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, are Tron fans too. Having grown up with an admiration for the ground-breaking Tron film in the 80s, Daft Punk took on the scoring of the next chapter of the story with extraordinary thought and precision. The critically acclaimed French duo composed and produced the album. The Duo assembled a symphony of one hundred world class musicians in London and recorded the orchestra at AIR Lyndhurst Studios, Britain's premier scoring facility.
Deadmau5"4 x 4 = 12" is the debut artist album from dance music A-lister deadmau5, with 11 brand-new tracks. It's no exaggeration to say that he's the most exciting name in clubland right now, with a GRAMMY nomination, a JUNO award for Dance Recording of the Year for his CD collection "For Lack of a Better Name", a performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics and MTV booked him as the house act for their 2010 Video Music Awards. Over the last years he's released a string of club and radio friendly chart-toppers, and this album promises to produce an equal plethora of hits
Diamond Eyes
Deftones'Diamond Eyes' works the way good records used to; each song carries you a little further away from your bad day until finally, you've been transported to a place that feels a whole lot better than where you started. There's also a newfound sense of purpose that makes Deftones' sixth album stand out. The band recorded the album after their best friend and bassist Chi Cheng sustained a debilitating brain injury from a car accident in November of 2008. The tangle of Stephen Carpenter's woozy, undulating guitar work and Moreno's soaring then secretive vocal style is the bittersweet dynamic behind each of Deftones' records, including 'Diamond Eyes.' The friction drives the music as much as it does the players, though it doesn't always make life easy for childhood friends Carpenter and Moreno. 'What makes us work?' asks Carpenter. 'Chino will give you the exact opposite answer that I do. That's the way it is with us-we contradict each other constantly but it's also what makes our music what it is-intense and different.'

NINJA didn't do very good at school because all he did the whole time was write raps and smoke zol.
After NINJA lied and cheated his way through high school, he moved to Alexandra Township in Johannesburg to smoke zol with the rastas.
NINJA stayed in Alexandra in 19th Street down by the river for a few years living off boiled cabbage and zol.
During this time NINJA started a rap group called The Original Evergreens which had a heavy stoned alien rastas in space vibe.
The Original Evergreen even won a South African Music Award for this one fokken stupid stoner song called Puff The Magik.

After NINJA moved out of Alex he moved around a lot lamming from couch to couch and bumming off people while he tried to think of more stoned rap ideas.
From time to time NINJA moved back home to his mom and dad's house for a nice hot shower and some lekker munchies.

NINJA has known YO-LANDI VI$$ER for a very long time from when she was a little laaitie.
One day when NINJA moved back home with his mom & dad again he saw that little YO-LANDI from next door had grown some boobs and a nice bum.
Then NINJA had a baby with YO-LANDI by accident.
NINJA and YO-LANDI are not married.
They are just good friends.
YO-LANDI likes to do her own thing and doesn't like people telling her what to do.

Smoking so much weed all the time made NINJA think of all these stupid ideas for rap groups like fokken Max Normal, Constructus, Markus Wormstorm Is Not Gay, MC Totally Rad and DJ F*ck are F*cknRad, The Way of the Dassie, Total Confusion on Planet Phunk, Total F*ck Up etc etc.
NINJA even got so stoned one day that he started to make cute little soft toys with magic powers.
NINJA forced YO-LANDI to help him make hundreds of these fokken toys by hand to try get some money to buy diapers.
None of NINJA'S stoned ideas ever blew up, so time after time he would throw them in the trash and try again.

NINJA'S name used to be Waddy Jones. One day Waddy Jones did something really fokken stupid.
Like a total fokken doos, Waddy dressed in full military camouflage and took a djembe drum and a big sack of weed with him to a Legalize Marajuana protest outside the steps of parliament in Cape Town.
Waddy arrived at the Legalize Marajuana protest early to get a good seat.
The police had even made a nice little fence around the area where all the irie protestors could sit.
Waddy was rolling himself a lekker duk zol as the other irie protestors slowly started pulling into the little fenced area to make their protest.
About 20 irie protestors pitched up including the organizer of the protest who had even brought along a big weed plant to give to Nelson Mandela as a present.
Then all-of-a-sudden 5 big armour-plated Caspers pulled in filled with about 100 fokken cops who arrested Waddy Jones and all the other irie protestors sitting inside the little fence.
When Waddy got out of jail, he changed his name to NINJA and suddenly got much better at rapping.

Soon after this NINJA went to go visit his homeboy DJ HI-TEK who makes fat gang$ta rap beats on his PC Computer in his bedroom.
DJ HI-TEK had also got much better at making beats while NINJA was in jail.
So NINJA and DJ HI-TEK joined forces and tried think of a spif name for their new zef gang$ta rap group they were going to start.
DJ HI-TEK got the idea to get a sexy chick to join the group to make it more commercial.
So NINJA started to train little YO-LANDI VI$$ER to rap.
During her ninja rap training YO-LANDI got the idea to add some rave vibes to their tjoons make their zef rap group more even more next level.

NINJA, YO-LANDI and DJ HI-TEK discovered DIE ANTWOORD when their 3rd eyes got opened at this rave they threw at NINJA'S parent's house this one time when NINJA'S parents went on holiday to Sun City.
The whole experience was so fokken next level that they are even making a movie about it called THE ANSWER.
You are soon going to be able to go watch THE ANSWER on the big screen with popcorn, Coke and M&M'S and maybe even a free NINJA, YO-LANDI VI$$ER or DJ HI-TEK toy!

DJ HI-TEK is scared of flying, and so he doesn't always perform live with DIE ANTWOORD.
Luckily DJ HI-TEK'S little cousin, VUILGEBOOST aka HI-TEK JUNIOR has some serious DJ skillz and so when DJ HI-TEK is not in the mix, VUILGEBOOST freaks the beats live with DIE ANTWOORD zef rap-rave crew.

NINJA'S name is NINJA. If you see NINJA in the streets act like you know.
Don't act like a poes and call him some other name.

DJ HI-TEK has just broken up with his girlfriend again.
The man is single and ready to mingle so if you see HI-TEK in da club come give him a hug!

YO-LANDI VI$$ER'S rat recently had 10 babies.
They are all growing up so fast!

Whether you like it or not DIE ANTWOORD are here to stay.
They are about to drop their 1st album called $O$ on Interscope fokken Records, then their 2nd album called TEN$ION, then their 3rd album, then their 4th album and then their 5th album. Full fokken flex! Fre$! Mega-zef!
In your fokken face b*tch.
Diary of a Mad Band
DownThis release from Down is a double Live CD featuring the band Live in London AND a DVD documenting the 2006 return of DOWN from the practice room through their first European tour! Based in New Orleans, LA Down has a rabid fan base both domestically and internationally.
The Remix
Lady GagaU.S. edition of this remix release from the Pop superstar. Contains 10 new remixes of hits like 'Just Dance', 'Pokerface' and 'Paparazzi', each of them never before released in the United States
/\/\ /\ Y /\
M.I.A.Limited deluxed edition. 2010 release, the third album from the global superstar. Songwriting and production for the album were primarily handled by M.I.A. and Blaqstarr. Rusko and Derek E. Miller of Sleigh Bells are among the collaborators on the album, as are M.I.A.'s long-time associates Diplo and Switch. The album was mainly composed and recorded at M.I.A.'s house in Los Angeles. The album's tracks centre on the theme of information politics and are intended to evoke what M.I.A. called a "digital ruckus". Elements of industrial music were incorporated into M.I.A.'s sound for the first time.
Bride Screamed Murder
Melvins2010 release from the veteran Al-Rock outfit. The Melvins did all the good things a band can do and are still relevant after more than 25 years. They keep it exciting by ignoring any set of rules, by their exorbitant ability to make the most beautiful noise ever heard and by their humor, which is an essential brandmark of The Melvins. They never compromise or apply for anything: they just do their own thing in their very own way. They always keep it challenging for themselves and potential listeners.
Every Day Is Halloween: Greatest Tricks
Ministry1. Every Day Is Halloween (2010 Evil Version)
2. N.W.O.
3. Jesus Built My Hotrod
4. Stigmata
5. Paint It Black
6. Khyber Pass
7. Stranglehold
8. Iron Man
9. Thunderstruck
10. Purple Haze
11. Sharp Dressed Man feat. Billy Gibbons
12. Rehab
13. Every Day Is Halloween (Retro Electro Remix)
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Sleigh BellsThe New York City dou known as Sleigh Bells emerged in the Fall of 2009 with rhythmic pop songs that combine overdriven guitar riffs and sugary female vocal melodies. Derek Miller, who played in teh popular Florida hardcore outfit Poison the Well, teamed up with singer Alexis Krauss after he happened to serve her and her mother at a Brazillian restaurant in Brooklyn. As proof of their winning formula, Sleigh Bells quickly earned the adoration of critics at the New Yorker, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and the Village Voice. They are celebrated by both their hometown's outer-borough lo-fi rock scene and international pop acts like Major Lazer andn MIA, who collaborated with Derek on her forthcoming third LP.
Slipknot{sic}nesses was filmed in high definition when Slipknot headlined the Download Festival in front of 80,000 fans on Saturday June 13th 2009. Among the band's many legendary live shows this performance remains a career highlight and a fitting tribute to bassist and founding member Paul Gray (#2) who died the following year. Originally released by Roadrunner as a double DVD set in September 2010, the program is now being released on Blu-ray with newly remixed DTS 5.1 surround sound so that Slipknot can be seen and heard like never before. / Bonus Features:
45 min film Audible Visions Of {sic}nesses Music videos for Psychosocial , Dead Memories , Sulfur and Snuff plus The Making Of Snuff . / Line-up:
Sid Wilson (#0) turntables; Joey Jordison (#1) drums; Paul Gray (#2) bass; Chris Fehn (#3) custom percussion; Jim Root (#4) guitars; Craig 133 Jones (#5) sampling; Shawn Clown Crahan (#6) custom percussion; Mick Thomson (#7) guitars; Corey Taylor (#8) lead vocals / Track Listing: 1) 742617000027 2) (sic) 3) Eyeless 4) Wait And Bleed 5) Get This 6) Before I Forget 7) Sulfur 8) The Blister Exists 9) Dead Memories 10) Left Behind 11) Disasterpiece 12) Vermilion 13) Everything Ends 14) Psychosocial 15) Duality 16) People = Shit 17) Surfacing 18) Spit It Out
Audio Secrecy
Stone Sour-Special Edition includes 3 bonus tracks, a 45 minute documentary on 'The Making of Audio Secrecy' and 3 live videos from their Download 2010 performance.

'Audio Secrecy' is an album free of stylistic limitations. 'It's everything I've ever wanted to do on one album,' says vocalist Corey Taylor. 'It's heavy, it's melodic, it's dark, it's slow, it's light and it's beautiful. You'll hear something different with each listen.
Stone Sour recorded 'Audio Secrecy' with 'Come What(ever) May' producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Deftones) at Nashville's Blackbird Studios.
The album's title is a play on words for idiosyncrasy. 'I'm a fan of double meanings and metaphorical speak,' muses Taylor. 'There are so many levels to what those two words combined could mean. As a title, it perfectly fit the album.'
KidneythievesKidneythieves 'TryptOfanatic' Rare 2010 10-track USA CD Album featuring Freeky People, Tears On A Page, and more. Housed in a digipak picture sleeve.
Hellbilly Deluxe 2
Rob Zombie
Chinese Democracy
Guns N' RosesThe long awaited comeback album from Guns and Roses.
American Porn Songs // Remixed
16voltSince the early nineties, 16Volt's Eric Powell has been one of the leading influences in the American industrial rock scene. American P**n Songs // Remixed is the first official remix CD from these legendary underground machine rockers. Featuring songs from their latest album, AmericanP**nSongs, remixed by a menagerie of established legendary artists and winners of the "2009 American P**n Songs Remix Contest," the remix album is jam packed with 18 tracks of sonic battery. American P**n Songs // Remixed is an amazing accomplishment, and one that fans won't soon forget.
Between the Needles and Nightfall
Marco BeneventoBetween The Needles & Nightfall was conceived at Trout Recording in Brooklyn, NY where engineer Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Akron/Family) tracked Marco Benevento and his trio over three days. To achieve the colors he envisioned, Benevento recorded on a baby grand piano bolstered by guitar pick-ups, amplifiers and a myriad of pedals and circuit bent toys, while overdubbing Moog, Optigan, Mellotron and Farfisa. He then transferred the tracks to his home studio, taking the next two months to cut, loop and shape the pieces into full-fledged songs.

For the final mixes, Benevento handed off his work to three of his favorite engineers: Mell Dettmer (Sunn O))), Eyvind Kang), Jesse Lauter (Low Anthem, Elvis Perkins) and Vid Cousins (Amon Tobin, Kid Koala). The results range from the day-glo electro-rock of It Came From You to the simply-stated lullaby Ila Frost to the shimmering Arcade Fire-meets-Brad Mehldau anthem Two Of You.

With the release of Between The Needles & Nightfall, Marco Benevento continues to define himself as one of the most prolific new voices of his era, blurring genres from song to song, and more often from measure to measure, with his own take on simple pop pleasures, dance party rave-ups and art jazz experimentation.
Tetsuo The Bullet Man
Chu Ishikawa, Nine Inch Nails
Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix
Jimi HendrixDigitally remastered edition of this excellent platinum-selling collection from the Rock icon. Experience Hendrix features some of the most influential and enduring Rock classics ever recorded. Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix captures 20 of Hendrix's best including ageless classics like 'Purple Haze', 'Little Wing' and Hendrix's live adaptation of 'Star Spangled Banner' from the original 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair.
How to Destroy Angels
How to Destroy AngelsThe first post NIN project of Trent Reznor featuring vocals from wife and ex-West Indian Girl Mariqueen Maandig and his regular collaborator Atticus Ros
Vijay IyerBy now, there can be no doubt that pianist-composer Iyer stands among the most daringly original jazz artists of the under-40 generation," writes Howard Reich in the Chicago Tribune. The American-born son of Indian immigrants, VIJAY IYER (pronounced "VID-jay EYE-yer") was described by The Village Voice as "the most commanding pianist and composer to emerge in recent years," by The New Yorker as one of "today's most important pianists... extravagantly gifted," and by the L.A. Weekly as "a boundless and deeply important young star." After the phenomenal success of The Vijay Iyer Trio's 2009 release "Historicity" - the `800-pound gorilla on year-end best-of lists' (L.A. Times), Iyer returns with Solo. The document of Iyer's continuing dialogue with history, both his own and that of the music to which he has dedicated his life, Solo encapsulates both Iyer's career and his distinctive approach to his instrument. The diversity of Iyer's experience infuses each note of Solo. The first section of the record centers on music of the past, presenting Iyer's interpretation of music from the jazz canon. In this way, the disc might be viewed as an extension of 2009's Historicity. His own compositions, dominating the album's second act, demonstrate how completely he has assimilated and brought his own vision to creative music. For Iyer, the new album embodies both departure and return. It is a monumental step forward and a defining moment in Vijay Iyer's artistic life. With this powerful, subtle homage to Monk, Ellington, Taylor, Hill, Muhal Richard Abrams and Randy Weston, Iyer joins the ranks of these and many other artists who have recorded great, enduring, original solo piano statements
The Social Network
Trent Reznor / Atticus RossOriginal Score created by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (NIN, How To Destroy Angels).

Available in a 4 panel digipak CD package or dual 180 gram vinyl triple gatefold package.
The Social Network
Trent Reznor / Atticus RossLossless stereo and 5.1 surround sound (no video content). - NOTE: A Blu-ray player is required for playback. This disc will NOT play in a CD or DVD player. 5.1 audio equipment is required for playback of the 5.1 mix.
The Social Network
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
Insecurity Notoriety
Arson AnthemPhilip H. Anselmo's Housecore Records' hardcore punk act Arson Anthem is pleased to announce the release of their first ever full-length release, entitled Insecurity Notoriety.
Arson Anthem is comprised of metal greats Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual), Hank Williams III (Superjoint Ritual, Assjack), Mike IX Williams (Outlaw Order, Eyehategod), and Collin Yeo (Ponykiller).
'I'm not sure what it is...but when Hank III, Colin, Mike and I get into 'Arson' mode, time stops. We know the mission is to write unforgiving hardcore, inspired by a slew of 80s bands...but the result is its own animal, yet not too terribly removed from the genuine article,' describes Anselmo.
'With that said, Insecurity Notoriety is like listening to an old favorite blast from the skanking past...vicious, snotty, grating and anthemic! I know it's typical to call a modern-day hardcore band 'fresh' or 'different,' especially when it's your band is! This effort make our first EP sound like child's play, as it should. Play it over and over! Piss everyone off!'
Pretty Hate Machine (Remaster)
Nine Inch NailsDigitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1989 debut album from Trent Reznor and Co. featuring one bonus track: 'Get Down Make Love'. Rob Sheridan, NIN's longtime art director, has also re-imagined the packaging of Pretty Hate Machine under Reznor's supervision. The Bicycle Music Company acquired the rights to Pretty Hate Machine from a division of Prudential Securities in the spring of 2010. It was Bicycle's intention from the onset to enable Reznor to regain some control of the lost piece of NIN's legacy, resulting in this artist approved 2010 reissue of one of music's most groundbreaking and influential albums.
AviciiU.S. CD pressing of this single from the Swedish DJ/producer.
Gloss Drop
BattlesIt is true that Gloss Drop is a bewitching, entrancing album that defies both categorization and easy analysis. Just as Mirrored was a massive leap on from the early EPs that first got them noticed, this is truly another seismic shift, propelling them once more into uncharted territory. It is a sheer sense of fun, unpredictability and inventiveness that sets Battles apart from every other contemporary group. Drummer John Stanier sums this up succinctly: ''I don't think challenging, new music has to be super serious all the time. That's really boring to me and pushing boundaries should not be boring.'' While other acts are content to deal in revivalism or stasis, Battles are still looking for far-off boundaries to study and then demolish, searching for new and exotic styles to mesh together. Stanier concludes: ''When we're writing songs, no one in this group has ever said 'Wait, we've gone too far. This isn't a Battles song.' Because what is a Battles song? We don't know. All I know is that there are no parameters and no boundaries. That is the whole point and has been since day one.''
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Beastie Boys
Tron Legacy: R3CONF1GUR3D
Daft Punk2011 release, a remixed and reconfigured version of Daft Punk's mind-blowing soundtrack. TRON: Legacy is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that's unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. The original motion picture score for TRON: Legacy debuted on the Billboard 200 at #10. It was the first score soundtrack to debut in the Top 10 in five years.
Born This Way
Lady GagaDeluxe two CD edition includes three additional tracks on the main disc plus a bonus CD containing five remixes. 2011 album from the Pop/Dance sensation. Born This Way is the follow-up to her multi-million selling releases The Fame and The Fame Monster. Features 'Born This Way', 'Hair', 'Judas' and many more.
Turtleneck & Chain
The Lonely IslandLimited two disc (CD/DVD) edition. 2011 sophomore album from the Emmy Award winning and Grammy nominated comedy troupe made up of SNL's Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. They released their debut album, Incredibad, in 2009 which featured legendary cameos from Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman and Julian Casablancas. This new album appearances from Akon, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake and others.
The Hunter
MastodonThe Hunter, the follow-up to 2009's critically embraced Crack The Skye, was recorded in the band's hometown of Atlanta as well as in Los Angeles with producer Mike Elizondo. As with all of their albums, Mastodon, which is bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds, guitarist Bill Keliher, and drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor, decided to take a completely different tack and musical approach to the music on this album. The band feels confident that fans will be excited and fulfilled by what they will hear.
Welcome Reality
NeroU.S. pressing of the debut album from this British Electronic/Dubstep act consisting of Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray plus vocalist Alana Watson. Nero are best known for producing Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass and House. Their #1 hit 'Promises' was one of the UK's biggest selling singles of 2011.
Green Naugahyde
PrimusInfluential alternative rock icons Primus are back with their first album of brand new music since 1999's Antipap. The new album is entitled Green Naugahyde. Primus will be hitting the road in support of the new album - headlining their own shows, festivals (Hangout, Bonnaroo, All Good Festival) and playing legendary venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 3rd with old friends The Flaming Lips.

Primus formed in the late '80s in Northern California, releasing their first album, Suck On This, in 1989. They Signed to Caroline Records and released the now-classic Frizzle Fry in 1990. As part of the alternative rock explosion of the '90s, the band signed to Interscope and gave the world some of the biggest records of the decade, including Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, Pork Soda, Tales From The Punchbowl and The Brown Album, had several Billboard top 10 debuts, garnered a Grammy nomination and wrote the internationally loved and enduring theme song for 'South Park'.
Conditions of my Parole
PusciferPuscifer is the brainchild of Tool/A Perfect Circle front man Maynard James Keenan. Where Tool is dark and brooding, Puscifer is effervescent and beat driven. The band's 2007 debut, V is for Vagina, sold over 100,000 copies in the U.S. and Puscifer made two treks across the States for a unique concert experience that coupled music with comedy and thematic evenings of entertainment. Spin said of the debut album: "" and giant-sounding, with a delightfully subversive sense of melody"" while Kerrang described the set as ""Filthy, sexy, electronic beats that writhe and shake it like Tool never could."" With Conditions of My Parole, Keenan retreated to his Arizona homestead, recording the twelve-track album he describes as ""Twin Peaks in the desert."" The result is twelve slightly sinister yet perversely danceable songs that use the notoriously reclusive Keenan's surroundings as inspiration.
Volcanic Sunlight
Saul WilliamsEU pressing of this 2011 release from the New York-born singer, poet, actor and musician. Features the single 'Explain My Heart'. Columbia.
Skrillex2012 EP, the third installment from the Electronic sensation. Bangarang follows its widely successful predecessors, Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites and More Monsters And Sprites EPs. The release of this EP comes just weeks after Skrillex's breakout smash Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites broke 500,000 in sales. With five 2012 GRAMMY nominations already under his belt, 2012 is setting up to be another monster year for the rising star.
Beating Dead Horses
The Process of Human Extermination
Fit for an AutopsyComprised of several well-known East Coast veterans of the underground hardcore scene, FFAA is a super group of sorts featuring Nate Johnson (Through the Eyes of the Dead/Premonitions of War) on vocals, guitarist William Putney (ex-member of Nothing Left to Mourn and Engineer at NJ s Machine Shop, recording with bands like Lamb of God, Suicide Silence ), guitarist Patrick Sheridan (ex-Shattered Realm & Nothing left to Mourn) and bassist Charlie Busacca (ex- At Rest) & drum extraordinaire Brian Mathis. The combination of the right handpicked members playing the right style of music all at the right time makes FFAA something special for the whole industry to get excited about.
The Process of Human Extermination , is a 10 song concept album, loosely based around the Books f Revelations and the Four Horsemen. It is an outside and inside perspective to what people would realistically go through if the s*** really hit fan. Where will you be? Who will you be with? Where does your life up until that point stand, and where does your belief system fall? It s a concept of survival and washing the Earth clean of everything that has built up the boiling point of self eradication.
NirvanaDigitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of this groundbreaking album from the Grunge trio including 27 bonus tracks. Features the album plus B-sides, the Smart Studio sessions, boombox rehearsals and BBC sessions. Released in September 1991, Nirvana's sophomore album and major label debut elevated Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl from a critically acclaimed Aberdeen, Washington, cult band to generational spokesmen who'd unwittingly created a cultural shift and musical touchstone. 39 tracks.
Paysages: Debussy | Fauré | Messiaen
Susanna Phillips, Myra Huang
(Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered
U2 - Covers
BjorkThis version of the album is housed in a six-panel cardboard package and includes three bonus tracks. Biophilia is an interdisciplinary exploration of the universe and it's physical forces - particularly those where music, nature, and technology meet - inspired by these relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena, from the atomic to the cosmic. The Independent on Sunday calls it "brilliantly original and ambitious.
Childish GambinoAt 27, Donald Glover is one of the most sought after multithreats in Hollywood, a former writer for the Emmy award winning 30 Rock, a network TV gig on the NBC hit series as Troy in 'Community', a few movies on deck, including the 'Muppets Movie' and 'The To-Do List', a sideline gig doing stand-up comedy, a Comedy Central script of his own in the works, and a career as a rapper, performing under the name 'Childish Gambino'.

Childish Gambino has emerged as one of the most exciting young talents in music. A unique blend of hip-hop with multiple genres, combined with lyrical genius, Gambino has gone from a viral cult following to a mega sensation. Childish Gambino has released two mixtapes, 'I Am Just A Rapper' and 'I Am Just A Rapper 2' and in 2010 released his first full length original material album entitled 'Culdesac' which received critical and public acclaim. In March 2011, Childish Gambino released an untitled EP that featured the hit 'Freaks and Geeks'. Most recently, Childish Gambino wrapped the sold out I AM DONALD TOUR and played to over 10,000 people at the Bonnaroo Music Festival and was listed as one of the top five acts to see by 'Spin Magazine'.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross2011 three CD set. The soundtrack for the 2011 US adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by David Fincher, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. This is the second soundtrack that Reznor and Ross have worked on together, the previous being The Social Network Soundtrack, also for David Fincher. Soundtrack includes Reznor and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' take on Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song'.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Limited Edition)
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross2011 three CD set. The soundtrack for the 2011 US adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by David Fincher, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. This is the second soundtrack that Reznor and Ross have worked on together, the previous being The Social Network Soundtrack, also for David Fincher. Soundtrack includes Reznor and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' take on Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song'.
Crystal Castles2012 release, the third album from the Canadian Electronic/Experimental band, the first of their albums to be produced entirely by band member Ethan Kath. ''We wanted the album to sound like a completely different and new experience'' says Ethan. ''We'd limit ourselves to one take on each song because we believe the first take is the rawest expression of an idea,'' By ditching their old synthesizers and keyboards used on I and II, Ethan enforced a 'strictly no computers' rule in the studio and began recording everything directly to tape. Together the Canadian duo has conjured up a collection of songs that are as raw as they are well rounded. As '(Ill)' unfolds, each track will take you to greater heights and equal lows, as you enter the sometimes plagued and often polarized world that is Crystal Castles. Recorded mostly in Warsaw and Berlin, the album also boasts the haunting and euphoric 5-minute mind-bender 'Plague' that quickly caused a cyber-storm amongst fans and media when the band unveiled it via their soundcloud page this summer.
Die AntwoordDie Antwoord, the eclectic South African rap posse who taught you what zef was, are back with news of a new record, Ten$ion, weirder facial hair, more stick and poke tattoos, and another kind of gross and thus infinitely rewatchable video. Ten$ion is coming February 7 via Die Antwoord's own label, but in the meantime you can watch the video for its first single "Fok Julle Naaires," if you're not (spoiler alert) creeped out by large insects. It's a typical Die Antwoord song, all impressive and incomprehensible raps (with the exception of DJ Hi-Tek's turn at the mic towards the end, which is, um, neither of the above) from Ninja and Yo-Landi. We don't know what "Fok Julle Naaires" means, but it sounds serious.
Express Yourself
DiploUnbounded, genre-mashing DJ, producer and industry juggernaut Diplo is excited to release his first proper EP, Express Yourself, on his own Mad Decent label. The six-song recording from the man who makes up one half of the bombastic duo Major Lazer is a product of the artist's fearless endeavors of exploring and unearthing new music from around the world. Each cut features collaborations with artists he's met along his travels. The EP's title track, which also serves as it's first single, marks Diplo's first foray into the maddening beats and booty- popping sound of New Orleans Bounce featuring hometown hero Nicky Da B. Others feature Datsik & Sabi, Flinch & My Name Is Kay, Elephant Man & GTA, Billy the Gent & Long Jawns and Laserdisc Party Sex.
Down IV Part I
DownHard rock pioneers Down present their first new studio tracks in 5 years. The aptly titled EP One is the first in a series of four EP's planned for release, and marks the band's first studio release since 2007's Down III: Over the Under. Hailing from New Orleans, Down features Philip Anselmo, PepperKeenan, Kirk Windstein and Jimmy Bowery. Down's ground breaking music combines elements of Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skynyrd, andeverything in between, setting them apart from anything in the market today.
Cancer for Cure C4C
EL-P2012 album from the independent Rap icon. Cancer For Cure marks his first full length rap album since 2007's critically acclaimed I'll Sleep When Your Dead. The album takes another huge leap forward from the production work of his 2010 instrumental album. Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixxx with a bombastic collision of synths, bottomless bass tones, live instrumentation, ear-worming melody, and tightly coiled drum patterns, setting the standard for hip hop production higher than ever. The obvious diversion from the previous album is the presence of EL-P's ever-developing vocal style, continuing to raise the bar on his already highly verbose flow that swiftly and muscularly navigates a rapid fire explosion of syllabic conundrums and quick-witted elocutions full of heart, purpose, style, and grit. Rounded out by feature appearances by a host of high profile guests including Killer Mike, Danny Brown, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Paul Banks, and more this will easily be one of the year's most talked about albums.
Max Payne 3
Night Visions
Imagine Dragons*****
2nd Law
MuseDELUXE EDITION : 2 x disc set. Bold 2012 album, with BONUS DVD of "making of" footage & more! Includes "Survival".
Master of My Make-Believe
SantigoldAfter four years of hide and seek in which blogs blew up at the sudden release of any track with her name attached to it, Santigold presents Master of My Make Believe in a moment of global aggression and vulnerability. Honing in on the hyper-media cult of personality, in her unmistakable voice she asks the listener: Into what fantasy do you hurl yourself as you gaze into the glow of your machine? The answer to this question is central to what drives Master of My Make-Believe.

Through chopped pianos, the clink of glass bottles, and the peaking blast of motorcycle engines, Master of My Make-Believe accounts for 21st century details of life from the heart's center to the mind's periphery. In her pen and in her voice, the breadth of substance presented in Santigold's songs is immediate and complex. There are valleys here wherein the drudge of daily living is met with caution and confronted by mortality, but underneath it all there is the celebration of each person's power and vision to fight toward what they believe. Consider this your invitation.
Reign of Terror
Sleigh Bells2012 release from the Brooklyn duo consisting of Derek E. Miller (songwriter, guitarist, producer) and Alexis Krauss (vocals). Sleigh Bells' unique sound is likely the result of Miller and Krauss's contrasting musical backgrounds; Miller was formerly the guitarist for the post-hardcore band Poison The Well and Krauss was a member of the teen pop group RubyBlue as a teenager.
Antennas to Hell
SlipknotThis release celebrates the first chapter of Slipknot a chapter where they ve gone from unknown to the one of the biggest rock bands in the world all on their own terms. The journey from - "(sic)" - track 1 on their self-titled debut - to "Snuff" - the haunting #1 rock track from 2008 s All Hope Is Gone - proves that. The album features fan favorites, live classics as well as well known radio hits.
The Link
The Money Store
Death Grips
Born Villain
Marilyn Manson2012 album from the Gothic Shock Rock icon. Marilyn Manson has had astounding success across the globe including three albums being certified platinum and three more certified gold in the USA, in addition to three Top Ten albums and two #1 albums (Mechanical Animals and The Golden Age of Grotesque).
L'Enfant Sauvage
Mondo Sex Head
Rob Zombie
George Frideric HandelHandels ninth major opera for London, Alessandro was written as a showcase for the Rival Queens, the two famous Italian sopranos Francesca Cuzzoni and Faustina Bordoni whose supposed enmity, both personal and professional, not only generated good publicity for Handels latest opera but also added extra dramatic frisson to the two divas jealous clashes on stage.

Still something of a rarity even in this heyday of the Handel revival, Alessandro has only ever been recorded twice before over the past 30 years, and never previously with such a starry trio of singers in the three lead roles.

Marking the start of an exciting new partnership with the sensational Croatian counter-tenor Max Emanuel Cencic (and his company Parnassus Arts) that will involve both solo and ensemble recordings, this new recording stars Cencic himself as Alexander the Great (a role originally sung by the legendary castrato Senesino), with acclaimed French Canadian soprano Karina Gauvin as the Scythian princess Lisaura, and the sensational young Russian soprano Julia Lezhneva making her debut appearance as Deccas latest exciting solo signing in the role of Roxana, the Persian princess who finally wins the conquerors heart.

Recorded at the Megaron concert hall in Athens, this new recording of Handels classical epic features the period instruments of Armonia Atenea conducted by George Petrou, the brilliant young Baroque specialist whose previous recordings of Handel operas (Oreste, Arianna in Creta, Tamerlano, Giulio Cesare and the pasticcio Alessandro Severo) have won numerous international awards.
King Animal
SoundgardenDeluxe Features 3 Demo Tracks
Random Access Memories
Daft PunkRandom Access Memories is the new album from Daft Punk. Collaborators include Nile Rodgers, Chilly Gonzalez, Giorgio Moroder, Julian Casablancas, Pharrell Williams, Paul Williams, Todd Edwards, Panda Bear and DJ Falcon.
No Love Deep Web
Death Grips
DiploRevolution is DIPLO's follow up to the meme-defining Express Yourself EP. Teaming up with an all new cast of friends including MIKE POSNER, RiFF RAFF, TRAVIS PORTER, ACTION BRONSON and many more, Diplo has produced one of the most cutting edge dance EP's in recent memory. "Biggie Bounce" continues where "Express Yourself" left off, creating a new NOLA bounce anthem with Travis Porter restating his claim to the king of twerk. Diplo aims for the clouds with "Revolution," allowing KAI's vocal delivery to soar above the stadium trap instrumental. "Crown" lets loose one of the hardest drops of Diplo's career only to have him pull it back in with Mike Posner's light hearted vocals. The EP is rounded out with "Rock Steady," an homage to old school hip hop featuring verses from Action Bronson, MR MFN esquire and Mad Decent's own RiFF RAFF. Each track on the Revolution EP highlights a different aspect of Diplo's production style and displays why he's one of the most sought after producers in the world.
Blow the Roof
Flux Pavilion
Kanye WestThis album has a long list of collaborators: Daft Punk, Hudson Mohawke, RZA, Chief Keef, King L, Justin Vernon, Travis Scott and Charlie Wilson all chipped in, and Rick Rubin showed up late in the game and got an executive producer credit. Full of rattling 808s, electro clatter, waves of fuzz and heart-racing BPMs. 'On Site', its high-voltage sequence of insistent electronic bleeps and blips interspersed with samples of what sounds like slow-motion epic classic rock songs. The heavy drum rumble of 'Black Skinhead', interspersed with yelps and shouts, West raps in an increasingly frantic manner, building into a climax that the Prodigy would be proud of "I Am a God". The drum-less barrage of brooding synths, booming pitched-down vocals and smoke-gray reverb sounds like something out of a boss level in Assassin's Creed. "New Slaves" is still as electric as the day it was premiered on the sides of buildings across the globe, a snarling indictment of America's interwoven legacies of consumerism, racism and mass incarceration.
The Wack Album
The Lonely IslandDeluxe CD/DVD edition. 2013 release, the third album from the musical comedy trio featuring Saturday Night Live's Andy Samberg plus Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone. Features guest appearances from Solange, Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamarr, T-Pain, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Billie Joe Armstrong, Robyn and others. Includes 'Diaper Money', 'YOLO' and more.
Pure Heroine
Lorde2013 debut album from New Zealand singer/songwriter Ella Yelich-O'Connor AKA Lorde. It'd be easy to mistake Ella for a seasoned tunesmith from the American South, one who carries a heavy heart that's been ravaged by careless men over time. But in truth, Lorde recorded these songs as a 16-year old Kiwi championed by the likes of Perez Hilton and Grimes. She has a timeless knack for songcraft with a sophisticated pop savvy that most people over 30 can't find without collaboration. Lorde needs no collaborative hacks — she writes and sings her own songs. Even when she sings in her higher vocal range about teenage politics, Lorde carries herself with the grace and poise of someone like Beth Orton.
M.I.A.2013 release, the eagerly-awaited fourth album from the British R&B vocalist and rapper. The album, which is the follow-up to her 2010 album Maya, features collaborations and production from The Weeknd, Switch, Hit-Boy, Danja, The Partysquad, Surkin and others. Features 'Bad Girls', 'Bring The Noize', 'Come Walk With Me' and 'Y.A.L.A.'
Came Back Haunted (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Copy of a (Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Everything (NL Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
Rob ZombieRob Zombie has continuously challenged audiences as he stretches the boundaries of music, film, and publishing. Now, the seven-time Grammy®-nominated recording artist releases his fifth solo album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, which streets April 23, and includes the first single, 'Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Super Town,' along with such tracks as 'Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga,' 'Lucifer Rising,' 'Behold! The Pretty Filthy Creatures' and a heavy-duty cover of Grand Funk Railroad s 'We re an American Band.' It is the first release on his new label, Zodiac Swan, through T-Boy Records/UMe.
Bitter Rivals
Sleigh Bells
Twenty One PilotsVessel is a complex collection of songs that shows why twenty one pilots as added to Fueled By Ramen's extremely selective roster. The band entered a real studio for the first time ever with Grammy nominated producer Greg Wells (Weezer, Adele) to craft an album which merges elements of hip-hop, indie rock and punk in a way that's so seamless, you'll be rapping along one minute and caught up in a lush orchestral line the next.
LordeFollowing LORDEs highly-anticipated return with the new single Green Light, the singer sets the release of her second full-length album Melodrama for June 16 via LAVA/Republic Records. Melodrama includes the brand new track Liability, produced by Lorde and Jack Antonoff, and the current single Green Light, produced by Lorde, Jack Antonoff, and Frank Dukes.

Green Light immediately launched the GRAMMY® Award-winning singer to the top worldwide trending topic on Facebook and Twitter, amassing an incredible 2 billion impressions on Twitter alone within its first 24 hours.

Rolling Stone praised her return single as a reflection of her own emerging adulthood and The FADER declared the track as a true pop anthem made for both earbud strutting and the club. Pitchfork named Green Light best new track, concluding the euphoria of Green Light is a new look for this 20-year-old who first appeared as a shadowy teenaged mystic. She doles it out carefully, true to her inability to find closure. But when it hits, she is radiant.
War of the Gargantuas
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals, Warbeast2013 split EP from Pantera/Down vocalist Phil Anselmo and Metal warriors Warbeast. War Of The Gargantuas includes two songs from each artist. This album serves as the first release of any solo work by Philip Anselmo during the span of his nearly 30-year legacy. Also, the two Warbeast tracks on the split feature former bassist Alan Bovee before his amicable departure from the band.
Welcome Oblivion
How to Destroy AngelsFull length debut from How to destroy angles.
Trent reznor | Mariqueen maandig | Atticus ross | Rob sheridan
Welcome Oblivion
How to Destroy AngelsWelcome oblivion is the debut album from How to destroy angels, a collective featuring Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, Rob Sheridan and Atticus Ross.

The vinyl version of Welcome oblivion includes two bonus tracks not available on the other formats. Also included in the vinyl package is a copy of the album on a CD.
Walk Through Exits Only
Philip H. Anselmo & The IllegalsProduced by Philip Anselmo and Michael Thompson, and recorded over the past couple of years at his New Orleans studio, Nodferatu's Lair, with his band The Illegals - Marzi Montazeri/guitar, and drummer Jose Manuel 'Blue' Gonzales, Walk Through Exits Only is abrasive, aggressive,
anthemic and 100% Anselmo. The album's eight songs are as unstrained as it gets, from 'Battalion of Zero' to 'Usurper's B*stard Rant,' to the album's title track that goes
against the grain and right through the exits. Brash, brutal guitars cut through punishing percussion as Anselmo screams with uncompromising ferocity and uncontainable

'It wasn't about doing a paint-by-numbers thrash or heavy metal record,' Anselmo explained about the project. ''It's an angry album that only I could do. I don't see anybody else out there screaming about the same sh*t I'm screaming about. On this album, there isn't any wordplay, there isn't any hidden message, it's all right there in front of you.''

Anselmo and the Illegals will support the new album with a major North American tour planned for this summer. Anselmo, who is up for Best Vocalist at this year's Revolver Golden Gods awards, will make a special appearance at that event.

On Walk Through Exits Only and over his entire career, Anselmo hasn't just paved his own path, he's bulldozed it with his bare hands.
Hesitation Marks
Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks is the new full-length album from Nine Inch Nails. Recorded in secret over the last year, Trent Reznor teamed with producers Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder to create the first new music from Nine Inch Nails in five years. Includes lead single "Came Back Haunted."

The vinyl edition is pressed on two black 180 gram LPs housed in a gatefold jacket and includes a CD insert of the album.
Hesitation Marks
Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks is the new full-length album from Nine Inch Nails. Recorded in secret over the last year, Trent Reznor teamed with producers Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder to create the first new music from Nine Inch Nails in five years. Includes lead single "Came Back Haunted."

Standard CD includes 14 tracks and 8 pg booklet
Hesitation Marks (Deluxe Edition)
Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks is the new full-length album from Nine Inch Nails. Recorded in secret over the last year, Trent Reznor teamed with producers Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder to create the first new music from Nine Inch Nails in five years. Includes lead single "Came Back Haunted."

Deluxe Edition includes 14 tracks plus a bonus CD with 3 remixes and is accompanied by a 28 page hardcover book.
Hesitation Marks (JP)
Nine Inch Nails
Fit For An AutopsyOn Hellbound, Fit For An Autopsy expand upon their commanding approach to an often maligned subgenre by synthesizing the rhythmic experimentalism of Gojira, the aggressive post-Noisecore of Converge, the esoteric and meditative tribalism of Isis, a virulent dose of the New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal (At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, early In Flames), the legendary progenitors of Floridian death metal (Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary) and the deathcore acts who offer actual proficiency in the genre (Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Whitechapel).
Punishing, unrelenting and alternately both heavy and dissonant, the New Jersey metal band s first album for Good Fight/eOne conjures visions of Nero vigorously attacking his fiddle, even as Rome was engulfed in fire all around him. Esteemed English actor Michael Caine delivers perhaps the best line in Christopher Nolan s The Dark Knight trilogy: Some men just want to watch the world burn.
Run the jewels
Run the Jewels
Aphex TwinWhenever one of the most celebrated and influential electronic fartist, Richard D. James can compete with the music flip to influence built. The better part of a decagon, James Polygon Window, Caustic Window, GAK and maintain, including `Aphex Twin has unreleased music under several thousand monikers great pace. Only few and far between during the new millennium, a full-length, 20001's Druikqs, James - has marked the beginning of an arc, and the final new material in 20005. A lot of the music in any way is often a lack of communication and leadership to be fallacious rumors of new material for his fannies and his enthusiasm has not diminished hope. However ambitious this year, 9014, they uncovered new mats in almost a decade distribution crowdfund rallied together his army of fans: A precious gift that can not be the same as the new Phex Twinnipicks material is still unquenched thirst.
5 Years of Mau5
The Physical World
Death From Above 1979Produced by D. Sardy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, LCD Soundsystem, Wolfmother, Oasis), The Physical World comes a full ten years after the release of the band's universally acclaimed debut album, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine, which made Jesse F. Keeler (bass, synths, backing vocals) and Sebastien Grainger (vocals and drums), an underground /over ground sensation.
Donker Mag
Die Antwoord2014 release, the third album from the South African Rap/Rave duo. Die Antwoord's musical and visual style incorporates elements of zef culture, described as modern and trashy, appropriating out-of-date, discarded cultural elements.
Random White Dude Be Everywhere
Diplo2014 collection from the DJ, producer and rapper. Your favorite `random white dude' has been on a music tirade. From the meme-inspiring NOLA bounce tune 'Express Yourself,' to 'Boy Oh Boy' which took over stages and social media everywhere, to his deep festival-trap single 'Revolution,' Diplo's songs have stretched across the globe and planted themselves permanently into speakers everywhere. Highlighting the evolution of his sound, Diplo's put together a deluxe collection of his most popular singles, never-before-heard remixes and two brand new tracks that feature collaborations with the likes of Waka Flocka Flame, Yellow Claw, Alvaro and others. Whether or not you're the ultimate Diplo fan already or you're being introduced to him for the first time, RANDOM WHITE DUDE BE EVERYWHERE gives you VIP access into what the Mad Decent boss and world renowned producer is all about.
Down IV Part II
DownWith a collective resume encompassing Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, and Eyehategod, Down puffed out its first haze of sonic smoke on the 1995 platinum-selling classic, Nola, followed by the critically revered offerings of Down II (2002), Down III (2007), and Down IV Part One (2012). Their shows built a certain live lore with unforgettable runs alongside Metallica, Heaven & Hell as well as coveted spots on Download, Soundwave, & Ozzfest. On 2014's Down IV - Part II, the boys once again deliver passionate, powerful, and pure heavy music.
Abandon Ship
Knife PartyDebut album from dance music elder statesmen, Knife Party.
.5: The Gray Chapter
SlipknotAfter 6 turbulent years, Slipknot returns with one of their heaviest and most intense body of work - .5:The Gray Chapter. Stretching from grief to anger and beyond, the album touches on the most difficult period of the bands career and serves as a tribute to a lost friend and bandmate. Led by the ferocious "The Negative One" and the first single "The Devil In I" the album ranges from the raw moments from the bands self-titled debut and follow-up Iowa to the dynamics of Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses and All Hope Is Gone. .5: The Gray Chapter is classic Slipknot while remaining fresh and innovative and proves Slipknot continues to be the premiere heavy band of this generation.
Quiet Is Violent
Twenty One Pilots2014 Australian exclusive EP, Quiet Is Violent. The EP has all the ingredients to raise their fan base, with a mix of live tracks and remixes. Include versions of 'House of Gold' which has sold over 110, 000 singles in the US, and 'Car Radio' which is booming on the alternative charts and already has over 6 million views on YouTube. Their debut album Vessel, has sold over 150, 000 in the US to date...... The duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, have exploded onto the music scene and have built a loyal following with their organic music, which they so passionately share through killer live performances and social media.
"Awaken, My Love!"
Childish GambinoAs Childish Gambino once again sheds his skin, Awaken My Love! is a sonic evolution. It has been described as R&B meets Pink Floyd, by one journalist while others have cited an amalgam of rock, funk, and soul influences. It is a groundbreaking next step following the genre blending STN MTN / Kauai mixtape and the twice-Grammy nominated rap album.
Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels
Gone Girl
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
Gone Girl
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross"Gone Girl" is directed by David Fincher. The music for the film is by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Trent and Atticus have worked with Fincher on two previous films, The Social Network, for which they won an Oscar for Best Original Score, and the critically acclaimed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. "Gone Girl" is a thriller based on the bestselling book of the same name and stars Ben Affleck , Rosamond Pike and Neil Patrick Harris.

The package includes 2 LPs in a Gatefold Jacket, 180 gram vinyl, and includes a download card insert.
Opera Baroque
Various ArtistsThis set is truly a marvel, both in its musical excellence and in the quality of its presentation. Through superb performances of works both famous and rare, it offers the listener a comprehensive, country-by-country guide to the world of opera in the Baroque period. It features 39 compact discs and three DVDs comprising over 47 hours of music, including seventeen complete operas performed by some of the world's finest singers under the direction of Rene Jacobs and William Christie. Several of the recordings in this set have been award winners, and some have been unavailable on CD for many years. Housed in packaging of the highest quality, the set also includes four richly detailed booklets and a supplementary CD with sung texts and translations. For anyone interested in music of this period, this is a release to treasure for a lifetime.
Recoiled (UK)
Nine Inch Nails, Coil2014 release. Recoiled is a rambunctious alchemy, of magical Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa '90s mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde/Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained pre-big studio mix downs of four songs which long time Coil admirer/collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde/Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. Recoiled includes five lengthy compositions are pre-Ableton/laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumored to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure.
Nine Inch Nails, CoilVinyl LP pressing. 2014 release. Recoiled is a rambunctious alchemy, of magical Coil sensibilities and hi-tech home circa '90s mixing technique, all fused in the cave-like early studios of Danny Hyde/Peter Christopherson. These were the unrestrained pre-big studio mix downs of four songs which long time Coil admirer/collaborator Trent Reznor requested Coil to remix. Reznor sent over the original multi-tracks and DATs to Hyde/Christopherson, who independently mixed versions and then met to synch both creations, molding them into these master versions. Recoiled includes five lengthy compositions are pre-Ableton/laptop generation type priest song creations, with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumored to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure.
3TƎETH3TEETH have, collectively, 128 teeth. The glitch-industrial foursome from Los Angeles has turned a lot of people onto their music since their inception, with tracks like Pearls 2 Swine and Nihil finding their way onto many ""bands to watch"" lists and top music blog Earmilk premiering their remixes and singing their praises. The band cites Author & Punisher, TRUST, and Gesaffelstein as influences while incorporating old-school EBM beats and gritty, glitched out tracks that sound like the spawn of Lassigue Bendthaus and an early KMFDM. Their self-titled debut album is released on CD and vinyl on Artoffact Records. The vinyl comes in two editions: standard black, and a limited white with black splatter that comes with a 13-track remix collection tooth-shaped USB with 3TEETH logo. Splatter vinyl with USB tooth limited to 90 copies. Vinyl comes with an mp3 download code.
Deadmau5deadmau5 may have come to international prominence during the rise of electronic dance music, but musically he stands far apart from the scene that made him a superstar. While other producers collaborate with pop stars in hopes of climbing to the pinnacle of the Top 40, deadmau5 delivers beats and hooks that have filled stadiums, all while exploring the boundaries of electronic and dance music in the same way that groundbreaking artists like Richie Hawtin and Aphex Twin (Richard James) did.

Now he has put all of that together for the first time for the incredibly ambitious while(1<2), a two-disc collection that deadmau5 considers his first true artist album. “It’s a good mix of what I want to do versus want people want to hear or what they would expect. It’s a good balance,” he says. “I’ve managed to agree with myself and find a way to place certain things in there that I feel stronger about.” while(1<2), which means “to loop indefinitely,” follows deadmau5’s other releases > album title goes here <,, 4×4=12, For Lack Of A Better Name and Random Album Title and marks his first proper artist release with his new label home Astralwerks Records.
Because the Internet
Run the Jewels 2
Run the JewelsEl-P & Killer Mike's second collab in as many years. Zack De La Rocha & Travis Barker guest.
Third Day of a Seven Day Binge / Deep Six
Marilyn Manson
3TƎETHHaving already dropped what LA Weekly called a ""trangressive art"" release, 3TEETH are one of the most talked-about industrial acts on the planet right now. And with good reason: their live show smokes, their media blitz is genius, and their debut work is one of the most powerful guitar-industrial records in years. The band spent the better part of a year commissioning remixes, many of which were released as limited digital-only download teasers. Now, all of the 3TEETH remixes are collected on a 15-track album called simply REMIXED. Included are stellar mixes from notable acts such as Aesthetic Perfection and AIMON, as well as fan-favourites such as the ridiculously amazing Mr. Skeleton remix and the equally sick work by Randolph & Mortimer. The remix album is released through Artoffact Records and comes in a beautifully designed 6-panel digipak.
La Di Da Di
BattlesBattles are the Networked Band, or perhaps the-band-as-network. An island chain linked by a unique combination of artistry, experimentation, technology and singular focus. A band that holds computerized loops in their brains, leaves sweat on their machines and whose sonic heartbeat is almost brutally human.

Dave Konopka, Ian Williams and John Stanier have turned the tables on themselves this time, confronted their own ideas of what Battles is and here on their third album, have willed an answer to that question into existence. As the name might imply, La Di Da Di is a mushrooming monolith of repetition. Here is an organic techno thrum of nearly infinite loops that refuse to remain consistent. The rhythmic genus of Battles is here as ever; full frontal, heightened and unforgiving the gauntlet through which melody and harmony must pass, assailed at every turn.
Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit Special Edition
Courtney Barnett- 2X CD with Sometimes I Sit + Live at Electric Ballroom in London audio
- Matte laminated collector s edition box set
- New Artwork
- 16 Page booklet
- Fold out poster
- 4 limited edition Polaroid photographs
The Powers That B
Death Grips
Occult Classic
Kill The NoiseBass Music stalwart Kill The Noise has been a staple in Electronic Music since 2008. Occult Classic is a his full-length debut on Skrillex's OWSLA, following a a string of Singles and EP's that have made him one of the most recognizable artists and personalities on the scene. It features 12 hard hitting and dynamic tracks that features a wide array of artists including Dillon Francis, Feed Me, Tommy Trash, Madsonik, Bryn Christopher, 2ton and Aaron from AWOLNATION. Occult Classic proves to be his most explosive and expansive release yet.
Between II Worlds
Nero2015 album from Grammy-Award winning UK dubstep /electronic trio featuring 'The Thrill' & 'Satisfy'.
Money $hot
PusciferPuscifer is back with a new album and a huge buzz! Money Shot is coming your way Oct. 30 and we couldn't be more excited. Have you seen the video for the first song the band released for Grand Canyon? Money shot is the follow up to Conditions Of My Parole and marks Maynard Keenan and company's third full length album and its first new album in four years. ''It¹s extremely satisfying to witness simple conversations and ideas transform into completed sonic landscapes,'' Keenan told Rolling Stone. ''And to have these stories go above and beyond the initial ideas makes my grumpy heart swell three sizes.'' In addition, fans can look for Puscifer hitting the road in November for their first extended North American touring in support of the Money Shot album. Dates begin Nov. 1 at the Monster Mash Festival in Phoenix with shows booked into mid-December. For the upcoming shows, the live lineup will consist of Maynard James Keenan, Mat Mitchell, Carina Round, Jeff Friedl, Masha Zargaran and Paul Barker. Luchafer will open all of the band's late fall tour dates. As is the Modus Operandi of Puscifer, there will be a whole new show to accompany the Money Shot release. ''We've been leaving a few clues here and there as to what it may entail,'' says Keenan. ''As usual, we prefer to Show rather than Tell. Odds are if you've been a fan of the diverse nature of our performances in the past, you¹ll want to go ahead and place those bets.''
Twenty One PilotsBlurryface is the much anticipated second studio album from twenty one pilots. On the follow up to their highly successful debut Vessel, the band worked with famed producers Mike Elizondo, Mike Crossey, Tim Anderson and Ricky Reed to craft a genre-bending collection of dynamic and diverse songs.
The Pale Emperor
An 8-panel soft pack with a sand paper-grit front and back cover. Features a black polycarbonate disc with thermographic reveal ink print. Includes three bonus tracks plus exclusive interior photos by Nicholas Cope.
Bjork9 tracks - 2015
Ludovico Einaudi: Portrait
ANGELE / LA PIETA DUBEAUAlbum of the Week (April 13, 2015) on Classic FM (UK)

Download of the Week on KDFC (San Francisco)

Portrait is a string of recordings presenting contemporary composers with a unique musical signature. Ludovico Einaudi is one of them. This grand and prolific Italian composer creates works that dwell within us for a long time. A music which captivates the listener, a sonic landscape to discover. Starting from the original versions starring this composer and brilliant pianist, I wished to explore these works with my violin, surrounded by the wonderful musicians of my string orchestra La Pietà. This is a revisit of his music, changing its texture, rethinking its character while bringing a new sonic dimension. I am happy to share with you my latest musical highlight. Enjoy the music! - Angèle Dubeau
Death Magic
Meow the Jewels



Originally posted as a pre-order offering for their seismic sophomore album Run the Jewels 2, the group jokingly promised to remix the album using only cat sounds in exchange for $40,000. An enterprising fan called their bluff via a highly publicized and successful Kickstarter campaign which exceeded its goal. Instead of backing down from the absurd premise, El-P and Killer Mike have rose to the occasion, assembling a stable of immensely talented producers (including El-P, Just Blaze, Prince Paul, Geoff Barrow of Portishead, Massive Attack, The Alchemist, Zola Jesus, Nick Hook, BOOTS, Dan The Automator, and more) to help deliver the goods.

The album will be released via Mass Appeal Records as a limited edition (one-time pressing), 2XLP tawny brown vinyl version housed in a gatefold jacket, this time with the iconic Run the Jewels album cover hands represented in actual faux fur. The record also comes stocked with a hand-drawn poster and a limited edition Meow the Jewels sticker sheet. This is sure to be one of Run The Jewels most collectible recordsyet

Absolute Hope Absolute Hell
Fit for an AutopsyFit For An Autopsy had a simple credo and goal when it came to recording their third record.

After spending a lot of time on the road, both sharpening their live skills and listening to other bands, absorbing the many sounds that filled their environment, the band was influenced by what it heard in a unique way. Fit For An Autopsy understood exactly what they DIDN'T want to sound like.

While some heavy music fans love cliche, there has to be something more to add depth, breadth, scope, and staying power, and Fit For An Autopsy used that as a guiding principle for their new album Absolute Hope Absolute Hell.

That may sound very conceptual and esoteric, but once you turn the knobs as far to the right as they will go for Absolute Hope Absolute Hell,which was self-produced at The Machine Shop by guitarist and producer Will Putney (Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, Northlane), it will all become clearer.
Cheetah EP
Aphex TwinThe Aphex Twin Cheetah EP uses digital sound generation techniques combined with wave sequencing technology to bring you sounds with movement and depth rarely found on records today. To assure you that your Cheetah EP will give you many years of enjoyment, please be sure to read the owners manual carefully before attempting to operate the Cheetah EP. All forms of Cheetah EP come encased in high gloss packaging with silver foil detailing to ensure a high quality product experience. We sincerely hope that having battled through the programming of the Cheetah EP, you have now become familiar with the exceptional potential of this record.
Bottomless Pit
Death Grips
Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid
Die Antwoord2016 release. In 2009, Die Antwoord (translated from Afrikaans as "the answer") burst onto the international scene out of the deep dark depths of South Africa. The rave rap duo of Ninja and ¥o-landi Vi$$er introduced zef culture into the pop culture lexicon, and pop culture hasn't been the same since. Early videos racked up a combined 35 million views, the band's website crashed due to the influx of traffic, and no one has been able to look at Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon art the same way again. In total their videos have over 250 million views and their albums are approaching a million in sales worldwide. In 2014, Donker Mag contained their next breakthrough tracks and remarkable videos. Now Die Antwoord release their next masterpiece - My Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid and the breakthrough video for 'Banana Brain'.
Official IASCA Sound Quality Reference Disc
The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
Rob ZombieThe Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser is Rob Zombie's sixth solo studio album. Produced by Zeuss, it was recorded and mixed at Goathouse Studios. A full return to form by the rock icon, The Electric Warlock… features John 5 (Guitar), Piggy D (Bass) and Ginger Fish (Drums). This album marks Rob Zombie's first solo studio album since 2013's Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200.
SantigoldIt took roughly eight months to manifest her new vision, with assists from a mix of collaborators with poppier visions such as producers Patrick Berger (Robyn, Icona Pop) and John Hill (Florence and the Machine, Charli XCX), alongside eclectic talents known more for globe-trotting sounds such as Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. She went into the studio with them intending to make a fun record.
Saul WilliamsMartyrLoserKing is the fifth studio album from musician, actor, poet, and activist Saul Williams. A thinly veiled concept album carved from the tales of its main character a computer hacker living in Burundi with the screen name mrtyr_lsr_kng the album confronts a bevy of timely issues head on and unapologetically, from economic disparity and police brutality to issues of privacy in the digital age.
Jessica Rabbit
Sleigh BellsSleigh Bells wasted no time after getting off the ground in 2009, releasing three blistering records in four years. Ready for a break from the road, they took their time on their fourth LP, Jessica Rabbit, writing and finishing the record several times only to realize that they wanted to push themselves and the music further. As the three years elapsed, Derek went looking for the abyss, found it, and crawled out in one piece. Alexis, for her part, found something like heaven in nature and healthy living. The result of their combined experiences is an intense and vulnerable record that's highly evolved and completely uncategorizable, a major statement from a band wholly committed to advancing their dynamic, uncompromising vision. Jessica Rabbit is the first release on the band's own record label, Torn Clean.
Caught Up In the Gears of Application
Superjoint RitualMembers of Pantera, DOWN, Eyehategod, Warbeast, 16 Horsepower, etc. Formerly Superjoint Ritual The new Superjoint, Caught up in the Gears of Application is true to the bands style musically, whilst lyrically it is a palpable bird-finger to anything and everything that stifles freedom of expression, especially in music.
Everybody Wants Some!!
Everybody Wants Some!!The official soundtrack curated by the film's director Richard Linklater, featuring classic songs from Van Halen, The Cars, The Knack, and many more.
Quote from Linklater: "The Everybody Wants Some soundtrack tries to capture the amazing diversity of what was on the table musically at that time. So many artists were at the top of their game, and it seemed like a lot of popular genres were viable. Metal and R&B were as big as ever, disco was still hanging in there (although it would be ‘dead' within a year or so), and, thanks to the movie Urban Cowboy, country was suddenly cool in places it hadn't been before. Even more exciting was the immediacy of punk and new wave, and the first examples of this thing you'd eventually know as hip-hop. Over the years some of this has been parodied and made to look ridiculous, but this movie is asking you to experience it as if for the first time - from those opening drum beats of ‘My Sharona' to the utter newness of ‘Rapper's Delight.'"
Surgical Meth Machine
Surgical Meth Machine
Suck on This
Die Antwoord
This Is Where Death Begins
CombichristIncludes the CD of the band's new relelase, 'This is Where Death Begins' and a live CD of the band's April 9th show at Complex in Glendale, CA
Crystal CastlesCasablanca/Republic Records will be releasing Crystal Castles s 4th full-length studio album Amnesty (I) on 8/19/2016. Crystal Castles are an experimental electronic band formed in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario by songwriter/producer Ethan Kath, known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade productions. They released many limited vinyl singles between 2006 and 2007 before releasing a trilogy of critically acclaimed albums between 2008 and 2012. Their debut album, Crystal Castles, was released in 2008 and was listed on NME's "Top 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade". In 2010 their second album, titled (II), charted on the Billboard 200, and includes their first worldwide charting single, "Not In Love", featuring vocalist Robert Smith of The Cure. Their third album, (III), was released on November 12, 2012 and was the number 1 album of 2012 on Tumblr and also on Hype Machine. The band is currently preparing for an upcoming US tour from 9/6-10/9. The album announcement has come with a huge amount of press including Consequence of Sound, Dancing Astronaut, SPIN, Pitchfork and more!
The Negative Space
We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service
Tribe Called QuestA Tribe Called Quest - Q-Tip, Phife Dawg (who passed away on March 22nd, 2016), Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Jarobi White the groundbreaking 90 s group that forever transformed the urban music landscape reunited on their first and last studio album together in eighteen years. Guests on "We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your Service" include; Kendrick Lamar, Elton John, Jack White, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Consequence, Anderson Paak, and Talib Kweli.
Run the Jewels 3
Run the Jewels1. Down (feat. Joi Gilliam)
2. Talk To Me
3. Legend Has It
4. Call Ticketron
5. Hey Kids (Bumaye) (feat. Danny Brown)
6. Stay Gold
7. Don't Get Captured
8. Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost) (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
9. 2100 (feat. BOOTS)
10. Panther Like a Panther (Miracle Mix) (feat. Trina)
11. Everybody Stay Calm
12. Oh Mama
13. Thursday in the Danger Room (feat. Kamasi Washington)
14. Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters
Depeche ModeSpirit is the new album from Depeche Mode, and the band's 14th studio release. Spirit marks the band's first collaboration with producer James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco (Foals, Florence & The Machine, Arctic Monkeys) and is the follow up to the band's blockbuster 2013 studio album Delta Machine which debuted at #1 in 12 countries.

Spirit will be available digitally and physically as a standard 12 track album, and a Deluxe version that features 5 additional remixes by Depeche Mode. The vinyl version of Spirit will feature the 12 tracks on the standard album on two 180 gram LPs, featuring 3 sides of music and a 4th side with a special SPIRIT etching.
The Great Collapse
Fit For An AutopsyThe crushing music of Fit For An Autopsy is for any fan of extreme metal, as it’s devoid of preachy politics or grandstanding soapboxing, but its sound and fury is absolutely unflinching in purpose. The band expertly blends excessive-force fueled death metal with atmospheric groove and impassioned personal diatribes, reflecting back the dark state of current events. Their fourth album, The Great Collapse, doesn’t waste time with fantasy bullshit or cliché gore horror. Fit For An Autopsy are metal guys, to be certain, but they grew up in the hardcore scene. They embrace the responsibility to put as much devoted purpose into their lyrics and message as they do into their dense, heady, songs, forging a magnificently powerful new post-deathcore.
Emperor Of Sand
MastodonEmperor Of Sand finds Mastodon returning to a deeply imaginative and complex conceptual storyline that ponders the nature of time. Threading together the myth of a man sentenced to death in a majestically malevolent desert, the band conjures the grains of a musical and lyrical odyssey slipping quickly through a cosmic hourglass. "Emperor of Sand is like the grim reaper," says drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor. "Sand represents time. If you or anyone you know has ever received a terminal diagnosis, the first thought is about time. Invariably, you ask, ‘How much time is left?'"
"We're reflecting on mortality," adds bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders. "To that end, the album ties into our entire discography. It's 17 years in the making, but it's also a direct reaction to the last two years. We tend to draw inspiration from very real things in our lives."
Emperor Of Sand was recorded at The Quarry Recording Studio in Kennesaw, just outside Mastodon's hometown of Atlanta, with producer Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Neil Young, AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine), who first worked with Mastodon on their seminal 2009 album Crack The Skye.
Before The Flood
Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Gustavo SantaolallaTrent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Mogwai, and Argentine film composer Gustavo Santaolalla teamed up to compose the score for Before the Flood, Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change film. The soundtrack includes the previously shared Reznor and Ross collaboration 'A Minute to Breathe.'

Triple Gatefold designed by John Crawford
3x LP 180g Heavy Weight Audiophile Black Vinyl
Includes 'A Minute To Breathe' featuring vocals by Trent Reznor
White Knight
Todd RundgrenVeteran producer, pioneering performer and legendary songwriter Todd Rundgren returns with a 2017 album featuring a stellar line-up of all-star guest performers! White Knight showcases Rundgren's incredibly diverse range of styles from soulful art rock to ambient synth pop and includes performances from Rundgren's equally diverse musical companions such as Trent Reznor, Donald Fagen (of Steely Dan), Joe Walsh (of The Eagles), Daryl Hall, Dam Funk, Joe Satriani, Robyn and others. Includes the tracks "I Got Your Back," "Chance for Us," "Tin Foil Hat," "Sleep," "That Could Have Been Me," "Deaf Ears," "This Is Not a Drill" and others.
The Fragile: Deviations 1
Nine Inch Nails
Queens of the Stone Age“The title Villains isn’t a political statement. It has nothing to do with Trump or any of that shit. It’s simply 1) a word that looks fantastic and 2) a comment on the three versions of every scenario: yours, mine and what actually happened… Everyone needs someone or something to rail against— their villain—same as it ever was. You can’t control that. The only thing you can really control is when you let go.” —Joshua Homme Hundreds of epic shows, memory lapses, unexplained injuries, one yearlong detour with Iggy Pop and multiple Grammy nominations later, Queens Of The Stone Age reemerge from the desert newly scarred and somehow strangely prettier with lucky seventh album, Villains, out August 25 on Matador Records. Produced by Mark Ronson and co-produced by Mark Rankin and mixed by Alan Moulder, Villains is the first full album offering from Queens Of The Stone Age since 2013’s …Like Clockwork gave the band its first #1 album in the U.S. Like the stunning artwork of returning illustrator Boneface, the sonic signatures of the lineup that took …Like Clockwork around the world and back are as unmistakable as ever, though coexisting with sufficient new twists to induce recurring double takes. As Homme himself puts it, “The most important aspect of making this record was redefining our sound, asking and answering the question ‘what do we sound like now?’ If you can’t make a great first record, you should just stop—but if you can make a great record but you keep making records and your sound doesn’t evolve, you become a parody of that original sound.” Longtime Queens cohort co-producer Mark Rankin added, “After the baptism of fire that was …Like Clockwork, I was excited to get into the studio again with the challenge of pushing the sound for this record, especially with the the addition of Ronson into the creative mix… What we’ve made is forward looking yet unmistakably Queens.”
The Vietnam War - A Film By Ken Burns & Lynn Novick
Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross
The Vietnam War - A Film By Ken Burns & Lynn Novick
Trent Reznor / Atticus RossSCORE : (2CD) 2017 score to the Ken Burns & Lynn Novick series, composed by Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor with NIN bandmate & composer Atticus Ross ('Social Network', 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo').
Heaven Upside Down


Dead on Arrivals
Add Violence
Nine Inch NailsEdgy & challenging 2017 EP from Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross featuring 'Less Than' & 'This Isn't the Place'.
Add Violence
Nine Inch Nails
Year of the Snitch
Death Grips
Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue
Philip H. Anselmo & The IllegalsPhilip H. Anselmo hasn't just paved his own path. he's bulldozed it with his bare hands. His primal, powerful presence led Pantera to Grammy Award nominations, sales of 20 million albums worldwide, legions of diehard fans, and an indisputable heavy metal legacy. Simultaneously, Down carved out a distinct niche with a gold-selling debut and three more critically acclaimed releases, most recently, 2012's Down IV Part I The Purple EP. Instead of treading the same ground, Anselmo and his band mates ''The Illegals'' Jose Manuel ''Blue'' Gonzalez [drums], Stephen Taylor (moved from bass to guitar), & new extreme additions ''Metal'' Mike DeLeon (guitar), & Walter Howard (bass) open up another doorway altogether with their 2018 Sophmore release, Choosing Mental Illness as Virtue, available through the vocalist's very own Housecore Records. It's extreme, abrasive, aggressive, and anthemic. In other words, it's purely Anselmo.
Eat the Elephant
A Perfect Circle
God Break Down the Door (NL Promo)
Nine Inch Nails
Bad Witch
Nine Inch NailsConcise 2018 album from Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, clocking in at just over 30 minutes! Includes 'Shit Mirror' & 'God Break Down the Door'.
Vol. 4 :: Slaves of Fear
Billie Eilish
We Are Not Your Kind
Fear Inoculum
ToolFear Inoculum is the long awaited new album from TOOL, and the band's first new album in 13 years. The album will be available digitally, and in a special Limited Edition physical package that includes a CD in a tri-fold Soft Pack Video Brochure featuring a 4" HD rechargeable screen with exclusive video footage, a USB charging cable, a 2 watt speaker and a 36 page insert book and MP3 download card. Tool members include drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, bassist Justin Chancellor and vocalist Maynard James Keenan. To date, Tool has released four studio albums, one EP, and one box set. Formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California Tool emerged with a heavy metal sound on their first studio album, Undertow in 1993. Later, Tool became a dominant act in the alternative metal movement with the release of its follow-up album Ænima in 1996. The band's efforts to unify musical experimentation, visual arts, and a message of personal evolution continued with the release of Lateralus in 2001, and 10,000 Days in 2006 - gaining Tool critical acclaim, and commercial success around the world. Tool has won three Grammy Awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums topping the charts in several countries.
The Sea Of Tragic Beasts
Fit For An AutopsyFit For An Autopsy is a New Jersey based metal band, started in 2007 By guitar players Will Putney and Patrick Sheridan. Over the past 10 years FFAA has turned into a world renowned group, playing over a 1000 shows, selling nearly 50,000 records, and consistently proving their staying power and ability to grow.
Bird Box
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
Run the Jewels
Marilyn Manson
Hot Wet & Sassy
Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy
Rob Zombie
If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power